LIVEPACK & Bonding Device Demo Video

July 12, 2019

hi everyone this is sovereign Laden from city tech innovation Shandling I am taking this video from my office you're watching it the video is regarding our bonding device it also our life back equipment lph let me explain about the bonding in the bonding device you can connect for sinkers okay all the sinkers is back there can kinda for sinkers in the four SIM card it came to know what is the internet speed you are getting for each sinker so war on upload on download speed will be there okay now is connected with only one sim card the output of the bonding device is to land and one van from the LAN you can directly take it and connect it to the our life back if you want to configure it some router then he can take all proof from the van the bonding devices have battery-operated and you can connect charge directly at the time of flight and it also support the Wi-Fi it's like the exponent whatever like equipment elph now I actually know the steel is going on here the Internet is connected through the LAN cable that is for camera inputs to HDMI one AV and one HT that is STM a high and HTML oh actually we have the client who is watching the live program right now okay the life is going on from our life like a human what is I stay my high and low Ashima high it will support with the sound Full HD that is a STR HTML to support it as a full HD and I stay my low on D I will support with 720 and apart from that even and there is USB option is that even you can connect you are you mouse and keyboard audio level controller is there the purpose of order level controller is when you are connecting the mic directly or if you are taking the audio source from the mixer you don't want to want to worry about the chairing zone but always the jarring zone we have the controller and there is HDMI output easier from the out port if you want to give the locals led one the final output and you can use the HDMI output you can just take the source and you can give it to other multiple TVs once we are coming to the device it's totally test screen actually we stored it as clean and it's a metal body the contribution of the device is i7 eighth generation and it I guess 1tb local storage so at the time of you're doing life you can save the video locally here you can use the system for all the purpose of editing because it's upward with that much again I am coming to the bonding one from the bonding there is you can take the output from Wi-Fi LAN and ban Wi-Fi on LAN you can connect to the system or mobile whatever it is the purpose of the van if you want to configure the router you can use the bonding for Van in the bonding it is a battery operator better you can take it anywhere you don't worry about the power it support until they have our battery updater the best life streaming solution what you are giving the bonding device including the LPA device you don't want to invest that much money like a verb even if you are going with the verb Ian minimum you want to invest for 50 lakhs I think so it's a our solution is totally dead cheap completed to the satellite channel you can give the live streaming more than the satellite channel quality because we have the board insulation which we take it annually to our product which you are giving along with our product ok if you want to know more detail about the bonding devices and also our Lepik equipment the complete solution you can contact us and even be having our streaming server the labor streaming server which is you can stream your lives even at the same time to your TV channel your official YouTube and Facebook account under Seoul to the teacher account and I in the server you can save the video directly on the server after that you can take the Emperor offered finishing the live we can take the embroidered code and you can put it to your website if you need more detail regarding these please contact us in the below number thank you

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