IBM Mainframe: A New Generation with Pat Toole and MetLife

July 12, 2019

we're going to move now to the future what's very important in the future of skills and new technology we're going to focus first on skills our next speaker has a rich history at IBM here's the general manager of micro electronics business here's a CIO of IBM for several years today he's the general manager of the IBM mainframe business system z please make welcome Pat tool thank you I couldn't be more excited to be here today not because of the 50 because I've never been more optimistic and hopeful about the future as you hear the clients stories the things that are being done the technology the new announcements it's definitely a great day to be an engineer and a computer science in our industry so as Dion said I get to share with you what we're doing around the ecosystem and in particularly the skills and Tony I think you said it best you know it's really about partnerships and our partnerships are much more than what would be typical in the industry with the people in our ecosystem the clients business partners is v's academic institutions research they're not just partners they are part of our innovation engine we work so closely together you often don't know who's in which company and that's been true for a long time and continue in the future that's really as Tony said the trust the listening that drives us forward and you know as as Tom said we're continue to expand the ecosystem and I was really had the pleasure of a few weeks ago opening our first Linux and cloud copy center in Beijing and as Tom said we're opening the next one in Africa is v's we get asked a lot how many people support the platform we have over 7500 is fees on the platform last year alone we had a thousand new or updated applications in our ecosystem CSPs we grew by forty three percent in 2013 lots of great activity lots of real business value be delivered again through the ecosystem but it's all truly all about people and we recognized about a decade ago that there is a challenge of skills in our industry there's a challenge of attracting young people to careers in science technology engineering and math there's a challenge of educating the people in our colleges to learn the technology so that they can understand enterprise computing and be valuable in the workforce and then finally obviously for those professionals that are in the workforce there's a continuing education that never ends you know when you see steve's charts about the history it's kind of mind-boggling what we have to constantly learn every couple years in our industry and so as part of that we launched an academic initiative in 2003 and to date we've had over 1,400 colleges and universities as far part of this initiative we've been able to reach over a hundred and eighty thousand students in 70 countries it's an unbelievable success and where it works best as Tony said is when we can really match up leading edge corporations that are committed to the platform with academic institutions that are training these students in enterprise computing so they're valuable members of the workforce we've also been working as an example with professor stays here from North Carolina A&T I don't you could raise your hand there is Professor say has been able to place in the last couple years 70 of his students into mainframe jobs in China we've worked with 11 universities and it placed two thousand students into jobs in the industry but again it works best when we can partner with the academic institutions the professors and our clients to bring real value in to develop curriculum you can now get minors in enterprise computing concentrations certifications so it has grown beyond our wildest imagination over the past decade now for those who are getting into who are professionals are just learning about the platform today we're announcing our first mass of open collaborative courses online courses partnering with marist college Syracuse University and the Linux Foundation marist is offering a course in introduction to enterprise computing Syracuse University on enterprise computing strategies and finally an introduction to Linux with the Linux Foundation this is just the beginning but we intend span these are totally free you can go to our academic initiative page and sign up and and learn about enterprise computing one of the most exciting things in Tom mentioned we had dinner with some of the students last night but in 2005 we thought we'd harness that competitive spirit of young people and create a master the mainframe contest requires no previous knowledge of mainframe anyone can sign up and get involved high school or college and it starts it's about a three month process the program has been implemented in 38 countries we've had over 70,000 students participate and this year we added 3 News Kenya South Africa and Puerto Rico the program is three months long phase one you learn how to on board onto a mainframe the basics in the second phase you get more advanced you start to develop and edit applications across a wide variety of computer languages and operating systems and finally the most challenging phase is you actually develop an industry specific application as part of the program and its really interesting some of the teachers who teach the students are only at level two but they have students who have already gotten to level three and we're going to hear from from a student in a few minutes who is not only one of our past champions in the program but a graduate the academic initiative program also actually from Professor say's program but I'd like to show you a short video about the program to give you a little more insight please roll the video when I started here at Lake Brantley three years ago there was zero students enrolled in AP Computer Science people look at me and they're like they don't expect me to like code or anything like that and I like being outside of the box now we have over 300 students at Lake Brantley high school taking AP Computer Science I like the master the mainframe contest because it's different there's always more to learn and more to create each thing you code is sort of like a puzzle every high school should have at least 300 students taking computer science my friends and I we you got excited and then we wanted really to try it out you learn a lot and you get exposed to a new world whatever the mechanism behind it I found it to be something that can help out in the future it was very nice collaborating with people within the university critical thinking creative thinking skills problem-solving interaction with other people our students are way ahead because of the understanding now they have the mainframe is one of the best challenges one can help this kind of contest when they participate it makes some kind of a groundwork for them it gives you an edge if I can learn a little bit of Ming famous music related shipment for me as I've been going forward with mainframe I found it quite interesting we are actually enjoying the challenge was like playing games and after winning this competition I actually gained more confidence that this I can't find somewhere I can gain something to me in film really has worked for me and I think I have a career option in this so we got something new we did it we mastered it as Tom said you meet you meet these students and they're just exceptional now I'd like to introduce a graduate of the program of the academic academic initiative as I said a former contestant and just recently as of three weeks ago a proud employee of metlife insurance as a mainframe capacity analyst please join me in welcoming Dontrelle Harris to the stage thanks Pat hi I hope everyone is enjoying the event today uh Pat mentioned my name is Dontrelle Harrison is more than an honor to be here talking with you all today I just want to take a couple minutes just to share my personal story into the wonderful world of mainframe prior to taking any IT courses in north carolina NC State University I honestly had no clear understanding of what mainframes actually were it would be later that I learned how often we actually interact with a friends on a daily basis let's just check it up checking our bank accounts on our phones or pumping gas or booking a flight but uh funny however I'll get friends and family to ask so that's right what exactly is a mainframe and uh even giving explanations they still look at me like it's hard and complicated but honestly the mainframe is pretty straightforward for me accessing programming even manipulating certain applications on the mainframes second nature maybe growing up in a generation where we have Nintendo and PlayStation and tablets and laptops maybe we just get it but Haj OSIS I but all jokes aside uh I just want to get a little bit personal with my journey and 2012 i enter the program programming contest sponsored by IBM called master the mainframe it was there i was able to learn four different operating systems of z/os GV m ZT pfn linux for System z those skills those newly acquired knowledge help me accomplish quite a bit and though I'm very humble I can't but help to be proud of all my accomplishments 2012 and 2013 I actually was able to finish all three parts of the contest being in the top 1% of all applicants or entrance support to winter in the 2012 contest I was actually the first North Carolina participant to actually complete all three parts of the contest it ultimately led me to also enter without being this past summer in Research Triangle Park north carolina so the contest has really worked a lot of wonders for me but prior to the cut well excuse me after the contest prior to the contents I really wasn't sure if I had the skills to pursue this dis filled with information technology I remember 2005 actually I took five years off from school to handle some family matters and but that time out it really helped me focus on what I actually wanted to pursue and what I wanted to do with my career so in 2010 returning back to NC I came back where the focus or the passion but like i said i was kind of uneasy with my skills and my experience so i wasn't sure if you know i would be able to like i said succeed in this field so asking of my peers and friends in the department they all recommended me to dr. Cameron say he's a rep very well-respected IT professor even though he's kind of hard on us but a but uh yeah and I remember it's funny story I remember walking to his office the first day of meeting them and just explaining to him my goals and my ambitions and my concerns with you know my skills I remember he looked down over his nose pulled his glasses down and he was like great I hear it all the time let's talk more action but what doctors say that and realized that he gave me a newfound confidence that day that I could really succeed in this space and well the rest is history like Pat mentioned today I'm extremely proud to say that I've accepted a position with met life as a capacity and performance analyst which I've been reporting for the past three weeks it's amazing to me how a simple academic contest could really change my life and I'm seeing that today and yesterday we're meeting all the contestants from I mean come on 20 countries or from around the world to just meet in one place for this monument my you meant to his event stop standing um it closing I just want to like I just want to say thank you for allowing me to come out today I speak with you all and I hope you enjoy the rest of the event thank you just a second okay yeah you know it takes it takes me more enormous courage to stand up here and I just wanted to welcome Dontrelle to the mainframe family you know we have Giants of the industry in this room I don't know if you know that intro we've nicked an afro and others here in and yeah and so so you're now part of this family for life mr. life thank you well we thought we'd do something really special this year because of the 50th and we decided to run a world championship we looked at all the contestants over the last few years there's about 20,000 and we picked the best of the best so 43 contestants from 23 countries have competed over the past three weeks to become the world champion of master the mainframe and we brought the students to New York for the final contest a few days ago and that final contest was to actually write a mobile app for the banking industry the students are all here with us today so I'd like them to please all stand up as Tom said we had dinner with the students last night and and we went to a really are rockin restaurant I think Tom and I learned some new songs live bands you know so but it was a great night you can be seated thank you I just want to thank our judges for the contest David to tillow from metlife Jeff Gill from visa Jenna Shea banks from first citizens bank Seth freckle ssin from Lake Brantley high school Susan dish ave from Syracuse University and Lonnie AMARG from blue cross and blue shield thank you to our judges and now I'd like to invite the six finalists to the stage oh wait I'm sorry yeah to the far side we have see if I just gotta see if I read this right bernhard von toddler from South Africa Aaron khyber arrow from Spain we have tahini sub gupta from India we have yung Chang soo from Taiwan moog do kadam from the United States and Phillip egli from the United Kingdom and we have this beautiful plaque for our finalists thank you thank you thank you and now for our winners in third place from the United Kingdom Philip egli congratulation oops in second place from South Africa renard vant under and our champion from Taiwan Jung Chang soo congratulations they do food earlier thank you graciously offered to be the agent for all of our students so if anyone is interested in hiring any of them and I should say that our three winners all receive top of the line nova laptop fully loaded with our Z suite of tools to continue their education thank you

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