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LED INDY – About Us

October 11, 2019

What could saving 75% on the energy it takes to light your facility do for YOUR business? At LED Indy, we’re equipping facilities with superior lighting solutions, customized to create brighter, safer, environmentally-friendly spaces, that are easier to maintain. Our wide-ranging suite of products includes the perfect lighting for any facility, and our end-to-end process covers everything from initial inspection to maintenance We handle every detail of the rebate process for our customers customers and absolutely guarantee they are getting largest possible incentive. Occasionally this means creating and applying for a custom incentive that’s specific to their facility. In fact, LED Indy customers routinely enjoy a full Return on Investment within just TWO years after installation. We also back our work up with a 10-year labor and material warranty. With greater expertise and a superior product line, it’s no wonder we’ve become one of the leading lighting contractors in the Midwest. In fact, over the years, the environment impact LED Indy’s projects is equivalent to taking over ONE THOUSAND cars off the road. Learn more about LED Indy can impact your business and bottom line.
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