Live With Monarch Wallet's Crypto Beadles – AMA 💪

June 26, 2019

[Laughter] ladies and gentlemen we're alive with my good friend crypto beetles stick around we're gonna be right back we've already you know the one thing we're missing is the scotch man I should have brought some of that down we'll be right back after this brief disclaimer maybe I'll run and get my bottle if it's full of babe I don't care it's quite a rough just like like but um kind of a shit cuz only time will tell is I'm gonna go so you better stay calm and we are back welcome my friend welcome what is that my brother I was just watching the intro I got your uh I got the YouTube down there at the bottom kind of see it and see the chat a little bit a little delayed but dude that is a killer intro man I love it oh thanks I made that with Adobe After Effects and uh like a video opener type template job' it's like it's like for the superheroes man so the superhero you are didn't check it out man I thought we were gonna watch a Marvel movie you know like ah crap it's it's us talking dude there's just been so much shit going on man for both of us I don't even know how the hell we're still sitting here on YouTube talk yeah I just beat feet here to the office to get back in I just just came from from a long meeting man it's just uh you know these these days I get about two hours sleep at night that's that's all average you know I'm just up all the time you know just just working and trying to drop tech and create value and you know of course you know handle the YouTube channel and you know it just basically cover people's projects in addition to everything else that we're doing so yeah I mean like we were talking earlier man just the YouTube there's a lot that goes into it man the videos it's really hard it's especially hard to come up with bullshit to talk about and make it sound important every day when there's nothing going on you know like the whole bear market it's just like how do you go live every day just to talk about news articles I just couldn't do it you know it's just I don't know I mean it's like I would get people all the time in my telegram like you need to come off you need to come on we want to know what you think I'm like people there's 20 other people who've already talking about the same damn article today like I just felt like us you know reinventing the wheel but yeah dude I'm so like I'm ch at getting paid for it makes it a bit easier yeah it does David actually it does there hasn't been a lot of paid promo anything in a while so a little bits here and there do more AMAs I would love to do more AMAs one of the reasons why Beatles and I are here plus we haven't seen each other really talking like I don't know shit man six of my how long how long it's been I'm bad with time dude I'm telling you man crypto just seems like everything is an eternity so you know a year seems like you know a decade and so yeah you got my number man I love to catch up with you it's always awesome to hang with you and just you know kind of talk about all the stuff that's going on stuff you're doing stuff we're doing so we stopped sending each other dick pics I just figured you know I'll leave you alone and let you focus on your work I'm telling you man you know I miss him but you know my head down dude is developing all the time and that's that's all I'm doing manages developing now what's that you're developing dude who do you think runs all this stuff anything else build on this he thinks in charge of the dev team and he thinks you know checking everything you think I can say people to do that shit like I knew you had experience as a developer but I didn't know you are still actively developing yourself dude so it's it's myself and snake you know where that were the founders of monarch and then all the building is done in-house you know through through my walls you know you're here at the office you know I've got a bunch of developers here that work around the clock you know basically developing monarchy and we also have you know the creator of the smart contract the creator the peg the dude they did the first real estate transaction on the blockchain all part of the team you know it's like we just have to constantly drop value and tech all the time and you know not talk about the token because all I care about is you know delivering products and services that people actually use and in need and help them get into crypto and that's what we've been doing and then in the meantime you know we created the YouTube you know crypto Beatles channel is just kind of a cheeky pun it was just for fun just for my friends and family just to get them to kind of understand and a little bit educated I guess in and how to navigate the crypt of waters how to buy sell store you know what projects are you know scams and how did you do due diligence and of course you know I give away a hundred bucks and every single one of the episodes so that way I didn't feel bad if you know if the advice or the education that I was giving my friends and family they could actually just you know take take the money that I give them and then go out there and try it on the wrong right so that's one of the things that you know I still do to this day as I cover projects for friends for a family for the community and it's a lot of work man it's a lot of work you know talking to all these different projects and CEOs and the founder is the high and them and then you know giving people the information that they want and you know it takes a lot you know just just that alone and then of course you know we've got monarch and that's that's where I spend like 90% of my time it's a lot so I definitely know what you mean it is a lot well and every time I see anything related to monarch I see another damn partnership with somebody I'm waiting for you to come out and be like you know what Jesus Christ Himself is planning a comeback here in about 30 days and he's going to release it on monarch because seriously like is there anybody that you're not partnered with in some way shape or form at this point yeah crap crap businesses [Laughter] oh yeah I mean obviously you know there's there's a lot of great partners you know that that will announce later there's a lot of huge businesses out there that will be bringing in friends family stuff like that it'll all become part of the monarch wallet and I and we call it a monarch wallet it's not because it holds cryptocurrency uses it's because it holds the best services and the best companies in crypto all from one place with one login one kyc so you know we've done everything we possibly can do to be compliant from our acquisition of our broker-dealer license to you know working with the best attorneys on the planet but at the end of the day we want to make crypto accessible to the masses we want to make sure that people understand how to use it and are able to do in an easy fashion and so you know we're just getting better and better at it every week and you know every week we drop you know more tech you know like right now you can buy and sell crypto you know with your bank account or your credit card you can earn interest you know like we integrated Alec's machine ski you know the creator of void Celsius so you can earn interest on your crypto we have a decentralized exchange built into it so that way you can swap ERC 20s our partner Roger ver with you know Bitcoin comm and Bitcoin cash we wait a minute wait you're partnered with Roger bear yeah yeah that dudes awesome and I understand there's a lot of people out there that are like what sit down and meet and talk to this motherfucker one-on-one at some point because I've been on the fence man every time I see him he's going apeshit on somebody about something they say and I'm thinking dude there's no way this guy like is this the stick is this him like who is he like what is it I know he's like what tell ya I'll tell you he is misunderstood so he is one of a handful of people he didn't get your Brock Pierce's you got your Roger Bears you got your people that really helped put him in the same spaces Brock but what I'm getting at is you have these these pioneers that helped get the crypto adoption we have today through Bitcoin and he was one of the leaders one of the initial people that really helped you know push Bitcoin to the masses well as much as he could back in the day right and then he got into it with Bitcoin core they didn't agree on certain things he left he didn't start Bitcoin cash he became part of it he was so new and so early in Bitcoin he owned Bitcoin calm and so a lot of people were you know we're upset that you know they're saying hey people go to Bitcoin calm to buy Bitcoin and there ended up buying the seen of Bitcoin cash so I get those people I understand what they're saying there but as far as him as a human I mean he's the dude solid like what he says he'll do something he does it he's funded and helped you know bring so many crypto projects you know you know to give them the legs to be able to run to be able to get out there and offer value to the world and he's just he's just misunderstood you know he has you know chem there's a stigma around him for sure but that stigma do you think it's self induced though I don't know man you know I don't know there's there's you know look when your success in you know success you know kind of breeds you know haters right because everybody knows success nobody loves successful people right so as you start getting successful you started getting a target painted on your back but at the end of the day like I love Bitcoin Satoshi nakamoto's should get you know Nobel Peace Prize it's probably the greatest mention in my lifetime for sure I think it's that one of the greatest stories of value on the planet and Digital goal but I think it sucks for pain for coffee right and so if you want to use something to pay for coffee you'd use something like Bitcoin cash I did it on my on my channel just to show people might look guys I love Bitcoin I'm not like I'm not saying you know Bitcoin cash is better than Bitcoin what I'm saying is Bitcoin cash is far better for actually paying for something like something small and so I tried to send one of my you know one of the people in the chat a dollar so I sent one dollar a Bitcoin at that time it was twenty three dollars and fifty six cents to send him one dollar of Bitcoin and to send one dollar a Bitcoin cash it cost me nine cents and that was at the peak that was like two weeks ago you can watch it rent live on my video and there's no joke like I love Bitcoin I'm like one of the I've been in since 2011 man who don't get me wrong I love Bitcoin too I collect it but Bitcoin but you don't want to spend it and if you do I won't use it for shit because I expect it to be worth fucking 80 grand here in about six months see exactly that's what people like these these like just diehard Bitcoin guys that are just completely narrow-minded and just super focused on its Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin nothing else it's like oh that is not me that is absolutely not me I'm very bullish on all coins but there's people out there man and that they've just you know Bitcoin or not so retirees anything that people don't like blockchain that Bitcoin and look I'm no word I'm neither one of those guys I love Bitcoin for what it is that's a story but it's digital gold it's the the best creation on the planet and they need to leave it alone I've been telling people in for a long time like I was just on comp and I'm like well it's like Britney Spears you know leave Britney Alone I'm like leave Bitcoin alone it's like you still have a core dev team dude you got BTC core that is there every single day working on frickin Bitcoin they have a bad day they screw it up for freaking everybody you don't understand like they can mess it up and like just like happen in 2010 they had to burn all bunch of coins and delete him because they'll add a little vulnerability there you know last year there was a vulnerability where there could have been another double spin but some anonymous person said hey guys before you launch this fix this otherwise you know you could basically destroy Bitcoin some anonymous person could have been the real Satoshi I don't know what they caught it so I keep telling people we Bitcoin ol and leave it for what it is it's a store of value it's the og the best thing ever created but for cash man for like spending stuff use bitcoin cash you stellar use ripple use stuff like that that doesn't cost a lot and it's super fast right that's all I'm saying I agree completely and you know in if you know if you're holding on a Bitcoin obviously you think it's gonna be worth more in the future and I totally agree I mean you look at like Facebook right now they got that global coin or Libre coin like Libre is just a unit of measure it's like what 12 ounces it was back in Roman days it was the first thing that predated the pound you know it's it's its currency scaring the hell out of all these banks these banks are terrified because they realize oh my god that could be like three billion people that are using this instead of ours right you know whatever their stuff is right and so but do any what Facebook to be the one that spear heads that that's the thing that concerns me so like I've always said that crypto is you know the the the biggest empowerment to the people or the biggest enslavement of the people because it's like Pandora's box it's like you don't realize the Manzo's donating Facebook is created three hundred billion slaves listen listen if check it out they already know all your personal information okay so imagine now if they know who you send your stuff to if they know it all your personal details about you if they have the ability to us freeze your funds to bring your funds back to cut you off from your funds entirely because it may be social you know some kind of social reason you know you're just a you're a bad American you're everybody whatever they think you're colluding with Russians whatever they can do all that and if your wealth is all tied up to this frickin Libre coin or this global coin you're screwed exactly that can be photo enslavement we're Bitcoin on the other hand and this is what I love people are talking about you know Facebook coin all over the news but what I love is Bitcoin has always brought up with it and now you're getting like these politicians that are getting pressured by the banks who bankroll them to like stop this slow it down add regulation do all this kind of stuff we can't let facebook launch their coin because it'll put all the bank's out of business and things like that you know it's it's a really I mean this type of stuff that's happening right now it could be like the difference between when people were trading chickens for services to where they went to like gold and silver to where you know they went to like paper and this year's like the new currents in for Facebook to be that new currency is it's pretty freakin terrifying but on the other hand it brings you know three billion new eyes to Bitcoin and there's only 21 million of them maybe 17 because 4 million are lost plus you've got you know it could be it could be 14 million total Bitcoin and there's like three billion people looking at it what do you think that's gonna be for Bitcoin I mean because there's way more buyers than there's gonna be sellers so it's definitely gonna the only thing that bothers me like a lot of people cuz I haven't really done a big video on this whole Libre coin yet I mean I've talked about it but you know while I do believe it's gonna be great for Bitcoin and it's gonna be great for crypto overall in a lot of ways what I don't like is that this global coin is gonna be the I don't necessarily want to call it the gateway coin but the the one that all of the newcomers so many newcomers to the space because there gonna be a lot of these people that just get Libre coin for whatever they're doing on social media and they're not gonna have enough sense to go look deeper into the space and see what else is out there they're just gonna be stuck with that and that's it and so now you've got all these people it's gonna divide you know a lot a big part of the world you're gonna have those that know and then those that don't and those that don't are basically gonna be sucked into this whole Libre coin thing and then those that know or that want to look beyond the veil so to speak will discover everything else in crypto which I guess either way you slice it is okay but the thing of it is is that this Libre coin is gonna end up having my guess it's gonna end up having a lot of support from a lot of the corporate mongers the politicians because this coin I mean let's face it man I and I joked about this in the past of all these quote-unquote hacks of you know Equifax or Facebook or whoever you know I don't believe any of these shit were real hacks I think this is just these companies way of giving up everybody's private information to those that want it and being able to say oh sorry we got hacked there was nothing we can do and I don't see that gonna be I don't see that being any different no I mean you got a lot of great points here but one really you know kind of zero in and focus on is your right it is gonna divide and there's gonna be people that never look beyond Libra but there's gonna be so many more eyeballs on Bitcoin because of Libra that it's just gonna do amazing things for the entire cryptocurrency space for the people that just put all their wealth and Libra that's a terrifying thing but for people that actually look at Libra and then they realize hey this is some kind of cryptocurrency you know the next five years is supposed to be decentralized blah blah blah they framed it after these you know proof of stake you know types of Kryptos what is this thing called you know what is this thing called a theorem oh wait I've heard of this thing called Bitcoin you know and then you started getting hundreds of millions of people doing that and there's only like maybe 17 million Bitcoin out there it's gonna do some crazy things for the space and really help with the adoption and you know it should terrify the bank's it really should because you're gonna have they have 27 I think corporate partnerships now like ubers and stuff like that it's supposed to end up being like a hundred nodes all controlled by some of the biggest companies go ten million blocks of goal yeah ten million bucks apiece right they got to back that currency by something right so you know they use that money to basically you know create the the Fiat basket that you know pegs these elaborate coins to one dollar or whatever currency is less volatile blah blah blah and you're gonna have these hundred corporations man that are running this thing and can it be trusted no no man it can't be but I'm telling you they got three billion people and 80 million people on the freakin 80 million businesses on the blocker on their on their platform that all have access to this Libre coin so people are gonna start using it it's gonna be huge I mean know how people are gonna acquire it are they gonna are people go to the best in the Libre coin using Bitcoin or the is it just gonna be fiat private transaction yeah I mean if you look at some of their partnerships like Visa and MasterCard right so these are some of the partners right so you could use your visa to start buying a hundred Libre coins one dollar equals one Libre so you're not using kryptos to purchase these you know you're gonna be using fiha right and this is one of the ways that you know I'm sure they'll try to you know finesse the regulator's and things like that is like hey wait a minute guys you know yeah these are Libra coins but they're backed by dollars you have to spend dollars to get the dollars a lot of dollars of security yeah you don't mean there's no less security than than been any crypto but would be you know so III I just know that they're playing on launched in the shit in 2020 and I did a video I predicted one hundred and forty thousand dollar Bitcoin in 2020 and and kind of broke down why and you know just from the sheer technicals of the past five years you know I had explained you know how I came to that hundred and forty thousand dollar and I did that that's like I don't know I'd have been a month ago already but then with this Libra coin launching in 2020 now I'm like hole might be a little closer or even you know it might help extend beyond that hundred and forty grand mark for all I know at the very least might very well help reach it but yeah me and the whole Libra coin thing kind of worries me and I still don't really know what to make of it yet that I think I've been kind of reserving my opinion I want to read through the white paper which I have they belong released that I think they were supposed to win the eighteen I haven't read it yet yeah yeah I believe it's been released and and I think the way that they're setting it up right now is kind of a proof of stake we're over five years it's supposed into being completely decentralized so they say to where Facebook only controls like one percent of it but yeah it's the nodes you know it's basically to me from from what I've glanced at it looks like kind of a copy of us a little bit where you got block reducers and things like that so if you get a hundred powerful corporations that are basically they're all contractually binded to perform a specific way with their no that's not decentralization there you go all right so and I look all I can say is something I've been warning people about for years and this is something that's gonna do wonderful things for Bitcoin but for the people that just ride the you know the Libra wave and they just you know they're gonna be all about it you know there's a potential for it to get burned or for them to get burned but more so I mean this is gonna end up wiping out their partners I mean I don't see the banks being able to compete with this they don't have the one of the users you know Facebook does Visa MasterCard you know they bring him in you know right now is is on ramps but eventually they won't be needed and they can be wiped out too because you're talking about minimal transaction fees and all these banks and all these credit cards they make a bunch of money in processing fees where you know the Zuckerberg and these guys man they don't have to they don't have to charge this processing fees you know this brings an entire just enormous amount of money to to them to the nodes to the businesses using this stuff to advertise on their space like the amount of money that I mean this this will be like the biggest thing ever like this is one of the things I want people math like two years ago five years ago I don't know is when people like this come in you know it's it's gonna be a disruption like we've never seen and people just kind of downplay the banks the banks are bashing and saying oh you know it's nothing don't worry about it that's how it starts banks could be replaced by Facebook literally due to like I don't know next year you know or whatever they launch it you know just give it to their people the people do without without banking without credit cards in other countries and now instantly they're able to pay for goods and services amongst themselves you know in their village is it's funny like you go to Africa you know they don't have land mines they got cell phones man you guess what they got internet – they got Facebook you know I have card oh yeah you know they have developers here Charles did a great job man of you know opening up different shops and you know in Africa to teach you know developer skills or I guess they're not developers there now just teach people skills to develop and stuff like that so yeah I mean dude it's it's it's so big it's so big what their defeat is on man the heat is absolutely on are you gonna are you gonna be a trading lira coin on monarch wallet be able to do whatever they want you have to fight the power damn it are you gonna hold the power the global coin in the palm of your hands or not ya don't have access to it cuz you know at the end of the day it's their people's money it's not up to me like okay I take that neck I do I will put my foot down on certain things like Bitcoin SV I'll never put on there I just won't because he's a cancer I don't care but like everything else for the most part yeah the people you know will add it will add it and they'll be able to do whatever they want with it I can't I can't look at their seed I can't look at their keys I don't know what they have I don't know what they do it's completely decentralized if they want to add Libra coin to it fine no problem but I draw the line at Bitcoin s I just I freaking can't do it man I can't do it because the cancer all he does is just you know hurt people so but there's a lot of good people on Facebook so so to the to the to the whole idea so basically what's happening with monarch with the with the you got the utility token you've got the security token you know so as I understand it what like tokens are getting released here in what 13 days or something so we end our token generation event June 30th will release the tokens you know probably within a week after that to everybody because we have to we have to look at all the spreadsheets figure out you know who did what look at all the bounties because I always tell people don't buy our token just go join the bounty go earn some tokens right so it's the opposite of like every other TG I've ever seen right so I tell people to learn so we have to basically look at our bounty partners you know get the spreadsheets from them make sure we don't have a bunch of bots in there you have to you know cut out some of the fat make sure that all the people that did contribute as well as the bounty participants get paid and so you know there's a little bit of a process and it doesn't until June 30th so sometime within a week after June 30th everybody will get their tokens at that point we can start talking about you know exchanges and things like that we can't talk about any of that kind of stuff before yeah and I didn't realize that there was like it's like a legal issue that you're not just you but like anybody running a token sale of any kind cuz I Ito I saw some people like crow called you out beetles on you know and I'm like no it wasn't a call-out it was like by the time I got to you in my little mini rant about some of the projects going on I'm like wait a minute I just texted beetles about this fucking exchange what's the exchange happening and you know but and of course you're you're like what up bro ski what's up heard she has some questions I'm like when exchange when mood like when we or whatever and then you're like when Kia I was like I just completely freaked out like wait a minute killed in action what the hell are you saying what's going on so it was all silly like you know another part of that video was the fact that you know I basically mentioned the the whole fact that you have so many partnerships and so many cool things that you've been doing through the bear market and and and dare I say you've been one of the most active projects through the bear market and you know when at a time when I'm begging for quality updates from various projects that I've talked about invested in and they're like afraid to say anything which basically tells me that they're going shit to tell me you know what I mean examined done anything and so you know that's been like burning my ass lately because I'm like you know there are there are so many projects out there that launched gathered a shit ton of money and have like not been accomplishing much of anything in this time they've been given to develop and so you know it's I'm getting to a point where I'm gonna start becoming the police dog I'm somebody's prod I'm not bullshitting yet like I've got dude I have people you know like in Game of Thrones so the guys they had their little birds you know I've got a lot of fuckin little birds sending me all kinds of shit on some of these projects man I mean I've got court audio recordings from one of these projects along with all their PDF court cases and everything else that are being fed to me from the inside and everywhere else cuz they won't tell anybody anything they're trying to act like everything's fine and then I go to the the main guy and I'm like look man if I was trying to bury you ought to done my public with this shit a long time ago just let me know what's happening how can I help is there any way that I can help you know is the project moving forward where we out what's happening and then it's like you know that it's like they don't know what to say to me because I'm group dough crow you know and I'm like dude I could already went public with all this shit and got a whole bunch of yous if that was what I was after you know so it's like trying to get people to understand that I just want to know what's happening nobody wants to say much man and there are a few projects and I've got my my eye on and it's starting to turn from an eye to a laser beam shit's gonna get real here soon if some of these guys don't get off the plot we are definitely you know just always a text message away or whatever you need so and I'm happy to give updates I mean all you got to do is hit our telegram group you know Twitter just read the news I've literally just type in monarch token you know and just hit news and you'll see everything we lacquer it's like I haven't heard saying well there's you know like again I'm only a text message away but I'm so busy just really just developing and just building this stuff out adding you know quality you know partnerships real value integrating stuff into the wall and dropping tech every single week you know Stan and I are just you know running around like crazy people just trying to get as much stuff out there that people as it's possible I mean like in the next like a month dude we have like a reoccurring payment platform that we've created from scratch it's ours that the whole world to be able to use you don't have to use it on monarch you can use it wherever you want within the next month like it's like I'm almost ready to like release it this week but literally within a month we'll drop it and people will be able to like say you're a business and you charge $10 a month for whatever your services and you just want that you know every single month to come to your wallet any want to use crypto and you want to be paid in something whatever kind of token it is your c20 of sorts you're gonna be able to do that you know what I mean with those a patent or the ER seat while you're gonna be Bitcoin right now it's a year C 20 because it's smart contracts and things like that so eventually eventually will obviously add you know other currencies and things like that but yeah right now it's you know oh shit man you got a card on oh don't you oh yeah no we yeah we've talked with their dev team so many times and you know over the past I don't know what it was probably a year or something like that you know they were moving chains you know they were doing they had they're always doing so much stuff you know what I mean to me I didn't want to put it on the wall until they were kind of done and so we've been talking a lot with their dev team now and so that's one of the new ones that we're adding we're adding Neo Geo's and ADA all pretty soon here so of course this thing I'll be all over it I'll create a service specifically so people can pay me in Cardno to like ten card ah no shoutouts on my channel of my Instagram and I don't know I'll come up with some silly shit I really wanna I just I want to keep accumulating card on oh so if I can do that with like some sort of recurring billing service I'm all over it you know no I hear you man I hear ya right now like I said it's gonna start off with theory and based and so there's gonna be a lot of value therefore people treat appear like say you know you've got you know a tenant and you know 600 hours a month is your rent you know peer-to-peer the person can send you six hundred ollars a month it just comes out of the wallet decentralized every single month and just pays them and they can turn it off anytime they want and not all their details is on the blockchain so they have to worry about the security the privacy and things like that so that like I said that'll be live like in the next month you know businesses if they have some kind of service and they want to be able to do that charge their fee whatever every month they can set up you know their form the other person the customer the other side can just fill it out in every month it'll just pull money from their wallet all decentralized when they can stop it whenever they want and again that's free the world you'll be able to use meta masks whatever you want for you not to use monarch it's just another thing that we're dropping out there for the world to use I looked in the chat they're asking about let's see we love crypt beetles and J I'll be too much friend what is that my brother see you're the crypto pool will ADA yeah we'll put ADA on the wallet and collateral for loans cell phones that's through our Celsius or partner Alex machine ski as soon as they add ADA and I think they're pretty close to it if they haven't done it already then we'll implement it as well what else we got here let's see how secure our mobile wallets compared to hardware wallets you know it all just depends so I mean there's so many problems in hardware wallets I hate him I refuse to use hardware wallets period I used to be I used to give away Ledger's and treasures on my channel I don't give away any of them anymore the best thing for for me to basically just educate people on is Hardware wallets they have issues and if you have like say for instance a ledger you're only allowed to store like maybe three or four coins on it before the space and then of course you're always having to update it yeah if you will get your ledger look at a ledger man ôs for instance you can only hold like three or four coins on the period you have to delete one to add another what the hell yeah it's just a private key I don't understand look I'm just telling you that's that's how ideas are that's why stop give them away cuz you were such such a pain in the black there's like a hundred bucks plus I hate him I used to get morning I don't know anymore treasurer every time I would go to to use it I would have to update a bridge or update this or update that in delete everything on the fricking wallet and pray to God I wrote down my 24 words seed correctly type that back in and pray to God everything came came back because they did some update that week like enough of this I don't need to stress under the anxiety here's what you do peeps you download the monarch wallet on a phone that cost you 40 bucks and Android whatever pull out the SIM card you use the Wi-Fi downloaded send your crypto to it turn the Wi-Fi off put it inside bug there's no card and I thought yeah I mean honestly though that you know like an Android phone or an Apple phone an old one you know works just fine they're cheap you can get them on Amazon super cheap eBay whatever I know for 20 bucks or whatever you got an awesome app you know monarch and then you can just take out the SIM turn off the Wi-Fi put in airplane mode all your Kryptos are safe you don't have to worry about you know deleting stuff to like add things whatever you want to access to it's common Wi-Fi signore you know send your tokens to an exchange if you want to sell them and then kill the Wi-Fi put it back in your playing mode you're done it's super simple you can't do that with ledge or treasure you gotta be plugged into the internet you got all these updates all the time it's a freaking nightmare it is a nightmare so I'm like you know what I'm not gonna give these away anymore and you know we're just gonna drop them on our blog and we're just gonna give people you know a safe way to store their crypto send it you know buy it all that kind of stuff that's kind of how it started and then now it became the wallet of all the best companies and all the best services all in one place you know through one login so it's like it's it's it's just amazing what whatever it's gonna be you know like in a year's time I mean you can download it now you don't have to take my word for it just go download it try it see if you like it you love it you eight or whatever and then you know with our community they tell us all the time what they you know don't like about it or what they do like about it it allows us to kind of pivot and you know fix things quickly and you know get that value out to the community as well so it's it's just one of the things you know we're super proud about and we're just working on it all the freaking time well I know you've kicked the shit out of those because I know ethos was originally touted as the end-all be-all Universal wallet and I think you know they've since kind of dropped the ball on every front and you pretty much picked it up and ran with it so you know I mean yeah when you look at ethos I mean so yeah they got a lot of hype they had a white paper they had a huge market cap and they talked about all the stuff that they were gonna do and when we launched monarch and gave it to the world for free it basically did most everything that a white paper said that they were gonna do in the beginning and we just gave to the world for free without ever selling a token you know what I mean it did so much and then obviously they probably got into some trouble and they sold the whole freaking company to I forget the name of it it escapes me right now but they sold it to another company that's integrating some of their api's and they call it bedrock and so that's that was kind of their way out they got bought up by another company and they're trying to integrate ethos into that company and I can't remember the name of it for the life man it's gonna drive me nuts I gonna look real quick eat those purchase so he goes crypto maybe do that checking Ginga red he had a good question ethos someday is supposed to have a Fiat gateway as this something monarch might do we have it right now you just download its you hook it up to your bank or your credit card either today there you go we have a decentralized exchange built into a two freaking day we have you know you it's free it's free doesn't cost you you know the exchange you have to careful with the decentralized exchange though make sure that you're not paying too much for stuff because we all know Dex's do not have the liquidity of centralized exchanges and so you know there's there's gotta be a buyer and a seller we're hooked up to about 15 different decentralized exchanges you're not gonna get you know the great prices that you will feel like a liquidity pool running through that there's 15 exchanges to create one in quiddity pool so you have to be careful you don't overpay for something I had one guy say oh my god I just I just your math is wrong your calculations are wrong you just charged me you know five times more for for ADA or for whatever every wolken was it was actually was in the air c20 it was he's like you just heard me five times more and I'm like and I respond today and I respond to all of our all of our users man the family out there and like no that's you see all those warning signs that tell you don't look and make sure that you're not overpaying you know look look at the chart which is one tab over just click a little button what can see how much it is go back you know and make sure that you're not overpaying for something cuz Dex's don't have the liquidity of like a bye Nance right but it's built in there's no kyc not nothing you can just download the monopod today throw some aetherium on it and start trading for years in 20s or kyc hook up your bank account to it just like a coin base and buy stuff it you know what is it like 1% 2% something like that or you can get ranked a little bit on credit card fees because that's there's it's not our fault this is what it is and you can hook up your credit card and I think the minimum purchase on credit card is like 50 bucks or something like that but all that stuff works today and then you can start earning interest on your crypto too you can just facilitate crypto car credit card payments so actually we use a third-party vendor for for our credit cards so we didn't want to deal with that because we have our broker dealer license we acquired and we don't want to be in that arena right so we just we use a third party through the credit cards sign up you all can tell me who that is because I'm gonna not not alive but the trip point cuz that Lake with with Crowsnest acts we're gonna have a CH and wire but no credit cards and so and I really want credit cards because that's you know a lot of these newcomers you know they will they want to be able to throw 50 bucks on our their credit card and make it easy nobody with a lot of people don't even know how to do a wire or ACH transfer so but everything I understood is you pretty much have to have an office in a foreign country or in Asia or something just to find somebody willing to do business with you in the u.s. to accept credit cards because none of the credit card processors in the US and touch it yeah see one of the things too that people don't realize about credit cards is the peas are very high because of what's called chargebacks so for instance you know you can say you go on you know coinbase your monarch or and coinbase i don't think that takes credit cards anymore but go to someplace that takes credit cards and you buy a hundred bucks a Bitcoin I mean you dispute the charge you dispute it say that wasn't me then you get a hundred bucks a Bitcoin for free and the the company just lost $200 and so there's a that's why it's a higher fee and then the chargeback fee which is typically like 35 40 bucks yeah so I mean that's one of the reasons why credit card fees are high right that's one of the beauties of crypto there's no freakin charge backs that's why people need to get out of this mindset of hey um I want to use my Fiat to buy crypto it's like no I want to start using crypto to buy everything I want to be paid in crypto you know I want to use my crypto I want to buy instead of you know instead of being paid in dollars I want to be paid and you know T USD or something some stable coin right and use that to purchase things in businesses they're gonna love it because there's no charge bags there's no like calling back a transaction you can't do that on small stuff I realize big things like use and stuff like that can pull the money right out of your freaking wallet so you don't worry about stuff like that but things like aetherium in Bitcoin there's no charge bags right beautiful weren't you or unless I and I could be totally put in the words of your mouth but I and it might have been ethos that I think was playing in something like this I know somebody who was planning on like I know tourney owes obviously doing this with the like the block card you know where you're if you're storing crypto in their system you can use the block card so if you have Bitcoin you could spend it if you had like basically whatever you're holding you could spend like money using this credit card type thing are you hold that thought yeah Daniel and in the buddies of mine we've been talking for a long time we got some I don't want to announce anything yet but yeah anyways you'll see they're coming to that's like yeah that's a home run for you for sure I've had people actually come to me an offer to like hey we could set this up for you for your exchange and I'm like you know I don't know enough about that stuff yet I'm taking things one step at a time but it would be nice if you had an exchange account you're trading but then you got a credit card you go out if you're gonna go shopping you can actually spend parts of your balance sitting on your exchange you know like that would be pretty slick so lot lots of stuff but I got to takes you one step at a time and it's just doing the licensing and oh my god I'm reading through the thirty page ppm that my lawyer sent me this afternoon I'm like halfway through it yeah attorneys welcome to the u.s. yeah ah dude it's like why does everything have to be such a anyway shit dude are you going the world crypto con in Vegas of course and I know you're coming to chain wise of course you know I'll be there yeah yeah a bunch of bunch of conventions coming up yeah we got to go there and make you know make our presence known make sure that people get you know monarch tokens I go there and you know we'll give away monarch tokens and they have people down with the app and they'll be able to start you know getting into crypto right then and there and they love it so well crow's nest is gonna be obviously a big sponsor of the chain rights convention in November and I know that when we originally had it scheduled we were gonna have everybody basically all attendees download the monarch wallet and then I want all the trade booths to basically give away you know little tidbits of crypto to everybody and and so if their walk if people are walking around with a monarch wallet I want people to be able to go to a booth maybe they answer a question after a brief pitch or you know I don't know something and then you know if you get it right you know you get you get you know the vendors will send you know their their token to the monarch wallet I just thought that'd be a cool fun way to get everybody using monarch and then get the vendors you know get the public more interacting with all the vendors cuz it's like you know you see you go to a convention and you see vendors but you know people kind of pick and choose and they're casually you know I'll grab this pamphlet ah you know I'll look at but it's like if every booth is giving away little bits of crypto for free to a whole bunch of newcomers that there specifically to learn what all this shit's about go get hit like you know what I'm saying it's like that could that's like that's your swag you don't I mean you have to buy a bunch of shitty water bottles and stuff just give people some of your crypto cost you nothing and so that's that's basically a part of the plan and so I definitely want to make sure that we're doing that for for chain wise I yeah I and a lot of people they don't realize that man I was selling so many damn tickets to that thing but at the time with the bear market I was not getting many companies and you know it's like I out of a hundred booth spaces potentially for like if we had a hundred small boost bases or people could double up triple up whatever based off of how big they wanted things and I had like 17 companies that had signed up and of those only like a handful we're coming through because of the way the market turned out and so I was like look man we're gonna have like thousands of people at this thing and no company so you know I'm like we'll just we're just gonna wait until the markets better so hopefully come November a lot of people are gonna have a lot more money and resources and things and so we'll be able to get a lot more companies involved so I'm looking forward to hanging out again man so looks like herb Kahn's gonna be first unless something else pops up in the main I'm looking forward to it's gonna be a great time you can tackle me again so how huge this guy is like yesterday duck on ceilings and stuff this guy is a ginormous one sexy dude but he is freaking huge right so you don't piss him off don't slap me in the balls basically that's the only thing anybody has to worry about as long as the balls like yeah but your balls are like up he's like bend over beetles love you more man I gotta answer a couple questions over the peeps ask how our private Keys backed up in the wallet so they're encrypted like six different ways and they're stored on your device so basically we got a hack Apple we got a hack Google then got six layers of encryption to get through you can't look I've got a running bounty out there for any makin busting monarch wallet some I've yet to have anybody be able to do it and again to break it you got to basically break the blockchain so either Bitcoin there iam ripple stellar who else we got we got a bunch of different block chains on there that's who you have to hack not us let's see your hats giving away every Monday live on the channel so crypto beatles every every monday we give away hats and shirts and and $100 and every one of our videos so actually i get away a hundred bucks a bitcoin cash on this one so i'll pay them for you I'll just see if I can is there a way here in the chat to where it allows me to get rid of the top comments and go to all comments see your top chat aha live chat there we go I got a tiny little box open so I love to reward the audience man and get them into crypto it's just something I do so illiberal 100 bucks at Bitcoin cash let's see how many people about that's what I do man is I get people into crypto man well who wants a hundred bucks a Bitcoin cash just post your public Bitcoin cash address right in the chat and we'll give away a hundred bucks a pickle in cash I'll get you paid right after the shrimp and then also give away a bunch of hats and shirts so I'll just do this the public address people public public you'd be surprised many people throw it's a private key oh I got a I got a click show on all these because they're all being blocked ah that's why that's why I can't see it yeah so you have to get a live chat it's my boy Jay awesome and I tell you what I give away a I give away some hats and some shirts I'll pick four people for a hat or a shirt and I'll mail them to them all they have to do is just email me at crypto beetles and the four people so right now I'll pick somebody for a hundred bucks at Bitcoin cash actually you pick somebody 400 bucks to pick one cash and all the spam me yeah you you pick somebody I know but what I do is I do this kind of like a little lame I look away and I just kind of like quick and then I looked and see who I click on and slayer fan my chat like a religion Nick I literally had slayer fan and half his key highlighted [Laughter] I got the shirt that I'm wearing right now I won't it won't be this shirt but I got a bunch of them so I give away these on every one of our every one of our live streams on Mondays and then we have purple ones too so if you like purple those blue yeah it does but it's actually purple I guess it's probably good right or if they want a gray hat or a black hat black gray tell you what I'll pick for Peter you pick for people yeah and then all they have to do is just email me at crypto beetles at and all right how staying off he's in chat all the time Chris a those two let me scroll down real quick they don't need wallet addresses right for hats madam no they just have to email me at crypto beetles at fellows watching in the shower how about Jack Martin and a big and Dominic F there you go there's your sword so everybody he just named those four people just email me at crypto beetles at tell me you know what color had if you want a black or gray one what color shirt black or purple what size and then where to mail it to and I'll have the office in about tomorrow for you so you'll have them if you're in the u.s. you'll have them you know well then like three days yeah yeah we like we have people you know on our channel from all over the world we send it to Nigeria Africa you know I give away like I said 100 bucks in every single video hats and shirts on every single Monday livestream we mail them all over the world we have an army of people walking around a moderate gear video to long ways to go yeah well you know it's great just to kind of give back and get people in a crypto so you know when you start getting the pictures and the videos of people that you know couldn't pay for tuition and they couldn't pay for rent or whatever they're in some third-world country or whatnot it's it's kind of touching especially when they're using the monarch wall to do it so that is pretty cool it'll be more cool when you get card on Oh on there damn it I will I will I forget I forget yeah you know all the all the people's names over there right now but I've been talking to their lead devs and I think I know most her stuff is in rust as well as Haskell is good Haskell and so you know we're we're working through some of the stuff a big out there and we will add it but right now I guess said I've got a head neo I've got to add yose Tron ADA think those are the big ones ontology those are all the ones we have to add and we run our own notes so it's not like just you know adding you know so hey let's just add a token to the wall it's like people don't realize how much development resources go into this stuff doesn't really don't people don't understand there's so much to it all right man we will we'll have to do this again sooner than later man we can't let months and months go by you know what it's like where we had all four of us the other annoyed four of us long at crypto love I don't even know what the hell crypto loves doing isn't he in like Thailand or some shit now just doing nothing he's like looking for like a dollar a month like getting massages every day that's what I'm hearing yeah I've heard some crazy stories but yeah he's everybody man we definitely you know we yeah look we're all definitely gonna have a lot of fun at a chain wise I'm assuming it will all be at crypto con and stuff too hopefully something good pops up and invites us all out before then in the meantime but it's good hanging out with you tonight man always next time all right well it was great hang with her in the chat too god bless you love you peeps so thank you everybody for joining us this evening it is almost 11 p.m. Eastern Standard Time real quick Bitcoin bitcoin is de 92 94 and I have a good night ladies and gentlemen thanks for joining us crow your coins and I'll see you again soon

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    Please ask Roger the next time why we need BCH?
    I get his point with the speed, transaction costs… so if THESE POINTS are so important to him why not use DIGIBYTE or maybe Litecoin?
    They do what BCH does but even way better right? IMO

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    Please add csv files or api to monarch wallet

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    Wrong about Ledger. You can only hold 3/4 apps on the ledger at once but you can hold tonnes of currencies on there at once. You simply delete an app to install a new one. The new ledgers hold many more apps.

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    Learn to pronounce


    (in ancient Rome) a unit of weight, equivalent to 12 ounces (0.34 kg). It was the forerunner of the pound

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    Bitcoin’s value is based on how valuable the market (the people buying and selling Bitcoin) thinks it is. Think about some of the more physical things you can currently invest in, such as Gold. The price of Gold depends on its supply and demand. For example, when a new Goldmine is discovered, the price drops This is because more Gold becomes available and so it is no longer as rare So the rarer Bitcoin is, the higher Bitcoin predictions are discovered a comment of someone giving Accolades to Churchill and also thanking him for helping him increase his Portfolio from having *3BTC to 18BTC So i contacted him, Behold I have made 20Btc in less than one month with his working strategies, if you have lost so much during fall or want to increase your portfolio like me, Reach him on his personal email or hangout at ([email protected] com) or via TELEGRAM and Whatsapp+1(813) 421 4693

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