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February 12, 2020

Coffee, coffee? Some cake? Winter sport in Norway,
it’s really big. They say we are born with
the skis on. I don’t know. To me it’s a big thing to be
a part of the German team because I’ve dreamed of it
since I was a kid. It’s very important to spend a lot
of time together because we live more than half of the year together. We have to create a good
atmosphere with the team and the staff needs to do
their best and each athlete have a good feeling with the others and it’s really important
for performance. We just love to come back
here with the team because the atmosphere is always good. We play together in
the evening. There is a lot of good people in this team
and that’s just important. I love being with this team because
I can be who I am and I love to share the relay
and everything with team. We want to be the best together. So it’s really important for us. We have the best team
in biathlon. We’ve been very lucky to have
Martin in our team, Martin Fourcade. He was the number one for seven years and
gives a lot for the team. Both for the women’s team and men’s team. And that’s good because with that and with him, we progress every day. Yeah, we hope for good results,
but we we work in a very good mood. So this is a good life to live. The French biathlon team has
now 20 years of success and I think they have
a lot of confidence. But behind there is a lot
of stuff we’ve experienced. In shooting, we work with specialists
from the summer sports. Now for the cross-country part
they asked me to come with my experience with
the cross-country skiing. So it means that the biathlon
team of France wants to take the best
of each part. In Norway the skiing has been
really important for a really long time. When I first was in the A-team
we focused a lot on the ski time. And not so much on
the shooting. But after we got some French
and Italian coaches, we have focused more
on the shooting and now we are shooting before
the physical training. We didn’t do that before. Then was always the physical training first
and then we shoot. But now we have turned around a bit. I made just a very few statistics like,
they were shooting like 10 years ago but they did not see that the best skiers
in the world like Martin Fourcade or others were having better statistics,
like almost 90%. While the Norwegians,
they were 82%. Especially for France, I don’t know
if there is a special recipe. We are confident with our results
thanks to God, Martin Fourcade. We trust the system. So we train well but we also
take time to recover well. And so it works well I think. Typical German training is
very structured training. So I know what I’ve been
training the last 10 years. So it can look up in the computer and I can say
what I did three and half years ago on that day. As our point of view it’s good to do the same
training for all at the training camp. And then when you are at home,
you can do more individual training. So sometimes you have to leave
your comfort zone in the training camp. So when I have to ski a long uphill with
Benni Doll or Johannes Kühn, they are way better. So it’s hard for me and it’s more,
I have to leave my comfort zone. But when I’m at home, I do look at my watch,
and my heart rate and I check my speed. It’s better, more individual. The biathlon atmosphere is
so unique and so crazy. The people expect a lot from our team. So it’s not always easy. But on the other hand
we have great support. No, I never felt pressure
from better athletes like Sven Fischer or Frank Luck or
my coach, Mark Kirchner. I always try to do my best to my success. The only pressure I had in my family.
I had the family pressure from my grandfather. That was just one goal to get
more medals than him. But it’s not a real pressure.
It’s maybe a heart pressure. You’re always maximum nervous
if you ski just a national race or local race or you are
at the Olympics. Because it’s the highest
race for you at the moment. It’s almost 100,000 people standing
there like 20 meters from where you are standing to try to concentrate and
they’re screaming like hell for the Germans. So it’s such a
crazy feeling. Sometimes bronze and silver
isn’t good enough. It’s only about the gold
but we can live with that. We expect also some
results from ourselves. I will do short loops. Yeah you can do as you want but
we try to be done with the shooting before ten. Being in these big venues as
Oberhof or Ruhpolding where the spectators are not crazy,
but very passionate. That of course brings
a lot of good energy. The noise of the crowd is
like my own concentration. If I try to push it away, to avoid it,
it will come even stronger to me. So I have to accept it
to deal with it and it’s okay. It can be difficult for sure if you are
in a position where you are in the front. For instance in a relay. I’ve done that a couple of times
both in Oberhof and Ruhpolding and both with the
success and with failure. And that can be pretty intense to hear all the I would say screaming audience
for each shot you either hit or miss. But mostly I like to think
of it this way that when that many people want to come
to see me and the other athletes going around the loop in a tight condom suit,
I must be pretty awesome. So yeah, I think that just
brings me good feelings.

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