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Jobs @ Anton Paar Production Electronics and Assembly

September 11, 2019

People and machines, passion and high-tech – these go hand-in-hand in the Electronic Production and Instrument Assembly teams at Anton Paar. The circuit boards are assembled using thousands of different parts, some of them as small as a grain of sand. These circuit boards are used in the control of
Anton Paar’s measuring instruments. Anton Paar not only produces circuit boards for its own use but also acts as a supplier. Measuring instruments from Anton Paar often work under adverse environmental conditions and external influences. Highly sensitive sensors are the core elements of our products. They deliver a wide range of measurement results such as temperature, density, and flow behavior. The Bonding team permanently connects the individual components. Cutting, removing the insulation, one-sided and two-sided crimping, twisting, tinning, soldering and assembling connectors, producing cable harnesses, and winding spools for one of the most elaborate electrical motors in the world – the Cabling team produces individual components with the highest quality for our high-precision measuring instruments. To meet the diverse measurement requirements of our customers all over the world, instruments are calibrated, checked, and adjusted in-house. The Assembly teams at Anton Paar are responsible for the proper functioning of all measuring instruments that are shipped to our customers.

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