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How to re-install Windows PC/Laptop

March 26, 2020

Hello, my name is Mahgrisya Shudhuashar And the purpose of this video is to complete the assignment for an English course with the material “instruction” Ok, in this video, I want to give an instruction, how to re-install windows Re-installing windows is important when your windows laptop starts slow driver errors BSOD or bluescreen of death or maybe you want to refresh your laptop, to its initial state. Now, let’s start. First, you need some materials A usb flash drive with a storage more than 4 gigs An internet connection And a windows software named media creation tool that can be downloaded in the link description below Second, plug the usb and start the media creation tool that already downloaded and follow the instruction until a selection is appear just select create installation media Here you can use recommended option And here you can choose usb flash drive Select your destination usb flash drive name After that, you can wait the tool downloading While waiting, you can look for ways to enter bios mode because every laptop or pc has a different way Fortunately, I’ve done that before, so I can continue this tutorial. After download and processing windows media installation you can restart your laptop This is my virtual bios This bios is different for every machine And, select your usb flash drive Here you can set what you want after you ready you can click next Now here is a tricky part You must select your main windows partition with the type “Primary” You don’t need to format your partition, just click next If your choice is correct a warning will appear like this This indicates that your previous windows will be overwritten with a new one Now, you can wait your windows installation Usually this take 15 to 30 minutes to install on HDD and 5 to 10 minutes on SSD And done! Your new windows are installed! From here Cortana will help you in setting up your new windows

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