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INVENTORY LIKE A PRO! Apex legends Best Tips & Tricks Guide [PS4]

December 3, 2019

what’s up everybody warlock here we’re
back with another apex legends guide video if you’re new to the channel hit
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right into the video welcome back warriors for another apex
legends video guys today we’re gonna be talking about inventory management this
is a huge thing that I’ve seen among teammates that I play with so we’re
gonna go down I’m we’re in the firing range all the items are available and
we’re gonna talk about the different levels of how to like prioritize what
goes in your inventory ok I got my boy classic here showing out for me so with
your inventory you start with 8 slots ok now once you drop in the game relatively
very fast you find a white backpack which adds two more slots to your
backpack giving you 10 slots ok so but what I want to do is break down each
level of inventory what you should have in there what is you know what is the
minimum or what you can use for gun fighting what you you know need to not
have too much of like ammo or have to less of like heels so what we’re gonna
do is I’m just gonna grab another gun here so we have two different guns and
I’m gonna break this down so if I land and I have these guns right ideally what
you want to do is and hopefully you find armor too by the way but that’s okay
we’re gonna break this down so essentially what you want here in the
beginning is you want to have whatever gun we’re starting off with ammo first
whatever gun you have in at least eight you want to have the secondary with the
lower amount of Ambo in this case is gonna be the Peacekeeper okay so I’m
gonna go back over I’m gonna grab 80 more rounds okay
so ideally this is what you want your ammo to look like right off the bat if
you wanted to add another 16 rounds for your secondary that’s perfectly fine but
then what you want to do is you want to have cells okay you want to try to find
healing this is very very important as you guys know in apex legends so ideally
you want these to be six apiece okay having these as you can find them you
want inventory for these be six apiece you definitely always want to have
throwables I’m not sure if they have throwables down here
not to be honest guys they do okay perfect so you want to have throwables
okay so so far this is where your inventory should look like if you only
have a basic level backpack when you drop off the game right so you know
these need to be two six which is fine we can add those right
four and six so ideally this is what you want your your backpack to look like so
far you definitely want to always have throwables you want to have enough ammo
for your main gun and then one set of a one inventory slot for your secondary
ammo okay so outside of here typically what you end up finding is like this a
Phoenix case something like that now this ultimate accelerant can also be
an attachment okay it could be hammer point rounds or
something like that you can just hold on to it like oh I know I’m gonna get this
gun or this weapon and I want to use I want to have this if you find it right
so this is pretty standard of what it looks like if we get rid of this and we
just go grab more that you could also have it like this right but you always
want to have at least double slots of ammo or minus one slot to replace it
with an attachment a Phoenix kit this can also be replaced with either a med
kit or a shield battery if you find those but ideally this is what you want
so then we go to level two okay so we’re gonna grab a med kit and we’re gonna
grab that now we’re at level two you want to introduce med kits and batteries
if you find them and you want to increase your ammo okay so now what’s
your main gun in the beginning a hundred and sixty rounds is more than enough to
get through a gunfight way more than enough okay especially for any automatic
now you’re gonna kick it up you want to get another 80 to 40 on any weapon in
the game regardless of what anybody says is more than enough for any gunfight
okay now if you’re fighting multiple teams you may need to pick up more ammo
but 240 rounds is more than enough even if this gun like the r99 has the purple
mag okay if we go to the purple mag and attach that right you just go back to
240 240 is more than enough it fills up these slots now if this was not a
peacekeeper and let’s say it’s something else right
then you want three slots of ammo apiece you should never need any more than
three slots of ammo apiece unless you’re doubling up on light ammo like if I have
the are three and are nine but still then the shotgun ammo just gets replaced
with light and it’s the same exact amount but if you do double up then you
need no more than four hundred four hundred is more than enough okay so now
that ammo is done you ideally want to just keep moving these up now this is
where things get a little bit tricky on the level to backpack me I always like
to keep two throwables and I like to double up on my shield so I like to have
twelve shield cells here the medkits batteries and then ammo okay so that you
can swap this around like if you wanted to drop this off because you have
batteries and six slots you could grab two more throwables and have four this
is also a very good setup now with the level three backpack gold or purple
doesn’t matter you’re not your ammo is not gonna change this is where you want
to add definitely six more of these you want six more shield cells okay you want
to have six more of those you never want to get rid of anything else okay you
always want to carry at least one Phoenix if not more but ideally this is
my final setup for your inventory okay you never want to have more than 240
rounds of ammo per gun or in this case with the shotgun I have 48 which is way
more than enough then for the peacekeeper you want to double up and
have more shield cells 12 this syringes can be 6 3 Mets three batteries Phoenix
4 throwables is a very good standard loadout for your backpacks as you
increase now some people feel more comfortable they’ll dump these and add
more ammo they’ll dump these and add just more heals in general and not
utilized throwables at all which is completely fine but the standard loadout
should definitely be two sets of throwables three sets of
piece on each of your ammo types for your guns 12 shield cells 3 shield
batteries 3 shield or 3 med kits and one Phoenix now you could also drop this and
of course just add one more Phoenix which is completely fine too but this is
a standard loadout for your inventory guys you never need more than enough
ammo you need to always carry enough shields and have four sets of throwables
I cannot stress this enough I see way too many players not use throwables but
we’ll get into that into another video ok so this is my breakdown of how your
inventory should be at each stage of the game when you find a bigger backpack as
you go through apex legends if you guys did enjoy this video drop a like if
you’re new to the channel hit that subscribe button
turn on notification bells so you don’t miss out on future apex legend 5 videos
the warlock stay gaming guys come

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  • Reply Brandon Coulter December 1, 2019 at 5:40 am

    Whats in your Inventory?

  • Reply Brenda December 1, 2019 at 4:19 pm

    this is probably off topic but i’ve noticed ever since SBMM was released in pubs i’ve had to carry onto SOOO many heals because of all the freaking sweats that I run into.. ☹️ also, my inventory depends on my character as well, like if i’m lifeline, i’ll carry about 6 syringes, and more shield batteries than anything. also, I manage to forget that I need a backpack almost every match which makes things 10x worse for me. I remember running around an entire match for a cool minute without a backpack. 💀💀 I was like “ oh wait.. I need a backpack!” 😂😂

  • Reply Paulo Coelho December 1, 2019 at 10:28 pm

    Can you make a vid about how to properly push? Thanks, subscribed!

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