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InnoGames TV – July Episode feat. Rising Generals Launch Trailer, Forge of Empires iPad App

October 12, 2019

Welcome to InnoGames TV ladies and gentleman! My name is Fabio, I’m here in Los Angeles at the convention center because it’s E3 time! I got my battle juice with me, we’re going to be introducing Rising Generals and Tribal Wars 2 over the next couple of days but first let’s check the other topics. Start your engines! For the first time we’ll show you the brand-new Rising Generals announcement trailer! Forge of Empires wherever you want: Product Manager Daniel shows you the new iPad app It’s finally done: The Tribal Wars 2 closed beta started and we will give you all the information on how to get into the game! The Grepolis team is working on a new event: Stay tuned and get all the information about the Thracian conquest! Last chance for all Tribal Wars players to rescue the royalty. We show you what’s the event is all about Last but not least we show you what happened here at the E3 and what game design legend Bruce Shelley thinks about Rising Generals. Oh I didn’t see you there — exciting topics, right? But next up is the Rising Generals launch trailer. Here it goes! At the end of the day warfare is always about choosing sides. But you know if you don’t you get to fight everyone. Enter the battle zone and become a rising general. Instantly update you base and unlock new wapons, equipments and officers. Build your army from an impressive arsenal of vehicles, tanks, choppers and airplanes. Join a battle group and fight at the side of your comrades and allies. Use officers and spies to infiltrate enemies and prepare your troops for battle. Use everything you’ve got to crush you enemies in combat. Play wherever your are on android, iOs and in your browser on Did you guys already tried out the Forge of Empires iPad app? If not my colleague Daniel will explain it to you right now! Hey guys, this is Daniel from InnoGames! I’m the Product Manager of Forge of Empires and I have super exciting news from you I know that a lot of people are already waiting for a mobile App of Forge of Empires and now it’s finally available on your iPad! So this is the iPad version of Forge of Empires. It’s a cross platform app that means that you can use your regular account that you have already in Forge of Empires Just log in into your iPad and you can play right away in your existing account. So there is no need to build up your city from the beginning. You have all your buildings and stuff available right from the start when you log in. As you can see it looks like Forge of Empires on the first glance but we did a lot of improvements on the mobile version to make sure that it really fits and works like a mobile app. Your new main menu is on the bottom and you can expand it to reach all the functionality you already know from Forge of Empires We made sure that all the buttons and windows have the correct size so they’re ease to click and easy to swipe. The graphical quality of the iPad app is still on the same level as in the browser. All the buildings are very beautiful, you see all the animations as well running in the here. You can easily swipe over the city and activate all the options in the production buildings, you can start producing troops Just use your fingers to zoom in or zoom out in your city Here we’re at the continent map. You can as well use your fingers to drag around or just enter a province or a sector and then start a fight. In the battle you just use your fingers to move your units around the battlefield. Here we’re in the research tree. Use your fingers to swipe through the ages. If you want to research a new technology, just click on the icon for the light bulb and then pay the resources to unlock the technology as you know it from the browser. Ok guys, that’s it with our short introduction into the Forge of Empires iPad app. I hope you liked it! Tribal Wars 2 already started in its closed beta and my colleague Nino will tell you everything you need to know about the process. Hey all! I’m so excited today because it’s the day, it’s the 24th of June And today we launch our closed beta and we going to invite some of you to start playing Already today and it’s just so awesome, so brilliant. Everything might not be running as expected the first few days – we have to figure out some things and so on But directly after that we’re going to be start pushing a lot of you into the game and we hope that you are enjoy the game a lot And play with us and test all the new features and help us provide the very import feedback That we need from you to help us improve the game to make it the best and to lead the direction you players want to have it in. Aside from that you will encounter ruthless multiplayer action like you know it from old Tribal Wars All your old tactics — they won’t be valid anymore. Therefore be patient and create new tactics with maybe a new team or a new set of tribe friends. You will need them because you know Tribal Wars 2 is a team game just like the normal Tribal Wars. I want to thank you guys for a multitude of reasons: It’s because of you we are making this game. It’s because of you, our awesome fans – There are no more brilliant fans than you – that we are making the game the way that you want it. Therefore it is so important that we get your feedback during the closed beta, that you actively play with us and help us to improve the game To where it has to be to fulfill your standards of what you want to play and what you want to see in Tribal Wars 2. Thank you! Really, for all the enthusiasm, for the multitudes of hours you have spent with us, thank you! Be ready and wait for your key because it will show up on your email or on Facebook anytime soon and then you just go to to play! Grepolis Thracian Conquest- You don’t know what that means? Check out the next spot! Hello Grepolis community! I am Marcel, a Game Designer of Grepolis. Pretty soon the time will come for a new in-game event. But it will be quite different,
as it is all about a war. Tenia, a leader of Thracian units, will offer to lead your army of mercenaries into
combat. The Thracian realm is overrun by insurgents who terrorize the people of
Thrace. It is your task to fight the rebels to unite and free the oppressed populace. Thrace will be displayed as an epic campaign map, spanning over 60 different
battlegrounds. You will fight your way from battleground to battleground by
commanding your mercenaries to attack. These mercenaries are completely new units which are unique for the event. If you choose to attack a battleground, you will see the stationed rebels, as well as
your available mercenaries. On each battleground the number of mercenaries you can
deploy is limited, so you will have to make tactical decisions about which units you
will use and how many. Each unit has its strengths and weaknesses against specific units and therefore you really have to plan your attack. Should you be victorious, you will win a unique reward tied to the specific
battleground. On top of that, you will be eligible to move on to the next battleground. The defeated battleground will be on cooldown for some time, after which you can
attack and win the reward again, although there will be more enemies than before. Another noteworthy feature is that, even if you suffer a defeat, the enemy’s losses are
permanent, which means you will eventually whittle down the opposition and secure the battleground after several attacks. Your mercenaries on the other hand won’t die, they just get wounded and have to recover. During that time, you cannot use them for another attack, but every 7 hours a healer will arrive to tend to your injured troops and make them fit for combat again. Even the mighty hero Hercules decided to travel to Thrace and help the people. In combat, you may call for his help which will boost the combat power of your units by
20%. Keep in mind though that Hercules will need to rest 12 hours after he has been involved in a battle. The campaign map is full of surprises. Sometimes, the paths may even split up and you may decide which path to take in order to proceed. You may even uncover some secrets to make your mercenaries more powerful than ever before. By the way, in case you have asked yourself how to get new mercenaries and to increase the size of your army, here is the answer: You just have to perform common activities in the game and your people might randomly encounter a group of 8 to 12 mercenaries who will then join your Thracian army. You can find up to 10 of these groups per day. The event called “The Thracian Conquest” will start at the end of July, so stay tuned for a full 4 weeks of epic battles! Good bye! Already saved a princess today? Tribal Wars rescue the royalty event is still ongoing. Check out everything you need to know! Hey guys I’m Robert the Product Manager of Tribal Wars. In our next event, members of the royal family have been kidnapped and hidden by monsters in caves all through the land. If you manage to rescue them, you will be able to reap the benefits of their gratitude. You first step is to find out more about these monsters, who were hidden in caves over the map. There are several types of monsters and each of them is weak to one specific unit. We’ve gone ahead and already scouted one of these caves. Once you know what you are up against it’s time to figure out how to defeat it. It turns out that what is guarding this one is an elephant. Select the unit from among your soldiers and send them to the battle against the kidnapper. We are going to send a swordsman. A swordsman against cavalry, what could go wrong? Unfortunately sending a swordsman against an elephant was probably not the best idea, a spearman would be more efficient in that case. We are not going to tell you the weaknesses of all the monsters, it’s part of the event for you to discover, but if you select your hero successfully, he will rescue the member of the royalty. After performing a successful rescue you can now make use of the royalties’ skills to improve your empire. Each member of the royalty has different abilities and they have various skill levels as well. Normally you would only be able to see what a particular royalty is good at after they already started providing their services. But once in a while you get a chance to identify the royalty beforehand. This lets you know what you activate in advance, which helps you plan or make sure you only activate the best of the best. You can also identify members of the royal family for premium. Once you found a member of the royal family that you are particularly happy with, you can use resources to upgrade their services and make them stick around for a while longer. The event is already active in the game so you can go and check it out. It’s going to run for four weeks and we hope you will all enjoy it. You can go and hunt some monsters and rescue the royalty. And now it’s time to find out what we did behind those gates. After 14 hours of flight from Hamburg to Los Angeles, the InnoGames crew arrived just in time at the Los Angeles convention center. Here a massive crowd of journalists, professionals and game fans already waited to see the newest gaming titles. All in all over 45,000 video game industry professionals from more than 100 countries attended the three days long Expo. Like every year, all big companies we there to present their newest games, hardware and brands. On most of the booths the visitors were also be able to actually try out the new games. No question that InnoGames also had it’s own boot with a special guest: Bruce Shelley, game design legend and responsible for titles like civilization and age of empires works as a consultant for Rising Generals, the newest InnoGames title. I guess I’m another voice in terms of game developing teams you all work together and there is not a lot of outside input so I come from a different world in a sense and I play the game as a player and I have questions and I think I understand that the guys think that helps a little bit to have a different viewpoint looking at the game. I think it comes a long long way. When I first played it there were a lot pieces that weren’t not there and I was confused and I had troubles understanding how things supposed to work and there were no story that I understood so I had a lot of confusions when I started but I think it’s all coming clear now. The latest builds that I’m playing are much more complete lots of stuff I’m reading about for a long time are now actually playable so I think the game has really good chance to be very successful. After three days of presentations we were really tired but happy to see that everyone who saw Rising Generals for the first time gave us extremely positive feedback. Of course we will attend the E3 2015 but who knows which game we will show there. That’s it from InnoGames for this month! Don’t forget to subscribe and stay tuned!

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  • Reply Kamil Sadowski June 27, 2014 at 9:32 am

    Everybody hates you for your Tribal Wars beta invitations strategy… instead giving keys to ppl who pre-registered long ago, you give them to some random people who guess your shitty puzzles… shame

  • Reply TheSpl1ce June 27, 2014 at 9:38 am

    Most people are angry because they didn't get a betakey. At the end of the day Tribalwars can give it's game keys out however they like. And this is coming from someone that pre-registered 6 months ago and still didn't get a key either.

  • Reply توففز FM June 27, 2014 at 12:13 pm

    اللعبه حقت الطيارات دعسس : ~

    الجنوب 2009 مرحبا من هنيا

  • Reply The Gamer FR June 27, 2014 at 12:52 pm

    tros cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reply AzerKy June 27, 2014 at 2:56 pm

    La Conquête de la Thrace sur Grepolis a l'air intéressant! 🙂

  • Reply Battlecraft52 June 27, 2014 at 7:43 pm

    When comes the Android version of FoE?

  • Reply IamMuldeh June 28, 2014 at 7:51 am

    Typhi you noob 😀

  • Reply Alejandro Sánchez June 28, 2014 at 10:29 am

    Retards;you are idiots.

  • Reply rzymski 19 June 28, 2014 at 11:44 am

    I m not speak english 🙁

  • Reply Emil Stefanowski June 28, 2014 at 12:25 pm

    Give us a mobile version of The West! pleaseeeeeee

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  • Reply BitBear June 30, 2014 at 12:53 pm

    Hey Innogames! Thanks for delaying our FoE update for your Ipad update. People without iPads everywhere thank you.

  • Reply Rex Hayward July 3, 2014 at 2:10 am

    hahahaha gotta want more on the beta site to give you feedback..?16k players now of FOE isnt dont listen to them and you want more to ignore..update after update you are told there are bugs in buildings or stuff you wish to implement..and not one is addressed..latest being the hall of fame debacle..then you wait till it is bought and paid for then comes the oh dear we didnt know we had better nerf it and rip off the paying customer again..yet the beta site was screaming at you telling you it was flawed..oh yes you did offer 1000 cups or 300 if gotten from it shouldnt matter where it was bought from they still bought the diamonds to do it.
    maybe you shpould concentrate on fixing the problems before implementing new problems..and start taking notice of those that spend there time on your beta site..listen instead of looking to get more to ignore

  • Reply James E Thevenot July 4, 2014 at 5:16 am

    I never got a key and I have been playing TW1 for a long time and registered for TW2 immediately when it was possible to do so. Inno is just scamming us, they said that we would get a key and we didnt. So now we let them sell our email addresses and didnt get anything out of it.

  • Reply Opris Andrei July 4, 2014 at 2:04 pm

    Where is The West?

  • Reply Pablo Rodeghiero July 4, 2014 at 7:01 pm

    Hi inno
    thanks you for make FOE more and more impossible to play.
    First you never fix the memory leaks.
    Then you change the GB values and make a promise to compensate the players. Ok they loose 60% and you give them 3%. But, first they need to wait until the version of iPad be released.
    Now in beta server, you force the players to use the hardware acceleration. AND YOU KNOW THIS IS NOT WORKING.
    Thanks inno for demonstrate that you don't want us to play your game 

  • Reply Gabriele Maruccia July 11, 2014 at 11:48 am

    it was better last years when the event was the olympic games…. why do you always manage to make things worse in grepolis?

  • Reply Thais Araujo July 25, 2015 at 10:03 pm

    podia por bate papo no forge of empires

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