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ICOV TV 9-11-17

February 17, 2020

hello and welcome back to ICOV TV
the weekly live news show I’m James D’Arcy and I’m Casey burnam
Holly and Phil Matt and Alex piers and Susannah eat your heart out on, today’s
show we’re joined by the festival of life-and-death organizer Allen Chapman
as well as live musician Shay assini we also have a live radio show being
recorded right now which will be available and the Eickhoff SoundCloud
later for those on the move it’s like music to your ears I just love my
karaoke skills or something I’ve done the poplin James I’m really sorry but
I’ve heard your singing and it’s not good I have to disagree but never mind
on today’s show we’ll be covering all of the news across the west midlands with
everything from ice hockey to writing competitions and a very special live
performance from shea himself you can also catch this week’s we’re right into
the show but for now here are the latest headlines with Christiania
hello my name is Christina and here’s today’s news bulletin police are
investigating the causes of a bus fire after the number 16 burst into flames
Coventry yesterday the double-decker National Express bus caught fire
yesterday afternoon at 4:30 on Kelsey Road – fire crews services were called
at the scene and no one was injured but members of the City Council are said to
be concerned as in the second series as this is the second serious incident in
just a few months involving the number 16 bus services homelessness has
increased by almost a quarter in the West Midlands in the last year according
to the new research by the charity shelter almost 21,000 people in West
Midlands are homeless that’s a 22 percent increase in the number sleeping
rough or in temporary accommodation now in national news pretty patio has
resigned from her cabinet position as the International Development Secretary
in an open letter to Prime Minister to resume Patel said that she felt she will
be a better suited as a backbencher after pressure from the public to resign
from holding unauthorized meetings with Israel officials and finally Britain’s
Got Talent Church Alesha Dixon will switch on the Coventry Christmas lights
on the 22nd of November in the city center we’ll be there what about you
guys we definitely will be that we love Christmas Harry Ike of
now the festival of life and death may not be something that you’ve heard of
but it’s in a very important event as it’s the world’s biggest suicide and
wellness conference and is set to be held in Leicester next year
last night Steph flower headed over to the LCB Depot in Leicester for the first
launch event we’re here at the launch van ahead of the festival of life and
death taking place in September 2018 there’s so many people doing amazing
things so he wanted to speak to those involved I’ve been involved in lots of
different things that explore the same themes because I do I work a lot in this
area on the arts coordinator for the Saoirse partnership NHS Trust and the
chair of Rights parks Arts in mental health charity which how to fault your
organization and also a lot of my own writing it’s for health and well-being
so as a poet and an artist so I’m not but not quite like this so I think this
is so inclusive and it’s it’s really giving devote serious to boo issues a
really easy platform not easy thing that makes it possible to talk about those
issues I always think as a writer I have to
write out to know what’s going on in my head like I don’t know until I until I
explore it so writing whatever your art form can be
could be a very good way of trying to explore an issue for yourself but then
of course when it has its public aspect and you share with other people then
then it has a potential to to take other people on that journey with you I have
never ever been involved in an event that’s kind of looking at the you know
the anonymous way and particularly suicide I have been involved in lots of
community events and things around mental health and things around
well-being I think it’s just important to everyone because life and death is
part of the same thing it occurs and suicide as well as this you know
centered around it’s just something that is has been so unspoken
it’s something you know it’s wonderful that it can be framed in this way and
talked about so people considering getting involved as they get involved so
it’s not anything to be afraid of it’s a beautiful kind of you know as I expect
you’ve all experienced being here it’s like it’s really warm and it’s really
inclusive and accepting of people I think and people on every sort of level
of involvement as well so it’s not saying you must talk about this or you
know yeah it’s lovely in this like music and art as well so all those things that
make that make make it all bearable this isn’t a flow reporting for iPod we are
now joined by the event organizer Allan Chapman sense a litte bit more
successful thanks for coming today and can you just briefly outline how you got
involved with the festival of life and death I lost my partner Leanne to
suicide in April 2015 and I knew that she was unwell but when she actually
hanged herself sorry about that thank you that’s when
you really understand a bit more about mental health I began my own journey
then I’m still on that journey I had some other traumas visit me within a few
months that most people have spread over a lifetime and as I say I learned a lot
about mental health and suicide is on the rise especially among young people
yeah it’s the about the tenth biggest killer in the world now yes it’s
shocking as a million people kill themselves in the year every year a
million people kill themselves as well can I quickly ask what charities will
you be supporting with the concept that you’ll be holding well many hopefully
but the starting charities will be Samaritans survivors of bereavement from
suicide the and charity she lost her daughter to bone cancer in 2009 and
supported bone cancer research trust mind is
another important charity for us and there will be many others trying to do
good work to raise awareness just especially can I ask him how would you
feel about having the biggest suicide and wellness conference here in
Leicester it’s fabulous for Leicester but it’s not enough we need to go into
planetary on this to make a change yeah so sign up thank you so much for coming
in today Alan and if any of you have been affected by this topic or you need
someone to contact please visit our social media where there will be contact
details for all of the charities so now a bit of sport entry how was your hockey
skills Casey well to be honest I’d say that I’m up there with the Coventry
blaze oh you’re a bit of a slow burn on the ice now I take it you could say that
our reporter Kane Hawking has more on the current form of the blaze this
season a fire reignited as resident ice hockey
team the Coventry blaze walk away from a very successful weekend taking home a
full four points with Conference victories over the Guildford flames and
local rivals in the Milton Keynes Lightning the full this weekend the
blaze seemed to be on a cold streak only picking up two victories in their past
five games I met up with blaze players Garrett lab and Jordan Pietrus to get
their thoughts and their performance so far as well as the four-point weekend
yeah we just weren’t playing simple hockey and it resulted in us having
extreme losses there so work hard and practice really simplified the game we
came for huge points for conference this weekend was a big weekend for us going
in we knew that we were kind of struggling in some different areas and
we need to get some points on the board so it was it was an important weekend
beginning of an important month playing to division rivals and so it was a big
weekend for us and we knew that coming in you know coming over the weekend
obviously getting four points is huge for us so it’s good feeling at camp
right now but it’s just the beginning so we’re still hungry and we have to keep
things from where the team’s motivation and then all season high the blaze look
to set the British ice hockey seen a light once more this weekend with their
conference rematch against the Milton Keynes lightning as well as an Elite
League showdown against the five flyers on their journey to reclaim their place
amongst Britain’s best this has been Kane Hawking reporting for icon news
we’re now joined by Shane our so first of all thanks for coming on to the show
there and I’m just going to jump straight in there what’s the most
embarrassing thing that’s happened to live on stage great question actually um
basically I saw on stage and for a lot of people and so your EP is coming up
yeah do you have a name for it yet are we still undecided well so far I’m
thinking about sundar I’m still undecided because there’s a lot of my
options I can choose from yeah what kind of flow are you going for in this EP OMB
acoustic Nessie about that yeah that’s cool so you briefly told us
about your time on The X Factor can you let all the viewers I really
enjoyed I went for the judges no not the judges excuse me so yeah the producer
stage and I didn’t get free to enjoy the stage so that was the thoughtful for me
well yeah any other competitions maybe the voice no no music yeah that’s cool
so you don’t have open mic nights yeah do you ever consider doing a gig
definitely what song you gonna play for us today then it’s not going name but
I’ll pull it comfortable today today just just finally you write your own
songs this is a bit of a have you ever thought about writing a book before no
what about all about you case if your face a bit of writer
yeah weird iced I need to get back into writing because I used to be such a
bookworm yeah well okay see this story’s gonna be right up your street then M
November marks the start of National Writing Month where budding writers
commit to writing a 50,000 word novella in a month to get involved head on over
to NaNoWriMo dog but for now here’s Steph Lowe with more National Novel
Writing Month is a creative writing project that takes place every November
what started out in 1999 was just 21 participants has grown to involve over
200,000 people after inferred to as NaNoWriMo the project challenges people
to write 50,000 words between the 1st and the 30th of November and offers face
to face as well as online support throughout the month we speak to ad
Trevelyan and Shannon sonnet from the West Midlands area to find out how
NaNoWriMo supports them I think it’s kind of having a baby you know that’s
you do it and it’s really hard but you kind of forget about all the hard bits
and think oh yeah for a novel I can do that and then you
come back to it and then about two days in you remember oh no wait this was
actually quite difficult but then you’ve already done it once and you just have
committed to it the first week is quite nice because you’ve got all these ideas
and thoughts and you’re writing you know as keeping out your word count or just
writing lots and then by about two or three weeks and you start to think of
just writing utter rubbish now I think that happens to most writers that stage
of just thinking what what the hell am i doing and then you kind of come out the
other side and you either have a full novel or you’ve got a lot of writing
that you’re happy where then there are bits that you’re actively think yeah
this is this is quite good and that’s quite rewarding the the
NaNoWriMo literature sort of tells you that everyone’s got a novel in them and
this is your time to do it and yes and no to some extent some people have have
a great work they want to do some people just feel like they should be writing
more but I think storytelling is this amazing thing that humans can do and
everyone can do it everyone can say something as speaking to the area about
why I got involved in the first time and I have no idea it just sounded like a
good idea I’ve always wanted to do writing and it’s kind of a staple part
of my year so on Twitter they run words friends pretty much 24/7 for the entire
month where so they have different people from around the world that log
into their Twitter and take it over for a couple of hours and give you different
problems in some woody 5-minutes prints and somebody 20 minutes prints and
somebody 1 K 30 where you try to write out some
words in half an hour it’s fun to challenge yourself that might just be me
you don’t just say impossible challenges it’s interesting to see when you’ve
started with a blank page and you have no idea where you’re going it’s
interesting to see what happens it’s not too late to write as much as you can
this November for more information had a cough decoder
at UK this has been stefano reporting for i carve only time to hear all about
the miserable West Midlands weather so we’re going to pass you over to our
weather reporter Lizzy Johnston good afternoon I’m Lizzy Johnston and here’s
today’s weather it’s bright and sunny after a cloudy morning with temperatures
reaching 12 degrees and winds up to 10 miles per hour
however cloud will spill in from the West overnight dropping temperatures to
5 degrees with some patchy light rain early Friday morning over the weekend
the clouds will clear leaving get bright and sunny put prepare to the cold as
temperatures are set up to 2 degrees with winds of 15 miles per hour so make
sure you wrap up warm and now folks james and kaci in the studio Thank You
Lizzy that’s all for today’s show thank you so much for joining us to stay
updated with everything happening in the West Midlands make sure you follow us
all on social media and check out Eickhoff co-wrote UK yet you can find us
on Facebook Twitter and our new Instagram account so don’t be afraid to
you must have followed because if my mum can you can too now you know where to
find us we will see you back on the sofa at the same time again next week now
plan us out of his own trap comfortable his extremely talented
Hasini I’m dreaming that was just you don’t
have to believe I know sure is just getting to the private part
I’ll take your time so we can happen innocence Allah stuff up

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