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How To Set Up Stealth 600 & Stealth 700 for PS4

October 12, 2019

(upbeat music) – Hi, everyone. I’m Jason with Turtle Beach. And in this video, I’m gonna
show you how to set up and use the new Stealth 600
and 700 Gaming Headsets with your PlayStation 4
Pro and PlayStation 4. First, let’s open the
Stealth 600 and 700 headsets. On the stickers, you’ll notice, it says that we should download and install the new
Turtle Beach Audio Hub. It’s always a good idea to check and make sure you have the latest firmware so that your headset
provides optimal performance. Turtle Beach makes this really easy, simply by downloading and installing their Turtle Beach Audio Hum program. Which is available for PCs
running Windows 7 and higher, and on a Mac running OS 10.12 or higher. In addition to PC and Mac, there’s an app based version
of the Turtle Beach Audio Hub for compatible iOS and Android devices that works with the
Stealth 700 via Bluetooth. But the reason I’m pointing this out now is to let you know that you can’t update the Stealth 700’s firmware from the app. You have to use the PC or Mac version to perform firmware updates. Since we’re on a PC, we’ll
click the Windows button. Which will automatically start downloading the program to your computer. Once downloaded, find the file. Probably in your downloads folder. And double click to install. Then click Run to start the installation. Click Next, and follow
all the on-screen prompts. Once the Turtle Beach Audio Hub program is installed, launch it. When the screen pops up, you’ll be prompted to
connect your headset. Take the included USB cable and connect the USB micro
end of it, the smaller end, to the jack on the bottom of your Stealth 600 and 700’s left ear cup. The one with the mic. Next, connect the standard
USB end of the cable to an available USB port on your PC and also connect the USB transmitter. Once you connect the USB cable, the Audio Hub will automatically
detect your headset and will ask you if you want to update your firmware
to the latest version. Click yes to begin the update. Once the update process is done, click okay to complete
the firmware update. And at this point, you can close the Turtle Beach Audio
Hub on your PC or Mac. Okay. Now that your headset has been updated to the latest firmware
and has a full battery, let’s get connect to
your PS4 Pro or your PS4. First, let’s turn on
your headset by pressing and holding down the power
button for a few seconds. On the Stealth 600, you’ll
hear a tone inside the headset indicating that the headset is on. On the Stealth 700, you’ll hear a voice prompt inside the headset. Also, make sure your PS4
console is powered on. Using the included
wireless USB transmitter, go ahead and connect the transmitter to an available USB port
on your PS4 console. If you have a Stealth 700 and are using it with an
original PS4 or a newer PS4 Pro, both of which have the optical audio jack, you’ll also need to connect the included digital optical cable
from the back of your PS4 into the port on the
wireless USB transmitter. If you’re using a PS4 Slim, then there’s no need for
the digital optical cable. Once the wireless USB transmitter is connected to the console, go ahead and power on your headset. Your headset should come pre-paired with the transmitter out of the box. And when paired correctly, the little LED light will be
lit solid and not blinking. Next, we need to update
some settings on your PS4. For the Stealth 600, in
your PS4 menu system, click Settings, then Devices, then Audio Devices. Set the Output to Headphones
option to All Audio, then set the Volume Control (Headphones) to the maximum setting. Finally, select Adjust Microphone Levels and follow the on-screen
instructions to calibrate your mic. For the Stealth 700 being
used with an original PS4 or a newer PS4 Pro, both of which have the optical audio jack, in your PS4 menu systems, click Settings, then Sound and Screen, then Audio Output Settings, then Primary Output Port, then Digital Out and
select Dolby Digital 5.1ch. Then back up in the menu
to change the audio format. Priority to Bitstream (Dolby). Lastly, navigate in the
menu back to Settings, then Devices, then Audio Devices, then select USB Headset
(Turtle Beach Stealth 700) for input and output device, set Output to Headphones to Chat Audio, Set Volume Control (Headphones)
to the maximum setting, and finally, select
Adjust Microphone level and follow the on-screen
instructions to calibrate your mic. For the Stealth 700 being
used with a PS4 Slim with no optical jack, in your PS4 menu system, click Settings, then devices, then Audio Devices, Select USB Device (Turtle
Beach Stealth 700) for input and output devices, set the Output to Headphones
option to All Audio, then set the Volume Controls (Headphones) to the maximum setting. Finally, select the
Adjust Microphone Levels and follow the on screen
instructions to calibrate your mic. At this point, your Stealth
600 and stealth 700 Headsets should be connected to your PS4. So let’s get them on your
head and sized appropriately. First, make sure you have
the headset on the right way. The microphone is on the left ear cup. If you happen to find
on the right ear cup, you’re wearing the headset backwards. You can adjust the size
and fit of the headset by pulling down on each ear cup. Also, for those of you with glasses, the Stealth 600 and
Stealth 700 both feature Turtle Beach’s Glasses
Friendly Technology. Where sections of the foam
cushioning in the ear cups are softer so they don’t press as hard on your glasses when you play. Now I’m gonna walk you through a couple of the additional features and functionality, starting
with the Stealth 600. There are a handful of differences between the Stealth 600
and Stealth 700 for PS4. First, while they’re
definitely in the same family, the frames are slightly different. And the 600 has breathable
fabric wrapped ear cushions, while the 700 has synthetic leather. For surround sound, the Stealth 700 uses DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound. While the Stealth 600
uses Turtle Beach’s own Virtual Surround Sound processing. Additionally, the Stealth
600 doesn’t include active noise cancellation and Bluetooth connectivity like the 700. Lastly, Stealth 700’s Bluetooth capability allows it to connect to the app version of the Turtle Beach Audio Hub, where you can customize a variety of Stealth 700’s specific settings. Let’s focus on the Stealth
600 settings first, and then we’ll take a
look at the Stealth 700. All the controls for the Stealth 600 are located on the left ear cup. Again, the one with the mic. Speaking of the microphone,
let’s start there. This is a new flip up version of Turtle Beach’s High-Sensitivity Mic. There are three positions. First, the mic is on when
it is all the way down. If you wanna mute the mic, you simply rotate it up to the first stop, and if you don’t wanna use the mic at all, you put it all the way back one last time. Next are the features
controlled by the Stealth 600’s Power and Mode buttons. The Power button has a secondary function beyond turning the Stealth 600 on and off. When the headset is on, a quick press of the
Power button will toggle Turtle Beach’s exclusive Super
Human Hearing audio setting. Which provides a competitive advantage that can help you win more. The Mode button also has
a dual functionality. Repeatedly pressing the mode button lets you cycle through the
Stealth 600’s audio presets. Which include Signature Sound, Bass Boost, Bass and Treble Boost, and Vocal Boost. Pressing and holding the
Stealth 600’s mode button will cycle on and off Turtle Beach’s Virtual Surround Sound setting. On the back of the ear cup, the top dial controls your master volume. Meaning game and chat audio together. While the bottom dial controls
your mic monitoring volume. Which is how loud your own
voice sounds inside the headset. Which helps you avoid
shouting at other players. That’s it for the Stealth
600’s specific features. With a fully charged battery you should be able to get
up to 15 hours of powerful and immersive surround sound game audio, crystal clear chat, and unmatched
glasses friendly comfort. Now let’s jump into the Stealth
700’s specific features. The Stealth 700 is the big brother or big sister to the Stealth 600, offering additional premium features on top of what the Stealth 600 does. As discussed earlier, the Stealth 700 adds leather wrapped ear cushions,
active noise cancellation, Bluetooth connectivity
with app based settings, and a selection of additional features that can be controlled via the new Turtle Beach Audio Bub app. Let’s start with the Stealth
700’s on-board controls, and then we’ll get into
the app based controls. Just like the Stealth 600, the Stealth 700 shares the
same great flip of version of Turtle Beach’s High
Sensitivity Microphone. With down being on, up being mute, or you go all the way back. Next are the features controlled by the Stealth 700’s Power, Bluetooth and Super Human Hearing
Buttons, located here. The Stealth 700’s Power button also has a secondary function beyond
turning the headset on and off. But this time when the headset is on, a quick press of the Power button will turn on and off the Stealth 700’s Active Noise Cancellation functionality. Then there’s the Super
Human Hearing button. Which can activate Turtle
Beach’s exclusive audio setting, which provides a competitive
advantage to help you win more. Lastly is the Bluetooth button, which allows you to pair the Stealth 700 with other Bluetooth enabled devices like your mobile phone or tablet. Where you can adjust other settings via the Turtle Beach Audio Hub app. On the back of the ear
cup there are two dials that control different functions, depending on which PS4 console you have. If you’re using your Stealth 700 headset with an original PS4 or newer PS4 Pro, both of which have the optical jack, then with the optical cable connected to the USB transmitter, the upper dial will control game volume, and the lower dial will
control chat volume. If you’re using a PS4 slim
with no optical cable, then the upper dial will
control master volume, both game and chat
volume at the same time, and the lower dial will control your mic monitoring volume level. Also on the bottom of the ear cup there’s a standard 3.5mm jack
to use with your mobile phone. However, you’ll need to
provide your own cable. Now let’s look at the Stealth
700’s app based controls. Which means we need to pair our headset with a compatible mobile phone or tablet, and then launch the new
Turtle Beach Audio Hub app. For this demo, we’re going
to use an Apple iPad Pro. To pair the headset with
your device over Bluetooth, press and hold down the Bluetooth button until you hear the Bluetooth
pairing voice prompt. Then find and pair the headset
in the Bluetooth settings of your mobile phone or tablet. Once connected, there are a
variety of different controls offered by the Bluetooth
button on the headset, depending on if you’re listening
to music, or taking a call. With your headset connected to
your mobile phone or tablet, launch the Turtle Beach Audio Hub app. From the app, there are
a variety of settings you can toggle on or off,
depending on your preference. These include Super Human Hearing, Dynamic Chat Boost, and
active Noise Cancellation. And you can also select
from four audio presents, including Signature Sound, Bass Boost, Bass and Treble Boost, and Vocal Boost. You’ll also be able to adjust
your mic monitoring level. Which means you can
adjust the volume level for how loud you hear your
own voice inside the headset. Which helps you to avoid
shouting at other players. If you click the menu drop down, you’ll be able to personalize
a few additional settings, like the volume of the voice and tone prompts inside the headset. As well as check what version of firmware you are using and more. That’s it for the Stealth
700’s specific features. With a fully charged battery, if you’re using the
Active Noise Cancellation and Bluetooth features frequently, you should be able to get up to 10 hours of powerful and immersive
surround sound game audio, crystal clear chat, and unmatched
glasses friendly comfort. That wraps up our unboxing and setup video for the Stealth 600 and Stealth
700 for PS4 Pro and PS4. Thanks again for watching.

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