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HP Goes Big on 5G and Recycled Materials in PC’s Announced at CES

January 19, 2020

– Hi, Mike Nash here from HP here at CES 2020 talking about some amazing announcements from HP. First up is the updated Elite Dragonfly. What’s exciting here? The first convertible with built-in 5G, has support for Tile so you can use the Tile network to find your device if you lose it, and of course 82% of the mechanical parts in this devices are
from recycled materials. We’re also excited about
the new Specter x360 15 inch device. Has a 90% screen to body ratio to give you amazing graphics and a design that’s really
easy to carry around. The big brother of the Specter 13. We’re also very excited
about the Elite display 43 inch device that allows you to connect two different devices and use ’em simultaneously, so you can have one big
screen using your home PC, your work PC, using windows or even a MAC if you wanna plug that in. We’re super excited about
the ENVY 32 inch all-in-one. Really a device designed for creators. Has an amazing ACR 600 4K display powered by NVIDIA graphics. We’re also very excited
about the soundbar here that not only gives amazing
audio when you use the PC, but also allows you to
stream audio over Bluetooth from your phone or tablet. And of course we wanna make
sure we’re complimenting and completing these
experiences with great cases and what I love about
these cases is they’re made from recycled materials. This one in particular is
made 100% from water bottles. No waste in the way we manufacture it. It’s beautiful and if you get it dirty, you can throw it in the washing machine and it’s good as new. Thanks for joining us from HP at CES. (upbeat music)

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