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Job Roles For Technical Support – BPO,MNC’s,Customer Service,Help Desk

August 12, 2019

Hello all this is Apoorva from welcome to our video channel of Jobs and Careers Today i will be talking to you about a Job Role of a Technical suppport Technical support specialist has been one
of the huge growing career paths these days. Candidates getting to career in technical
support can read through a few details about the same job. A technical support officer
is one who offers technical support to users by ways of answering their queries and helping
them trouble shoot the problems. They help in maintaining work stations and LAN connections.
Technical support officers help solve issues of customers who call up from other continents.
They take up the responsibility in identifying the issues, researching and guiding the client
in finding the solution for the problem. The also make an entry of the client details
and the hindrance that popped up for them, they help in improving the system performance
and updating knowledge. The main skills required for a technical support officer are verbal
communication, problem solving, help desk experience, LAN knowledge, operating systems,
customer service, system administration, and phone skills. The main educational qualification
to shine as a technical support officer is a bachelor degree in computer science, or
information system. A computer training program with appropriate skills can be an added advantage
for the candidate. The annual salary for a technical support
officer is about Rs 238 756 and the career progression is always good. The salary changes
when the candidate moves to higher positions. From the role of a technical support officer,
the employee can gain entry into a senior technical support officer, where then with
their excellent performance can move over to Team lead. Being a technical support, one
can also get to shift to other areas in IT such as programming, technical sales, system
administration, and more. The employees are given training with the
speed of new development in IT. There are new courses being popped up which can be appropriate
to this role such as customer support specialists, help desk analyst, help desk manager and lot
more, all these courses can be a beneficial aspect for getting recruited. With a good
amount of salary the work can be in various shifts as they work for multinational companies
with customers across the globe. The technical support officers are offered food, transport
such as pick up and drop since the office shift varies and also attractive salary. All
these facts lure in more candidates for this job who possess good communication skills.
There are plenteous companies that are recruiting technical support officers with all the above
mentioned amenities for them. A few of them are
• TCS • Dell
• Genpact • Tech Mahindra
• Matica solution • Convergys India services
• India bulls technology solutions Ltd • Amadeus India ltd
• Quatrro global services ltd • Innovazion research pvt ltd
There are a number of technical support opportunities available for computer graduates which can
be a perfect base for them to grow in future. One can research and get to know the various
technical support opportunities in India as well as abroad. This career has a quick growth
where young technical support officers grow up quickly and get to greater heights in short
period of time. for further information on Jobs and Careers Please Log on to our website The No.1 Job Site for Freshers in India we will be back with more such videos so stay connected with us

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