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How to mirror iphone5s on a computer screen (IOS 7)

August 14, 2019

Hello everyone. Welcome to
In this tutorial I am going to show you how to mirror your iphone5s on a windows PC. Basically
what a mirroring does is, it will help you to see the iphone on your computer screen,
a bigger screen. There are different software which you can use for mirroring purpose. And
one of them is called the “Reflector”. you can download this software from”.
You will get two versions. One is “Trial” version, the other one is the “Paid” version
which you can download for about thirteen dollars. If you want to give a try just download
the trial version. Download and install the software. After that you will be able to see
the air reflector icon on the notification area on the task bar. Right click on it. Click
on “Show preferences”. Now optimize for you can select any device. This is the name for
your computer. I can change or let it be like that, this one only. if you want to use a
password while connecting over the wireless WiFi then you can include a password or else
you can just it like this only. Click on “OK”. Now, what you need to do is, you need to go
to your, Now you need to switch on the airplay on your iPhone and connect it to the computer.
Swap the iPhone screen from the bottom and you will see the two menus at the bottom.
One is “Airdrop” on the left side, on the right side, it is the icon of “Airplay” and
if my iPhone is connected to the computer it will display the computer name. Right now
my iPhone is connected with my computer and the name is Kundan-Pc. If it’s not connected
then you need to press on the Airplay icon. Then you will get the list of the names of
the computer which your iPhone can connect to and just select the, press the computer
name with which you want to connect your iPhone. And slide the mirroring button on the right
side so that it becomes active. And then your iPhone will be connected to the Computer.
So, this is how you can connect your iPhone to the computer screen.

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