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Jianhong Wu, mathematician and Canada Research Chair

August 24, 2019

>>Well, since I became
the Canada Research Chair about ten years ago, I have been
leading two national projects on disease modelling and on the
dual semination of disease spread. And the two projects
have morphed into a truly national
network of collaboration involving the university, the
hospitals, the government agencies and developed industry, and it
has also been morphed into several international
collaborative efforts, including the Canada-China International
Research Chair program on disease management, the
Canada-India collaboration on vector-bourne disease informatics, the Canada-France collaboration in the Africa Continental
Training and Research, and also the North American
response to the 2009 Pandemic Influenza.
And it has truly helped to develop national capacity
to…for the science-informed, model-based public health
decision-making process. [ Pause ] The Canada Research Chair has
been tremendously helpful for us to build a Canadian
national capacity for the science-informed,
model-assisted, public health policy decision-making
process and so as a result of this capacity building, we have
recently established a national center with the head office
at York University, that is the MITACS
Center for Disease Modelling. And this center has been
playing a very useful role for the proponents and
the real-time management of pandemic influenza in the
last couple of years, and is trying to develop into a
national thinking tank for the integration of
national surveillance, the program, integration
program evaluation, the model-based projection, and the public health
policy recommendation. [ Pause ] So the CRC and the
IDRC have been trying to encourage the Chair
to play a leading role in the international stage, and
in this particular case, the IDRC and CRC international research chair
program is really trying to build on the Canadian strengths in
putting together a larger-scale collaboration and the Chinese
strengths in the surveillance and some of the disease
virology together to build a bilateral
collaborative effort. And this program started a
couple years ago and has already showed some significant impact of the mathematical modeling
assisted public health policy recommendation and this policy
is having recommendations that really have tremendous
impact for some of the HIV/AIDS control
in China.

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