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Jailbreak the Amazon Fire TV Stick/Fire TV | 2018 (Better than Kodi)

September 12, 2019

so in today’s video we have a tutorial
teaching you how to jailbreak your fire stick but it’s going to be totally
different than the other tutorials we’re actually not going to be installing Kodi.
Kodi is the app that if you’re familiar with you know jailbreaking your fire
stick that’s the app that most people use this is a totally different app it’s
a totally different method of doing this I’m gonna show you that today because
Kodi hasn’t been working right for many people for me I’m using the new fire TV
that just came out this little this little guy you can use the fire stick
you can use the fire TV box you can use that all you’re going to need is your
fire TV device your remote control obviously an internet connection and a
TV so no computer involved nothing extra
like that it’s not gonna cost any money so we’re gonna get started with this
video and I hope you enjoy okay here we go we’re gonna cover the
basics first really quick I’m starting here on my home screen whereas all of
you should be as well starting from scratch so nobody’s left behind here the
first thing we want to do is to go over to the Settings tab on the top here
and now you just use your remote arrow keys to get there and you’re gonna press
down and you’re gonna get into these menus here and you’re gonna go to device
inside a device you want to click on developer options and then just turn
this on really quick you get this message here you just press turn on all
right now you can press your back arrow all the way back now we’re back on the
home screen again and the next step is to go to the magnifying glass on the top
left it’s right here it’ll bring up a keyboard like this just type what I type Oh WN the app we’re looking for is the
downloader app you can see it’s already suggested right here if that doesn’t pop
up for you you can just type out the whole thing
it’ll probably pop up after a few letters though so that’s what we’re
looking for you just click on that and this app here that says downloader with
the orange background that’s the one that we want so go ahead and click on it
it’s a free app so you just have to click and install it alright should only
take a few seconds and then you have a button that you can open the app alright
so when you first get into the app you get this little pop-up here you can
press allow and then this is kind of like the QuickStart guide for you know
your first-time startup just press ok ok so in this little URL box that’s in the
downloader app we’re gonna type in a URL here to get the app that we need I’m
going to type that out right now and you can follow along I’ll try to leave it on
the screen for you in bigger letters so you can see but this app is called
terrarium TV you so you can go ahead and pause the video
take your time you know type that in make sure it’s correct and when you’re
done you just press GO alright so it’ll load up the website here you’ll see this
little red circle on the screen that’s pretty much your mouse cursor you just
use your arrow keys to control it right away this is the link right here that we
want to click on this little green checkmark that says download terrarium
TV this version number might be different for you because your you might
be watching this in the future either way just click on that and it’ll
immediately start to download it okay so mine
downloading and it turns this big white screen here that says do you want to
install this application you’ll see in the bottom right you can select cancel
or install you’re gonna obviously want to click on install alright so it gives
you this great ECMO here that says app installed that’s great and you have two
options in the bottom right that say done or open we’re not gonna open it yet
because we still need to install one more thing so just click on done and for
this you can just press done as well so now you’re gonna have to go all the way
back up by using this red circle go all the way up and then you’ll see that this
whole underline at the top turns orange press the select button on your remote
control alright so once you’re in this little box up here you can just press
the button that says clear but to type one more thing here this one’s a little
bit long but it’s the last thing that we have to type out so just follow what I
type out and I’ll try to put it on the screen once again for you and also feel
free to pause if you need to you all right so I finally have mine all
typed out once you have it typed out you’re good to go
and you can press go in the bottom right all right so after I press to go you’re
presented with this screen here this is just the software pretty much that
allows that other app to play movies and TV shows so we’re not actually going to
be running this app the other app called terrarium TV is what you’re going to be
using you just need this to be installed on your fire TV in order to play the
movies and stuff so really quick we just click on download here all right so
after you click on download you’ll get to this screen here your download
probably won’t show up and those up there’s a link here that says if the
download doesn’t start click here so just click there and there you go it’ll
start up it’s a it’s a pretty small file should download pretty quick mine’s
already like almost done alright once again we get this big white screen you
can press install in the bottom right alright so that’s installed now we can
press done press done on this and we’re just gonna press the home button so you
might not see terrarium TV on your home screen yet so you’re gonna go down to
your apps and games go all the way over click on see all and down here yeah this
is the logo that you’re gonna see for the terrarium TV this is what you’re
gonna be running to watch all your movies and TV shows you can press the
little button on your remote that’s got like three horizontal lines and then
you’ll see the option that says move to front on the right hand side there you
go ahead and click on that alright press the home screen button again and there
it is guys so let’s launch it and I’ll give you a quick walkthrough alright so
when you first launch it you get this at the bottom here it says aloud
terrarium TV to access this device’s location I click on deny and then it
will say aloud terrarium TV to access your context I clicked on deny again and
then for this one you can actually click on allow and for some reason or another
a test the context one again go ahead and click on deny alright so now we have
to click our video player which if you remember we just installed the one
called MX player so go ahead and select that one and then this is just telling
you like some updates to the app you just press ok on that notification there
and then these are just the Terms of Use I guess you click on accept and here we
go so the main page is usually already set to TV shows so some people will
launch this and they’ll be trying to look for movies and they can’t find them
this is on TV shows right here if you want to go to movies go on the top left
up there with the three horizontal lines click on that and switch it to movies so
now you have all the latest movies you can click on this down arrow at the top
there and you can sort them just like you would in like Cody and Exodus you
can go ahead and sort them by category and new releases in theaters stuff like
that and then you just pick on what movie you want oh here we go so yeah
these pop-ups at the bottom that say allow or deny as soon as you get the one
that says deny and don’t ask again click on that you’ll just have to do this once
as soon as you click deny and don’t ask again these things will stop showing up
so go ahead and click deny deny there we go and then this pop-up it’s pretty much
just giving you instructions on how to use the app it’s already check barked
for don’t show again just use your down arrow and press ok all right so it’s
showing you when you want to watch the movie there’s that play button in the
top right there making it pretty obvious you just press your back arrow on your
remote control to get rid of that big blinking thing surrounding the play
button and here we go so if you want to watch this movie you can watch the
trailer first if you don’t know if you’re interested in it or not
then you can go up this is the play button in the top right as soon as you
click that it’ll have a list of streams available that you can watch and that’s
pretty much it so this is the movies tab and then we got the TV shows over here
it’s got a whole bunch of different series and stuff here so in my opinion
this is much better than Kodi actually I’ve been using this the past couple
days seeing how it works and I like it a lot better the only thing that’s kind of
annoying is it’s got the little ads at the bottom if you see but you know that
doesn’t bother me that much one other thing with the ads is like
once you finish a movie and you exit out of a movie like you’re done watching and
you press the back arrow sometimes it’ll have like a full screen ad and what you
have to do is just press the back arrow on your remote control sometimes you
have to press it twice and it’ll back out of the ad that’s the only like
annoying part of this but at least this actually works right now like every
movie I’ve tried it’s been working so if you have any questions about this
tutorial at all just leave it in a comment below if you made it this far
feel free to leave a like and subscribe to my youtube channel I do all sorts of
tech videos and stuff like that and I think you’d like it so that’s it for
today my name is David and I will see you guys next time Finished Jailbreaking your fire stick, great job!

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