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Jeep Wrangler Raxiom Fog Light LED Conversion Bulb Kit – H16 (2010-2017 JK) Review & Install

October 12, 2019

These Raxiom LED Fog Light replacement bulbs
are for those of you that have a 2010 and up JK and are looking to swap out the bulbs
in your factory fog lights for something that is LED, that’s going to be brighter, last
longer, and also have a similar color temperature to a lot of the other LED aftermarket lights
that you may have already put on your Jeep. If you’ve installed LED fog lights or LED
auxiliary lights on your Jeep, you’ll know that the factory incandescent bulbs in those
factory fog lights are going to look very yellow, dim, and dingy in comparison. So upgrading to a set of LED lights like this
is going to make them match again in color, and you’re also going to get a lot more brightness
out of those lights than you would with some incandescent bulbs. Now, LED bulbs, in general, aren’t going to
be inexpensive. There’s a lot going on here. There’s a lot of moving pieces that make a
LED bulb that will fit in the same spot as an incandescent bulb and plug right into your
factory wire harness and just work. So these are going to be a little bit pricey. There are gonna be some less expensive bulbs
out there, but in my opinion, they’re probably not going to last you quite as long and they’re
not going to have the same color temperature, the same brightness. With these, you may be paying a little bit
more, but you are getting something that is very high quality. So these are gonna be a direct replacement
for those factory incandescent bulbs, which means these are an H16 bulb. All that means is that the size, the shape,
and the way that this connects to the actual housing is going to be a direct plug-and-play
for that other bulb. Now, the installation of this is also going
to be very, very easy because of that. This is going to have two SMD Cree LEDs, which
means they are surface-mount LEDs. Right on the board here, you can actually
see an LED here, and then there’s one on the other side here. So that’s where all of your light is going
to come from, and these are going to be very, very bright. These are at a 6000 Kelvin color temperature,
which, again, is going to match a lot of the other aftermarket LED lights on the market. It’s going to be a bright white, almost bordering
on a blue color, which is very similar to a lot of the other LEDs out there if you are
looking to match a lot of your other aftermarket accessories. So I do think a lot of you are gonna be really
happy with the color that you’ll get from these lights. As far as the install goes, I am gonna give
this a one out of three wrenches. You’ll probably be able to get this done in
about a half an hour or so because you can get these installed without removing your
bumper. Now, you may have to remove the splash shield
from the bottom of your bumper, the piece of plastic that goes from the bottom of the
bumper over to the crash bar, if you haven’t already removed it. But if you already have that removed, if you
have an aftermarket bumper in place, you can go ahead and just reach up in there, squeeze
the clips to pop the factory bulb out. Of course, unplug it from the factory wiring
harness. You’ll pop this into that factory housing
without any modification, and plug the other end of this whip into the factory wiring harness,
and you’re finished. Now, if you did decide to remove your bumper
to get these installed, you could certainly do that. It is gonna be a couple more steps, and for
most of you, I think you’re gonna get these installed with the bumper on the Jeep very
simply, and it will save you some time. A pair of these bulbs is gonna run you right
around $120, and I do think that’s gonna be a pretty fair price for the quality that you’re
getting here. I know that there are a ton of bulbs out there
that you can get that will fit just like these ones, will fit that are gonna be less expensive,
but LEDs can be a little bit finicky. Again, there is a lot going on here with an
LED. There’s gonna be a driver, there’s cooling
mechanisms. There’s a lot that happens inside of one of
these bulbs, so there is a lot that can go wrong. In my opinion, it makes sense to spend a little
bit more on a high-quality light like this one and know it’s gonna last you, versus spending
a little bit less, saving a couple of dollars upfront, and having to replace them very quickly. So if you’re looking to swap out the incandescent
bulbs in your factory fog lights to get a little bit more brightness and also have them
match all of your other LED auxiliary lights, I think these are going to be a great option
for you from Raxiom. And you can find them right here at

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