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How To Record Your Computer or PC Screen Best Method Ever

August 29, 2019

hello friends welcome to my channal teckgeek today we will learn how to record computer screen To record your computer screen we just need a software called screencastify To download this software go to google chrome and click these 3 dots click on settings and extensions and click on get more extension and type here screencastify ok and here you will see your software called screencastify and click on add to chrome and add extensions and you can see here it is downloading… now here you can see here it is added to your chrome browser and click on it and here it will ask for some permission if you want to store your recording on google drive check on this button and if you want to store your recording on your computer click on this okay and go next and if you want to sign in you can sign In and otherwise no need and also skip this and cross this and click on this extension and here again it is asking for sign In No thanks and here okay if you want to record your screen then check this box and otherwise not and if you will check check and click on this if you don’t want uncheck this if you want to record system audio check this otherwise no need Embed cam what is Embad cam ? Embed webcam means if you want to record your face also in the screen click on it and select then it will select automatically and your face will look like here here this see here and if you don’t want uncheck this show preview window check this it will show how much time you’re recording for your convenience and For disturbance i am also so uncheck this Microphone okay and now here we will start recording desktop and and click on entire screen and here ok you can see this is screencastify live preview It is here just to show you how how much time you are recording ok and the everything here i will do so ok it is screencastify for stop recording ok i will pause it and stop now this is recorded and you can download it by save to disk and click on this and you will see your recording ok friends you can see whatever I have recorded is here okay friends so simple so easy so convenient so friends it is very easy software to make any project or any of video recording of your laptop screen so friends thank you for watching my video if you have any problem comment below and i will give you solution and happy watching bye bye

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