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LG GRAM 17(World’s Lightest 17” laptop) – Lg Gram 17 Review

August 24, 2019

Hey guys! What’s up? My name is Happy Aujla. Welcome to my channel ‘HappyAujla’. Don’t forget to subscribe and press the bell icon so that you’re the first to be be notified of my new videos. Today’s video is special because we’ll review a new and exciting product. I have the LG Gram laptop, which is the lightest laptop in the world This is the very lightweight Lg Gram 17. Today’s video is about t’s specialities and specifications. I wanna take a second to thank LG for sending me this laptop review unit and their partnership. Let’s start this video and unbox this laptop. Firstly, you have the box that contains the laptop. You’ll notice that the box has a very minimalistic design, which is the same as the laptop. The box shows nothing except the gram logo. Let’s talk about the specifications. You have an “Intel” core i7 with a 17″ QHD
IPS screen The resolution is 2560 X 1600 and it’s amazing, which we’ll see later. It has an “Intel” graphics card. The RAM Memory is 16 GB It has 512 GB SSD for storage It is equipped with Windows 10 and has many charging ports. Let’s go ahead and open this. Here is the Lg gram laptop with a little flap labeled ‘g’ for ‘gram’, to pull it out easier Let’s take a look at the accessories. Here, you have a power brick that you can use for charging. If you decide to not use the given cable, you can use any usb-c cable with the corresponding port. You have cables for the power brick. You have a usb-c to Ethernet dongle. This sums up all the accessories. Finally, we have the LG Gram laptop, which I’m really excited for. There was a bit of a delay in uploading this video but finally it’s here. *unwrapping* Finally, the LG laptop is here As soon as you lift this, you’ll notice its light weight at 1.3 kgs or 2.95 lbs. This is the world’s lightest 17″ laptop. My last laptop was a Apple Mac Book Pro, which was discontinued. I wasn’t even aware of such a ligthweight laptop. This LG gram laptop feautures a big screen while being light as a feather. The most important thing that was lacking in my last laptop were ports. This laptop has an abundance of ports so that’s not a problem for me anymore. You have a charging port, USB-a port, a full-sized HDMI port, and a thunderbolt 3 port. On the other side, you have 2 Usb-A ports, headphone jack, and a Micro SD slot. Now that we’ve seen the ports, let’s see the inside. I’ll continue the video after setting up. When you open the laptop, you’ll see a white paper labeled 17 which is a nice touch. These small gestures are what’s most appealing. The power button on this laptop has an inbuilt fingerprint sensor, which makes it easier to power the laptop. Just press the power button which will scan your prints and unlock the laptop. This way you don’t have to do a 2-step power and unlock. You have a full size keyboard with a numeric pad, which is a really important aspect. As you see, I’ve completed the setup. The QHD screen looks amazing with a resolution of 2560 X 1600. It is an IPS display with thin or next to none bezels, which gives the screen an amazing look. Just to demonstrate the clarity of the screen, I’ll play a video to show the small details. Honestly, this screen is better than any other screens that I’ve seen. Keeping in mind its size, I think the picture quality is mind blowing. The video quality is great and now let’s judge the audio quality by playing a sound clip. The speakers are on the bottom side of the laptop so sometimes the sound may be muffled depending on your surface. A flat surface is best to hear the audio clearly. Sound quality is great overall but because of the location of the speakers, an uneven surface like your bed may muffle the noise. This was one of the cons I’ve found in this laptop. Considering that this is a very light and thin laptop, the material is not as strong as a heavier one. You can see that when I’m pressing on the laptop, it is slightly denting. this laptop is not preferred for gaming or 4k video editing These were the few things that were a negative to me. Overall, it’s a good product. This concludes all the pros and cons, specifications, and parts of the Lg Gram laptop. You can see the LG Gram laptop on my desk behind me. It’s an amazing product for its weight and size: A 17″ laptop weighing at 1.3 kgs or 2.95 lbs. Most people buy this laptop for its amazing portability. This laptop is not for any gamers out there. If you’re a traveler and looking for something light or just looking for a laptop with more portability, this laptop is a must. This laptop is priced at $1700. I don’t deny it’s expensive but it’s worth the money. The design and overall look is very clean and minimalistic. The screen and specs are amazing. The decision to buy this laptop depends on your preferences. Yay for portability, nay for gaming. This concludes today’s video. I hope you will find this video helpful. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. Let me know your views on this laptop in the comments section below. For those interested in buying this laptop, I will provide a link in the description box I hope you liked my video and found it helpful. Like, subscribe, and share the video, and comment down below about the laptop or any suggestions. I’ll see you in the next video.

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