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Intel’s Next Wave of Laptops | Showcase

December 4, 2019

– Hey guys, this is Austin. This is one of
the biggest laptop upgrades in years, let me explain. Intel, who are sponsoring this
video have been working on something big, the Project
Athena innovation program, now this is a codename that’s
essentially like a spiritual successor to the original
Ultrabook concept. And then if you see the
engineered for mobile performance visual identifier when
you’re shopping for a laptop, It means you’re getting
a few guaranteed things. The laptop they sent over is this. The Dell XPS 13 2in1, which
I switched over to as my daily driver. It’s good. It’s very, very good. Now there are a few things
that jump out to me about this, but probably the number
one thing are the graphics. They are so, so much better,
now typically speaking the integrated graphics
on Intel processors were fine, they were usable but
they were not particularly impressive and certainly
really not up for any kind of remotely hardcore gaming. Now this is certainly still
not a gaming computer, what you’re getting here
is a lot more performance Intel claims about twice as
much compared to last generation and I tend to agree, it is a
huge difference, and honestly it changes a lot of the
ways that I use this laptop. Now previously to get
more graphics horsepower you’ve had to go to a
bigger thicker laptop with a dedicated GPU. Now that’s certainly
not a bad thing, right? I mean you’re certainly going
to get a lot more power, but because of that you have to sacrifice a lot of thickness, you have
to sacrifice a lot of weight. You have to sacrifice
money to pay for generally a more expensive design. However, this is a nice
sweet spot and that you don’t really have any
of those trade offs but you still get much, much
better performance than before. So this is one of the
10th generation processors that does have the Iris Plus graphics, which is denoted when you look at the product name as a
1065G7, of course this being a Core i7. Now there are other 10th Gen processors and some of them do have
their own advantages, but to make sure that you
get the Iris Plus graphics that is what you want to look for. Now we take a quick detour into nerd town backing all of this up
is some very fast RAM. So this guy is rocking LPDDR4 at a full 3733 megahertz, now that’s fast for any system but especially considering that we have that faster CPU and GPU to sort of feed, it actually does make a big difference. And that’s sort of one of my
big takeaways with not only jumping up to 10th Gen. But jumping up to this XPS
13, there are a lot of small and some fairly large upgrades but when you take a look at all of them together. It does mean this system
is a full generational leap over what we’ve seen in the past. Which is something that well, but frankly we haven’t really seen in a while, the laptop space has improved
we’ve seen a little bit here a little bit there. But pretty much everything is
new here, and because of that we’re seeing major performance
gains across the spectrum which is awesome to see, it
really is a great upgrade. Another area that I’m really excited about is on the CPU side. So for the first time in years we have a brand new CPU core
design codenamed “Sunny Cove”, and the big difference here is
that we’re getting a full 18% IPC uplift, which means that if both chips are running at the exact same speed
Skylake versus Sunny Cove, you’re getting an
additional 18% performance, and generally speaking, that’s
definitely enough to notice. The only thing I was
slightly worried about is that the clock speeds
have actually come down a little bit this generation,
however, realistically especially with the XPS 13
it’s actually not a big deal, the clocks are very similar
to what I’m getting on a lot of 8th generation devices, and
yet with that additional IPC, it means that I am seeing a
noticeable bump in performance. Now more than ever though, the
performance of these 10th Gen chips is dictated by the computer and the tuning and the
chassis that’s around them. If you give them enough power, if you give them enough cooling you’re actually going to
see a ton of performance. But just because you see
10th Gen on the box does not necessarily mean that you’re going to get excellent performance. And with that brings me to my next point, the Project Athena innovation program. Not all laptops are created equal, which I guess should be
pretty self explanatory but let me explain. Number one would probably be battery life, now you’ve probably seen claims
like 12 hours or 18 hours of battery life, what companies
usually don’t tell you. Is it that 12 or 18 hour number
is typically under a very, shall we say, unlikely circumstances like sitting in airplane
mode, looping a video with screen brightness low like
it’s just not a realistic test. The idea here is that you’re
getting a laptop with 9 hours of realistic battery life. When you see this engineered
for mobile performance identifier, the testing that
Intel and their OEM partners are doing here includes things
like, oh I don’t know, keeping your WiFi on,
having multiple programs open decent screen brightness. You know, the way that a
normal person would use their laptop, as far as what this XPS 13, I can say that sounds about
right, I’ve generally gotten 8 to 10 hours of battery
life with fairly light use obviously if you’re doing gaming,
your 3D rendering it’s going to be less. But it’s certainly not going
to be one of those like 16 hours of battery life that’s
like, 6 when you actually start using it, so they’ve
done a lot of optimization work to make sure that even when
you have this thing unplugged you’re not losing a lot of
performance and that’s actually really nice because anytime I
do a test or a benchmark of a laptop. I always have to make
sure that it is plugged in, because a lot of times
when you unplug the laptop, while you might technically
have a lot of power, a lot of times it actually
throttles way down to try to conserve on battery, but the flip side is that
you have a portable laptop, that doesn’t perform well when
it’s being used as a portable laptop. There’s a lot to
like with the XPS 13 as well. One of the big selling points
here is that you get super quick wake time and
responsiveness with these laptops, I love this display, it’s
a taller 16:10 aspect ratio which I appreciate for the
extra screen real estate, even though this is the
base screen, honestly, actually it’s the one I
prefer, it’s still touchscreen, you can still do the
whole tilty flippy thing, but importantly, you’re still
getting the better battery life, and realistically
a 1920×1200 display on a 13.5 inch
laptop is a-okay for me. It also helps to the
keyboard is excellent, you’re getting that great
feeling carbon fiber and aluminum build and well yes, it would be nice to have had a USB-A port, the fact that I have two
Thunderbolt 3’s means that this dropped right into
my desk with my 5K display my Thunderbolt dock is
a really solid setup. Now the only thing I can
really sort of knock it for are really minor things, so the
fingerprint sensor isn’t quite as accurate as I’d like. But beyond that, I’m
getting the performance, I’m getting the battery life, I’m getting the build quality. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise. The XPS 13 is my new daily driver. Anyway, thank you very much
for watching this episode, all about the brand new
Intel 10th Gen laptops and of course the project
Athena innovation program There are definitely other
thin and light laptops which are also powerful like
what Intel and Dell worked together on with the XPS 13, and they will be starting to roll out over the next few months, so
definitely be sure to check out the link in the description for more info, especially if you’re
in need of that sweet, sweet laptop upgrade.

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