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How to replace laptop screen Lenovo Y50-70

December 9, 2019

Required tools: screwdriver (magnet is useful but not necessary), rigid plastic board, replacement screen Use your card as a leverage on the border of the screen and gently remove the plastic frame Make sure to remove all the hooks (popping sonds are normal) Now the frame can be removed with no extra effort Take the screwdriver and remove the 4 screws at the corners Be carfeul: when the last screw is removed the screen cam move freely, place it down slowly Gently remove the scotch over the connector Remove the connector with the help of the screwdriver Now the screen is completely removed Take the replacement screen and put the connector back in Place the scotch Align the holes of the screen with the ones in the corners Insert the screws Push the frame back in place (popping still normal, push harder if it doesn’t seem to fit) All done!

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