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How To Record Your Computer Screen with Screenflow

August 20, 2019

Hi. Andrew Tanielian here. Today you’re going
to learn something really useful. How to capture what you are doing on your computer as video
using the screen capture program Screenflow. This is a great way to showcase how to do
something. How to use a particular program on your computer or how to navigate your website.
It’s also used to show you hidden tricks and hidden levels in video games or simply how
to conquer them. But most importantly it’s a way to make a video that you don’t have
to be in. Here we are on my desktop and to being capturing
what is going on on my screen we first have to go into Screenflow and it is conveniently
down here in my dock so I click on Screenflow. And it activates it and notice how you get
a very small gray box, but dead center so you can see it. This is the first thing that
anybody sees when they go into Screenflow. It’s different than other applications that
you are used to. Some options here, you want to see where it says record from desktop you
want it from, if you’re on a laptop, you want color LCD. If this is on a desktop computer,
if you go into that drop down menu you will see other options. And other monitors listed
so depending on what actions you want to be recording for this particular recording session
you can choose which one you want which is very nice. A second option here is that you can record
video from an external video source and what that means is the first listed here, because
I am on a laptop, is my FaceTime HD camera which Apple laptops have embedded in the top
of their screen so do Apple’s iMacs. If you have an iPad or an iPhone there is that camera
on the front, Screenflow recognizes this and says “Hey if you actually want to record from
that source we’ll turn it on and record video from there and not record what is on your
screen. So, to activate that all you have to do is go ahead and click that box. Similar
thing with audio. You can hookup external mics if you want to or also record audio from
your internal microphone. Most desktops have an internal microphone
somewhere. If the actually computer is farther away from you than not that’s not going to
be your best option. Laptops hide the microphone underneath the speaker. It’s right by the
keyboard. You want to
the checkbox “record computer audio”. So,
when something plays back on the computer or the computer makes a certain alert sound
important to what you’re doing I want the audience to hear what I am hearing from my
computer. If I wanted to make my production process simpler I could hit the record audio
from checkbox and record my voice as well as the system sound. When you start recording you get this new
popup box and it’s a countdown and mine starts at 2. Yours will start at 5. The default setting
for Screenflow is to give you 5 seconds countdown time before it automatically starts recording
and once it starts recording all you have to do is do whatever it is that you want to
do. And what we’ll do here is go into my programs
here. What do I want to teach you? Let’s go into
Apple Maps.
Here’s a region of Dallas, Texas. Here is Gleneagles Country Club. Here is The Shops
at Willow Bend. Let’s say I want directions to downtown Dallas. Now, you’re ready to stop recording. You may
not have seen this when the first gray window popped up and if you did it’s hard to remember.
I didn’t remember the keyboard sequence until the third or fourth time I recorded. You want
to hit three buttons not the keyboard at once. What you want to do is hit the “shift” key
plus the “command” key plus the “number 2” key all at the same time. Again, you want
to do is hit the “shift” key plus the “command” key plus the “number 2” key all at the same
time. And when you do that it stop recording and then pulls your recording into Screenflow
and puts your recording on to a timeline so if you wanted to start editing all you have
to do is select your clip hover over this double space with this double arrow and start
trimming the front and also the back too. And that’s it. That’s how to start and end
a Screenflow capture with the screen capture program Screenflow. And there are other videos in this playlist
that go through simple editing, advanced editing and the all important export and upload to
wherever you want on the web. If you want it on YouTube, you can put it on YouTube.
If you want it on Vimeo then Vimeo. And also if you want to store this on your personal
website we talk about a file format the way in which Screenflow allows you to do something
like that. So, see you soon. To get your own copy of Screenflow, click
the link in the description box below and while you are there click the thumbs up icon
to like this video and leave a comment below telling me what other videos you would like
me to make. To subscribe to them all hit the top video. To learn more cool stuff, click
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  • Reply Naggy August 16, 2014 at 2:18 pm

    Awesome review/video!

  • Reply Half Ender November 28, 2014 at 8:10 pm

    i have screenflow 5 but it has choppy audio from computer help plz? thank you so much πŸ˜€ (basically the computer audio does not work)

  • Reply Khnum December 30, 2014 at 4:04 am

    it didnt work it came up with an error

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    is there anyway to record like half of my screen?

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    Great explanations. Thanks for making this seem a bit less daunting! πŸ™‚

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    I'm using Screenflow 6, and when I try to record something, nothing happens. Please help.

  • Reply Jared Gaming December 28, 2016 at 7:39 pm

    I recorded my playing video games on my computer but when I shared it to YouTube there' a text that says "demo mode" and stays there through the entire video. Why's this?

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    how would i be able to record the screen but i want the audio to stilll play on my phone not my mac help

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    After you are done with the recording where does it stay, like I did command shift 2 and it didn't go to the recording

  • Reply Ruski June 22, 2018 at 12:28 am

    That intro though… HI

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    Hello Andrew, is ScreenFlow good for MacBook Air? I want to know if it works in optimize way?

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    I subscribed to your channel and like it!

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