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Laptops for Engineering students – What you need to know ( Best 5 – 2019 )

December 7, 2019

we shall be talking about the best five
laptops for engineering students in this year I know how overwhelming it can be
for you to pick a laptop these days there are like thousands of laptops and
you don’t know what you need and I don’t blame you
they confuse us so much they put so many terms for everything there are so many
different types of everything but luckily for you I’m a tech geek and I
did a lots of research and I found exactly what you need as an engineering
student so basically I know that you need a good laptop that’s gonna have a
good battery life you wanted to be snappy and fast you wanted to run your
programs which is the most important thing wanted to run your engineering
programs and I know that you guys need a light laptop you don’t want to break
your back every day going into classes you want something that’s light and
efficient luckily for you I found exactly what you need but there’s
something you have to understand here buying a new laptop is a big decision
and it’s an investment to your future you’re gonna be using this thing every
day and it’s your tool as an engineer it’s the tool you will use to apply
everything you learn and it is your biggest tool is your weapon as an
engineer so don’t go cheap on this because if you use this a lot and you go
cheap on it is definitely gonna break down fast you could definitely go for a
budget laptop if you wanted to however I definitely recommend you stay away from
that because what happens when you get a budget laptop is that the CPU ends up
running at 100% and Iran will we’re on our 100% what happens then is that your
laptop is gonna break down very fast you see as an engineering student your
programs use a lot of processing power and if you push your laptop to its
limits every single day you’re gonna break it down pretty fast that’s why I
definitely recommend to buy a good laptop that is better than what you need
and then you have you can let the laptop rest it’s gonna always be using let’s
say 60% of your CPU instead of 100% this way you prolong your laptops life and
make sure to watch this video till the end because I’m gonna share with you
five hacks that you can use to prolong your laptops life and to make sure it
keeps running at its so coming up in number five we have the
Asus Vivobook s15 this is gonna be your best budget option so the main key
points and you’re gonna need to know as an engineering students is the laptop
needs to have a good processor and good Ram RAM and processor these are the two
most important things in your engineering laptop some programs take
advantage of having a good graphics card and they use the power of the graphics
card for processing however not all programs do it and the main thing in
engineering laptops is the processor and luckily for you this laptop has an
amazing processor before I begin talking about these specs on this laptop
I want to debunk a common myth people think that just because it’s an i7 it’s
gonna be better than an i5 or they think an i5 is better than i3 that is not
necessary you could get a knife and i3 that is a really really good top notch
i3 processor that’s gonna be ten times better than a bad old i7 they have
generations so if you get a ninth generation i3 and you get a first
generation i7 obviously the ninth generation is gonna be ten times better
technology is advancing every year so the most important thing is not if it’s
an i5 or i7 or a three the most important thing is how recent it is and
how advanced it is and what consumers it’s intended for
so this laptop has an Intel i5 8200 65 you with up to 3.9 giggles okay now look
as an engineering student you usually want an i7 high sevens have more cores
in equals more processing power your engineering programs need a lot of
processing power and the more cores you have the better but you also want to
have a really good i7 not an old one that’s like 10 years old if you’re gonna
get a laptop with a 10 year old i7 no you definitely should go with an i5
that’s reason however luckily for you this lab hood gives two options you have
an eighth generation until i-5 or an eighth generation i7 they are both
amazing so given that their 8th generation they
are pretty recent okay now the graphics the graphics is an
integrated graphics as an engineer II don’t really care too much about a
dedicated graphics card so this has Intel HD graphics 630 obviously a
dedicated graphics card would be much better but this is gonna be fine for
engineering and it would definitely run some basic games so if you like playing
games you could definitely play some simple games but not the really new high
quality games you can get a gigabytes of RAM or twelve gigabytes of RAM on this
laptop this storage is 512 gigabytes of flash memory solid-state so flash memory
salt State is gonna be faster than HD DS and much more shock resistance so if you
drop the laptop your HDD won’t break and you won’t lose all your projects so this
is very important for you the display is fifteen point six inches full HD display
it has a Windows 10 operating system and it has eight hours of tested battery
life so that means that to test this laptop dated some continuous web
browsing with Wi-Fi on within with a high brightness and it lasted eight
hours which is not bad at this price so this laptop looks sleek it looks good
the track and pad doubles as a screen it is a screen tracking pad so basically
it’s like you have a phone built into your laptop it’s pretty amazing you can
even open apps with your tracking pad and this is very lightweight and is
super thin meaning it’s gonna be easy for you to carry around these speakers
are pretty good they sound crisp and clean meaning that you could enjoy
watching or listening to your music coming up in number four we have the
Dell XPS 15 this is regarded as one of the best laptops in this year it is a
legendary laptop and it is your best all-around option meaning you can use
this laptop for anything so if you like playing games you like it to be
lightweight you want to move it everywhere you want the good battery
life you want a dedicated graphics card you want a good processor you want to be
able to use your programs gonna be able to use them anywhere anyone they could
the battery life you want to crisp display this has everything you need so
the processor on this laptop has an eighth generation Intel Core i7 8750 H
up to four point one gigahertz or a ninth gen i7 9750 H this laptop comes
with a dedicated graphics card so it comes with an nvidia gtx 1050 TI with
six gigabytes of graphics rom for a gtx 1650 so the rom on this laptop is
sixteen gigabytes this is exactly what you need usually on an engineering
laptop you want to aim for eight gigabytes or more and more is usually
recommended and this hits the sweet spot of 16 gigabytes it has 512 gigabytes of
m2 nvme SSD this is the fastest storage type up to date it’s about 20 times
faster than the HDD which is amazing if you’d ask me using this laptop is gonna
feel like you’re in heaven everything runs so fast and everything pops up so
quickly and so snappy you are gonna love this SSD you are gonna never want to go
back to an older laptop and the most amazing thing about this laptop is it
has a 4k display but not only does it have a 4k display it has a 4k touch
display with an O LED panel the colors are so vibrant and lively you are gonna
feel so good use this laptop I assure you that you could
just waste hours just looking at how amazing this laptop is the visuals are
amazing and it has a Windows 10 operating system and the battery life is
13.5 hours okay so now let’s talk about the most important thing an engineering
student wants in a laptop you don’t care about the looks so much all you want is
that it powers through any application or program you have to run and this does
exactly that it uses the most up-to-date i7 if you go for the ninth generation it
is a very powerful i7 it is a i7 9750 h it will definitely power through any
program you’re using and given these 16 gigabytes of storage the nvme SSD the
graphics card the processor everything is amazing its top it’s a top notch
laptop you are not gonna regret buying this it will definitely serve you
throughout all your years and you would probably be using it at your work too
after University coming up in number three we have the
Dell G3 15 this is the best laptop that doubles as a gaming PC so if you want a
high performing engineering laptop that will double as a gaming PC I would
definitely recommend you go for this one it has the most specs to price ratio it
comes with in ninth generation Intel Core i7 9750 h 2.2 gigahertz up to four
point one gigahertz with turbo boost the graphics card is an nvidia gtx 1660 TI
which is very recent and new it has six gigabytes of graphics ram you can easily
run AAA games without having any problems this laptop has amazing specs
and it could power through any game possible and it will definitely power
through your programs as an engineering student so what’s so cool about this is
when you buy it you could pick what suits your budget they have many options
with many different specs but they are all the best specs at the price you
could possibly get this is an amazing price to performance ratio on a laptop
and what’s so cool about it it doesn’t scream gamer laptop it looks fine it
looks classy it doesn’t look so flashy if you will definitely use it at
university without having any problems so it has 8 gigabytes of RAM the storage
is 256 gigabytes m2 nvme SSD and a one terabyte HDD so you get amazing storage
capacity the display is a 15.6 inch full HD IPS
display there’s also a 17 inch option if you would like that an IPS display means
true and accurate colors and it means that whatever angle you look at your
laptop from the colors quality won’t go down and it has a Windows 10 operating
system and 13.5 hours of battery life or sorry 30 min five hours of advertised
parallax because basically no companies are truthful with the battery life they
advertise so this laptop is definitely gonna push out seven to eight hours of
battery life with continuous web browsing on a high brightness setting so
that is perfectly fine and it’s not bad as for a good gaming laptop they usually
suck out the batteries so fast but this is not the case it has a good battery
life however keep in mind that the screen is
a little bit dimmed but that is not really a problem if all you care about
is getting the best performance for your budget coming up in number two is the
Microsoft Surface pro six so this is the best two-in-one laptop option so if you
want something that serves you as a tablet and also as a laptop and you want
the mobility of a tablet but you also want to have a laptop this is definitely
the best option out there that does this so the processor is an eighth generation
intel i7 8650 u 1.9 gigahertz up to four point
five gigahertz or there is also an i5 version which is also not bad the
graphics is Intel UHD 620 and the RAM you get sixteen gigabytes of RAM or you
could also go for the eight gigabyte option however as an engineering student
I definitely recommend you stick with the 16 gigabyte option because these
programs definitely use a lot of RAM and storage is a whopping 512 gigabytes or
256 gigabytes which is definitely not bad
the display is twelve point three inches making it a very good option for
portability and so it can perform as a tablet because who wants to work with
the 17 inch tablet right so basically that’s why it’s twelve point three
inches so you could use it as a laptop or as a tablet so basically the display
is funny on this thing it has a pixel sense display 2736
by 1824 which is higher than Full HD and lower them Ultra HD so it’s between 4k
and between Full HD and what’s so cool about this laptop is the touch display
is extremely accurate and it comes with a pen so you can draw on it so this
tablet you can use as a drawing pad and it’s very good for engineers who always
have to draw their plans the operating system is a Windows 10 operating system
advertised battery life is 13.5 hours so leap pros on this laptop
has a very good touchscreen it comes with an extremely accurate pen works as
a tablet or a laptop is very stylish and sleek it is very lightweight – meaning
you could easily use it as a tablet without having any weight problems and
you can have multiple color options if it has multiple colors that you can pick
the only problem of this thing is that you have to buy the pen separately and
you have to buy the keyword separately sometimes you can buy a version that
comes with the keyboard but the pen is separate is built for coming up in
number one is the HP spectre x360 15 t this is the best overall legendary
future-proof laptop it has so many features in it that even though it’s at
a high price it’s honestly considered pretty cheap for all the amazing
features it has the cpu on this laptop is the ninth generation until i7 9750 h
2.6 gigahertz up to 4.5 gigahertz it comes with a dedicated graphics card
which is the nvidia gtx 1650 the rom on this laptop is outstanding 16 gigabytes
of RAM which is exactly what you need it has one terabyte or 512 gigabytes of
nvme SSD plus a 64 gigabyte neo pack flash drive and what’s cool about this
is it is a 4k Ultra HD IPS display it also comes with Windows 10 Pro Edition
and the battery life is 15 hours so it’s built to last you the whole day
it has a blazing speed nvme 2.0 SSD which is 17 times faster than a regular
HDD it has an extremely amazing display with Ultra HD and extremely thin bezels
which makes it look very aesthetically pleasing this also comes with an
extremely accurate stylus pen so this is definitely good for drawing with or for
planning your engineering stuff on it it is an amazing pen very accurate and it
performs better than writing on paper believe it or not
and it gives you a 100% satisfaction guarantee by HP it has a full HD IR
camera and it has an amazing mic meaning you could easily chat with your friends
on skype or anything it has an amazing graphics card it has Bang & Olufsen
quad speakers with HP audio boost so if you like listening to music
this laptop definitely produces amazing sounds it also uses Bluetooth 5.0 which
is the newest Bluetooth technology most laptops don’t have this this one does it
has a fingerprint reader so this is definitely the best lot that you can
possibly buy it is beastly in every way possible so if you want a future-proof
laptop then this is gonna handle anything you need for another five years
plus this is your best bet from the first moment you lay your hands on the
stops of you are never gonna want to use anything else this laptop has no down
size whatsoever it’s all good it is well tested and well known to be amazing ok
so now that we were done with the top five laptops I’m gonna give you some
amazing tips to make sure you get the best out of your laptop and you prolong
its life so I’m gonna give you five hacks so the first hack is please treat
your laptop with care I know that you’re a student and you have lots going on but
respect your laptop rina know that’s a no-brainer but that is the most
important one if you treat it carefully and you secure it very well you never
drop it it’s never gonna go wrong number two is gonna be learn how to clean your
laptop properly there are plenty of videos on YouTube that will show you how
to do a thorough cleaning of the laptop see laptops are like vacuum cleaners
they want to suck in air to cool the CPU but what they do is they suck in the
dust with it so you end up with lots of dust in your CPU or sorry in your laptop
which slowly makes your laptop overheat so I definitely recommend you watch
videos on YouTube how to properly clean your laptop I’m not saying that you have
to clean it every single day but once every six months will do the trick and
the funniest fact of all is that studies show that laptop
these days have more germs than a toilet seat so unless you like eating food off
your toilet seat I definitely recommend you clean your laptop keyboard routinely
tip number three is gonna be keep the operating system nice and snappy
download a good free antivirus and definitely get a good clean up program
my recommendations are AVG free as an antivirus and you could also go for
advanced system care as a system cleanup program there are definitely others but
these are the ones that I recommend number four is gonna be always get the
latest drivers laptop manufacturers are always finding new ways to get your
laptop to run more efficiently and to make sure your laptop runs as
efficiently as possible and to make sure you don’t get any problems in the future
that will negatively affect the performance of the laptop so I
definitely recommend you keep it updated watch out for new driver updates for
your laptop and keep it updated pin number five we have upgrade your laptop
when it’s needed so don’t hesitate to upgrade your storage or run most laptops
have upgradable options for RAM and storage laptop companies definitely give
you this for a reason because as you’ll use a laptop for a long time it uses up
more RAM as time goes by and you have more programs on your computer so
getting more RAM is usually a not bad idea and if you need more space that is
definitely another good idea so if I gave you valuable information and you
felt that you have benefited from this video then please make sure to smash the
like button and the subscribe button comment below if you have any extra
hacks for keeping people’s laptops fresh and if you have any questions make sure
to comment below John hesitate I’m gonna answer your questions as soon as
possible and remember that all the product links in this video are
mentioned in the description and if you’d like to stay updated with more
future videos hit the notification bell and if you have any friends that need
any kind of help show them this video they can comment any questions they have
in the description I’ll be happy to help

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