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July 12, 2019

Hi, I'm Bob Duffy. And I'm Wendy Boswell. Welcome to our new show,
Innovators of Tomorrow. Intel software
innovators are some of the smartest and most
inspirational developers in our community. We love working with them,
because they constantly amaze us with their
imagination, skills and passion for innovation using
Intel technology. At Intel, Bob and I
are privileged to work with innovators in the developer
community who are doing some pretty amazing stuff. All around the
world, innovators are creating groundbreaking
solutions on Intel architecture, working
both separately and together on projects that
solve big problems, open up new ways of thinking,
and maybe even change the world a little. You may have noticed Wendy
here over my shoulder calling into the show. That is exactly how we
bring you innovators from around the globe. Innovators of Tomorrow
is a monthly show focused on giving you
insight into the work and inspiration from developers
in our Intel Software Innovator Program. From smarter
wheelchair technology to new types of
computing experiences, our innovators are
driving technologies that put computing
power into new use cases and areas of work. And beyond the
code, our innovators often have personal
insights and experiences that are driving
their work in ways that we find amazing
and inspirational. From sustainability issues,
diversity inclusion, or just wanting to change the
world in an amazing way, this show will dive
into their reasons why they are going down the path
of innovation and invention. You'll notice a particular
style to this show from its name and look. We have been inspired by
the futuristic visions from the atomic age of
the mid 20th century when an explosion
of new technologies inspired a bright,
romantic and hopeful view of the future, a future
they often called tomorrow. Tomorrow was seen as a wonderful
and exciting world of flying cars, jet packs and robots. We are now at a point where
these fantastical ideas from yesteryear
are finally coming to light from the inventive and
creative minds of innovators– truly innovators of tomorrow. Until then, thanks for watching. Don't forget to like this video
and subscribe to the Intel Software YouTube
channel to keep learning about Innovators of Tomorrow. You can also follow the links
provided in the description to learn more about the Intel
Software Innovator Program and the technical focuses
we talk about in each show. Stay tuned monthly and see how
innovators are making tomorrow possible.

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