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LIFE AFTER LIFE. Episode 16. Russian TV Series. StarMedia. Melodrama. English Subtitles

February 16, 2020

-Hello. Are you Svetlana Sheverdina? Yes. I would like to talk to you. -About what?
-More like about who. -About who, then?
-Valentin Khorkov. -Do you know such a man?
-I do, yeah. But I don’t know you. So we’ll introduce
ourselves while we’re at it. Okay, then. Come on in. Come on into the room. Come in, please. Do you want some tea?
I’ll put the kettle on. No. I just came to look you in the eye. Really?
What do you want to look in it for? To see if there’s even a
drop of shame left in them. -I don’t understand.
-No, I don’t understand. You lost your husband, now you can
destroy someone else’s family, is that it? I get it.
Apparently you’re Valentin’s wife. Finally she gets it. Valentin and I are just friends. Are you now? He won’t leave your place,
and you’re just friends. Great, just wonderful. “-Listen, lady…
-I’m not “”lady.”” You hear me? I’m Vera.” Right, Vera. Listen. The thing is, my late husband and
Valentin were very close friends. Very believable. Except Khorkov never
had any friends, do you hear me? -He’s told me himself.
-Oh, he’ll tell you a lot of things. He knows things about my late
husband that only a relative or a very close friend could know. I don’t know what’s going on, but I
know for sure that one of you is lying. Vera, I have no claims on your husband.
He and I are just friends. Darling, men and women can’t be friends. That friendship always ends in the bed,
and I’m not the first to say this. -Vera…
-Vera what? Don’t pull wool over my eyes. Look at your belly.
Which friend gave it to you, mine or yours? Vera, leave the apartment, please. -Right now.
-I’ll leave, but I’m not giving you Valentin. Go. My tears will come back to you. Scum. ALEKSANDR ROBAK ANATOLY KOT ALEKSANDRA URSULYAK PAVEL TRUBINER VLADIMIR STERZHAKOV OLGA VOLKOVA VADIM ANDREEV ALESYA PUKHOVAYA LIFE AFTER LIFE Sveta! Valentin, are you here! Sveta… -What’s wrong?
-My belly really hurts. Bear through it, come on, come on. Breathe, breathe, honey, breathe. That’s it, that’s it. Hello, ambulance? I’m a doctor at Hospital 16.
This is an emergency. Emergency, lady! Mom. Yes, son. Has something happened? No. No, nothing. Just came here to see you. So, shall we have some tea? Or milk, with cabbage pie,
the way you like it. No, thank you, Mom. I don’t want any. I see. Then I’ll just look at you and enjoy it. How did your celebration go? Celebration? Some men came from your work,
asked for some pictures of you for the bulletin board newspaper. It was all right. We partied. But I don’t know them. Are they new guys? Yeah. New guys. Only been working two weeks. Mom… I actually came to say goodbye. I see. You’re going away. Except this time it’s far
away and for a long time. Will you call me? There’s no signal there, Mom. And when do you leave? Tomorrow. In the evening. I see. Well… Then… May you have a good trip. And remember, my son. I love you very much. Can I ask you one last question? Of course, Mom. How’s my Valya? Is he doing okay? He’s doing wonderful. Yes? Valentin. Don’t be alarmed. Sveta’s going into early labor.
Get here as soon as you can. -BP?
-150/110. Shot. Prep for the incision. Pincers. Watch it. -Well?
-The child was born healthy. It’s a boy. Svetlana? She’s in a coma. Can you tell me what floor the lab is on? Firefly, how come? You have to live. You have to raise our boy and be happy. Can it be that it’s all my fault? -Well?
-Nothing so far. It’s like he never existed. -Are there any other exits?
-We greased the security’s palms. If need be, they’ll call us right away. Watch you don’t lose him. Has boss been in? Didn’t call either? What happened? Don’t ask me that. Yeah, yeah, I got it. Valentin, the doctors are doing everything
possible and within their power. We just don’t know how long it’ll last. And how it’ll end. -When can I see her?
-I’ll tell you. Let’s think about our next move. After the discharge,
I can take the kid, for some time. I’ll take some time off,
arrange something. Thanks, Larisa. And then, you’ll have to think
about what to do with the dog. A shelter, maybe? I’ll take Jack. Okay. Let’s hope for the best, Valentin. -Thanks.
-Goodbye. So this is how it is. I have to give my son to Larisa,
and I’ve never even held him. Yuri Viktorovich, they’re looking for you. You don’t say? I had no idea.
Thanks for the warning. They’ve been looking for you for days. Yuri Viktorovich, I… Here. Money. Not much,
but it’s what I can give you. And about a place to live,
here’s an address. It’s my neighbor. He’s retired. Lives outside of the city. Tell him you’re from me.
He won’t charge much. His name is Pavel Georgievich. I see. Why are you so on edge? Those thugs at the office… You’re in
hiding while they’re looking for you… And that story with Svetlana Gennadievna… -Such a tragedy, I…
-What tragedy? …still can’t believe it. You don’t know? I’m asking you, what happened? Svetlana Gennadievna is in
a coma after giving birth. What? In a coma. Zuyev told me. The child is alive. A boy. Yuri Viktorovich, I… All right, Natasha, go. Go back to work. Jesus, what’s going on? What a nightmare. In a coma, you say? So, Khorkov… I’m not the
only one having it bad? Well, hello, Valya. Vera. Just what I need right now.
I wonder what you’re doing here. What, not in the mood to talk? I just talked to your new paramour. She’s a cute lady.
Kept trying to give me some tea. Oh, that’s what it is. -Would you happen to know why?
-She’s in a coma, Vera. Early labor after your visit. Valya… Valya, Valya… I didn’t want it to be that way, honest.
I didn’t even touch her. Yeah, I said some nasty things…
I didn’t want to. It’s just that they told
me about you and Svetlana… Who did? -From your work.
-Who did? Maksim. Maksim? How do you fit into this? That’s a surprise turn. Valya, wait, you’re leaving? Vera, I’m sorry. You’re a great person,
but I can’t be with you. Everything that’s happened…
It’s not your fault. It’s all my fault. That’s the paradox we’re in. You’ll be happy. I know it for sure. Trust me. Let everything be good with you. Okay? Major, sir, permission to report? Pasha, let’s do it later.
I’m up to my neck in paperwork. I think your paperwork can wait.
I brought an interesting dude here. -What dude?
-Here. Have a seat. It’s something interesting
about Muravyov’s case. -Hello.
-Hi. Two weeks ago, my wife and I
went for a trip out of the city. We stopped to take a
walk through the woods. I forgot to turn off
the dashcam by accident. Go on, go on. Pasha, don’t butt in. Go on. I downloaded the info from the dashcam,
decided to take a look. So it recorded some kind of a chase. One car trying to run the
other one off the road. I mean, cutting in front of it and
such… You can see it all very clearly. Right, and? I searched for it on the internet
and there really was an accident in that stretch of the road on that day. A car went into a ditch. Well,
that’s the car that my dashcam recorded. Well, and the one running it off the road,
of course. He’s talking about Khorkov’s car.
The make of the car and… I figured it out already. So why did you only come
to us with this gold now? Well… My wife and I went to
Egypt on vacation the next day. And I only watched the video yesterday,
when we came back. -Did you see the actual accident?
-No. What do you mean, no?
You must have driven past it. We, well… When we were done with our walk,
we turned around and went back home. To pack for Egypt. I see. So what about the other car? We’re going to find that out now. Coming. Are you out of your damn mind? I didn’t want to do it. Listen to me, he… Maksim! Has something happened? It’s all right, Mom. He’s from work. Shut the door. I’ll be back later. Who? Mazurov. Mazurov. You’ve fallen so low. Well, I’m coming, Yura. I’m coming. Yeah, that’s Khorkov’s car. Damn it. The other car’s license
plate is illegible. Pasha, we need the IT guys to work on it. I gave them the file,
they’re already on it. That was fast. Good job. Well, then let’s wait for
the information from them. The second car is going
to be coming back now. In about three minutes. So why didn’t you tell us? I’m telling you now. Okay, fast forward. One minute. There you go. Stop. Enhance. More. That’s Mazurov. Come on, drive it in. It’s quiet here, peaceful. I’d live here myself, but my daughter
keeps calling me to the city. What about you,
why run away from the city? Me? I have to write a novel. -A writer, then?
-Uh-huh. Then I wish for you to enjoy the quiet. Well, and inspiration. Here are the keys.
Call me if you need anything. The signal here is pretty good. Well, have a good stay. Yeah, all the best to you, too. Hello. It’s me. Oh, the postman.
Or what was it, Sergei’s friend? You’re not going to believe this. I honestly feel for Sveta, too. If it wasn’t for you,
she wouldn’t have those problems. Why won’t you say anything? Did the truth shut you up?
Or did you think you’d get away with it? And it hit you back like this. Hurts, doesn’t it? It hurts?
It’ll hurt even more, got me? Do you want to meet again? I do. Except this time,
I name the time and place. Bye. What do I do? I need to kill Mazurov. But what if it kills Sveta? What if it’s connected somehow?
What do I do then? How do I figure out what matters here? Hey, guardian angel,
I need to talk to you. Sorry, there’s a lot on my plate. I’m going to… Here you go. Your daughter is beautiful. Well, maybe you visit your mother? She’s a spring child. She and I have seen spring
come together 20 times. On the 21st, it didn’t work out. I’m sorry. What happened? Avalanche. It was her first time in the mountains. She was there with friends. The rescuers came very quickly. They rescued everybody. Except Lera. Sergei, you know, I thought an avalanche… It’s snow. Soft, fluffy. How could it kill? And then it turned out
it wasn’t like that. It’s uprooted trees. It’s rocks. There’s no grave, Sergei. I waited for a very long time. I waited for a year,
expected her to knock any moment now. To call me, any moment now. No. Antonina Georgievna,
she can hear you up there. And she’s looking after you. Stay with her. Just not too long,
the doctor is coming soon. I’m sorry,
could you leave us two alone, please? -I can.
-Thank you. Firefly. I didn’t come back here just because. I’m going to save you. And I’m going to save our little guy, too. I understand it all now.
We’re going to get out of this. Excuse me, the doctor is here. Excuse me. Can she be saved? I have no clue. I haven’t been in it for three years. I don’t get it. Excuse me, are you all right? Are you asking me? You. She’s asking you. She can’t see me. Wait. I’ve been here for three years. I was killed over there,
in the end of the hallway. Head trauma. The patient died. Relatives got payback. The father-in-law insisted on an autopsy. Well, you get it. The organs… Transplantology. So that’s how it worked.
I’d kill some of them and save others. And they can’t seem to decide which
ones there was more of up there. So I’ve been wandering about here for
three years like a restless spirit. Maybe it’s not a bad thing. Who knows what’s up there?
Or where they send you? Look, you’ve been there. Tell me, what’s it like there? I mean, there must be some
algorithm for the process. Sorry, got lost in my thoughts. What? Right. You keep thinking about her. I’d treat her completely differently,
of course. What do you mean by that? Well, you know…
Every doctor has his own methods. Look, I’m begging you. Help her. Save her. How do you imagine that happening? I’m not you. Not him, not her. I’m of a different physical essence.
I’m empty. You can tell me and I’ll relay it to them. Right. And they’ll listen to you,
won’t they? You, a crazy car part dealer. Medicine’s finest are going to
listen to you about a coma patient. You asked what the
counting was like up there. They count every little thing. A little thing is a relative concept. They counted a dog I ran over for me,
for example. Are you serious? Well, the picture begins to change. Now we know for sure Khorkov
and Mazurov know each other, and they’re locked in a
war to destroy each other. And the reason for that war? I think it’s Vorobyov’s death. -Why?
-A hunch. What… what are we going to do? For starters, I think we need to pay
a careful visit to the warring sides. We’ll start with Mazurov. You’re calling him, aren’t you? Imagine that, I am. Meanwhile, you see if he’s at work. Okay. Okay. The other character won’t pick up. Right, Pasha… Natasha, hello. This is Lieutenant Pavlovsky.
Tell me how I could find Yuri Viktorovich. On vacation? Is it going to be long? You don’t know, do you? Okay, then, thank you. All the best. Hello, fighters of the invisible front. Hey, Mark. I am returning your portrait. -I’d already forgotten about it.
-You shouldn’t. The prints on this
glass… Interesting story. They’re in the database? I said interesting, not banal. Mark, get on with it. All right,
having eliminated your prints on the glass… What, my prints are in the database? How am I supposed to tell them apart? Makes sense. But unpleasant. So let’s get to the pleasant stuff. Remember the carbine from the attic?
The one the hobo smudged? -Well?
-But one print stayed intact. So, that print and the one on
this glass share their owner. Yuri Vladimirovich, who drank out
of this glass? You never told me. I did. Khorkov touched it. Okay, you figure it out,
I’m up to my neck in work. -Thanks, Mark.
-You’re welcome. Quiet, quiet. Come here, my boy. We’re going to eat now.
I’m going to feed you. Easy, easy. You’ve been really unlucky
with your parents, buddy. If they had been more cooperative… …everything would have been good now. You’re going to eat now,
it was supposed to cool down by now. Everything’s great. Come on, yum-yum. Right. A little man doesn’t
need much to be happy. But a big one needs so much. -There, so he came here in a car…
-What car? Remember the color, the make? No, I don’t. He came in carrying a big bag.
I didn’t know his face. Even though doctors from other
hospitals are here a lot… When did he leave? -He didn’t.
-What do you mean, he didn’t? Maybe he left through the other exit,
let me show you. Valentin.
I just don’t know what to do now. Larisa, you need to calm down.
Everything’s going to be good. The police are working already. Valentin Vladimirovich. -Good afternoon.
-It won’t start. Seems like we only ever meet on sad
occasions, Valentin Vladimirovich. And you won’t answer your phone. I’m sorry, it was on silent. I think you’re not entirely honest with me,
Valentin Vladimirovich. To say the least. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Why did you hide the fact
that you knew Mazurov? Moreover, you don’t like him very much. And looks like it’s very much mutual. Haven’t you heard of this
thing called honest statements? What if they’re beyond
the realms of possibility? I don’t know what realms you mean… But I have this feeling that
Svetlana’s child disappearing and your relationship with
Mazurov are closely connected. If you had told me the truth,
this situation could have been avoided. Do you know where Mazurov is? No. Lying again. If you keep hiding things from me,
a newborn can die. Imagine if that child were yours. That’s how it is, little man. Life is like free stuff, you know? You never know when it’s going to end. You know what the best
thing about your age is? You aren’t afraid of death. Because you haven’t lived yet. And still, why did Ivan Ivanovich
and Ivan Nikiforovich quarrel? Huh, Valentin Vladimirovich? I don’t understand what you mean. You never read Gogol? Do you really want to
talk about literature? Okay, a different question, then. Have you been into shooting
hunting carbines from attics long? Which one of you is trying to kill the other,
we’re going to find that out. But you’ve already tried it, haven’t you? -Not answering your phone again.
-Excuse me. Excuse me. -I told you it was going to hurt even more.
-Yes. Now I want to meet with you. But for starters, learn a few of
the new rules of our exciting game. Any sudden movement on your part means
instant death for the child. Got me? Yeah. No cops, no weapons,
and in exactly one hour, I’m expecting you where we met last time. -Don’t turn off your phone. Got me?
-Yes. Good. Do you mind if we continue our
conversation at the precinct? I suppose I don’t have a choice. What matters is your willingness
to help the investigation. And we’re forced to stimulate it. Into the car. Just a bit. There, there. There, there, kitten. I’m going to change your linens
and we’re going for a ride. Easy, easy. I don’t agree with you about Skryabin. Mazurov has a 100% alibi
for the time of the murder. How come you’re so sure? I was there. -And what were you doing there?
-Trying to kill Mazurov. So the hunting round
in the tree was yours. It was. So why didn’t you tell me right away? I couldn’t until now. Your handwriting is
the same as Sergei Vorobyov’s. I know. Can you explain the safe combination? I’m afraid you’re not going to believe me. I’ll try. Sergei Vorobyov is me. I came back from the dead.
To protect her. Right. All the facts point to that. Valentin Vladimirovich,
you’re going to have to tell it all again. For the record. Wait, wait. That’s not what we agreed upon. Hey, lady, stop that. Honey… Honey, we had different plans. Really? Where is everybody? Well? What, can’t anybody hear it? Anybody! Maybe we can go together. And what did he say? Yefimova!
Yefimova, quit yapping, a patient is dying! Dmitri Andreevich, room 8, Sheverdina.
Urgent. Dismissed. -Pasha, go get the dactyloscopy.
-Yes, sir. Take a seat, Valentin Vlad… Good bey. -Where’s Khorkov?
-Left in my car, apparently. There’s a GPS transmitter in the car,
we can trace him. Get to it, then.
Tell me about his every movement. And not a word to anybody. Quiet, little man, quiet. Sleep, my dear, sleep. Quiet, quiet. I’ll be back soon. It’s dark in there, warm,
and the flies won’t bite you. What else do you need? Yes, Pasha, where is he? Leningradskoye Highway,
moving towards Khimki. Roger. If he doesn’t turn before that, tell me about his route
after leaving the city. Roger. Do we send backup? -Don’t. I’ll handle it myself.
-Yes, sir. Yes, Larisa, I’m listening. Sveta came to. Thank God. Come again? Sveta is out of coma. She came to. Valentin, can you hear me? Yes. Don’t let anybody tell
her about the child. Under any circumstances.
Think of something, at least until tomorrow. I’ll find him. That’s it. Yeah. After the Ring Road, he turned right,
moving towards the abandoned factory. There are no other roads there.
That’s probably where he’s going. I got it, Pasha. So, what about the back… No. I can’t kill anybody.
I’m here to save my son. Hello, then, Mystery Man. Where’s the child? It’s like you came to a kindergarten. “Right from the start,
“”Where’s the child?””” How about we get to know each other first? Because I don’t know you at all. One minute you’re the postman,
the next you’re an ant. All right, I’m there.
Don’t call me anymore. Bye. I asked you where the baby is. The baby’s asleep. Where? Close by, don’t worry. Until I see him,
there won’t be any talking. Where are you going? This conversation isn’t over. Halt! I said halt! Come on, baby, come on, my sweetie. Hey, Postman. Where’d you hide? I said the conversation isn’t over yet. Hear me? How about you show me the
papers and I show you the boy? Hey, where are you? Put the baby back. Are you deaf? I said put the baby back. Mr Mazurov,
drop your weapon to the ground. Look at him, what a tough cop. Look, Major. I’m going to take the baby and
get out of here, nice and easy. And everybody’s going
to stay alive and well. You’re not going anywhere. Oh really? Have you ever shot at people, Stirlitz? Drop your weapon. That’s what I thought.
The shooting gallery twice a year. I said drop your weapon. Put the baby back.
I’m going to count to three. One. Mazurov, give up.
You will be treated justly. We’re all going to be treated
justly in the next life. Two.

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