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How to Make Electronic Music – Creating Tracks

October 11, 2019

How to make Electronic dance music in 5 steps
Let me show you in 5 steps how you can start making Electronic Dance Music� Number 1. – Get some Software
Sequencers, Digitial Audio Workstations, Music Editing Software – call them what you will,
this is the tool you need to get creative and arrange your masterpieces. Software you
can use, such as Ableton, Cubase, Reason, FL Studio, Logic and Sonar.
Most of the common D.A.W. software has entry level versions that are :-
a. Inexpensive b. Have most of the features you’ll need and
c. Will also offer you an upgrade route to more feature rich versions in the future.
Number 2. Get a Virtual Instrument Synthesizers, drum machines, Romplers, Samplers
– you need to get yourself a good sound source. If you’re just getting started, a Rompler
could be the way to go – plenty of useable, out- the-box sounds and presets.
If you want to get into making your own sounds then you can look to get a programmable synthesizer
such as Native Instrument�s Massive or Lennar Digital�s Sylenth 1.
Also you really need to think about the type of music you want to make as this will help
you decide on what Virtual Instrument you should get.
Virtual Instruments range from free, through inexpensive and expensive, right up to very
expensive Orchestral sampling. Whatever your budget is, there�s an Instrument out there
for you ! Number 3. Get some Content
To get you started creating tracks quickly, be sure to pick up some sample packs. This
will help you achieve the sound you’re after. Having trouble writing Breakbeats ? Simple
– grab a breakbeat sample pack. After particular drum sounds back can�t
afford a Roland TR 909 ? Grab a sample pack. It�s a cheap, effective and quick way to
get your tracks sounding how you want. Number 4. Get a Controller
You don’t need a controller to start making music but it really helps !
from USB portable keyboards to drum pads to Performance Controllers, there�s a huge
array of choice out there to suit both budget and feature requirements
Number 5. Get creative! You’re good to go – the secret here is to
write, write some more and keep writing. Keep at it. Don�t give up. Listen closely
to the music you aspire to make. Save out your work onto a portable device
and listen to it on the go ! On the bus, train or plane – wherever – it
helps. Play your music to friends and family. Keep going, the more you write – the better
you’ll get � and you will pick up more and more techniques as you go.
Additionally there’s an abundance of music tutorial sites out there that offer
– helpful advice, – insightful overviews
– technique tutorials Finally you can connect with the outside world
– Join a forum – engage with like minded individuals
– and grab a soundcloud page � showcase your talents.
There’s a world of helpful people out there who will offer you feedback and advice.
Most of all, enjoy it � remember – music is its own reward. For more tutorials, videos and reviews check
out thanks for watching

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  • Reply hfranke07 February 23, 2016 at 11:02 pm

    If you pick Reason as your software, you can skip step 2 and 3……. just to let you know.

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    whata the music playing in the background?

  • Reply AllThingsFlow January 4, 2017 at 7:32 pm

    Thanks for the upload! Was wondering if anybody would like to give me
    some feedback on this Psychedelic Electronica piece I'm working on:

    Thanks again!

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  • Reply dry509 October 20, 2018 at 5:15 pm

    What is a controller?

  • Reply chaMiya s December 30, 2018 at 6:48 am

    thanks for this video

  • Reply Daniel Davies February 18, 2019 at 2:33 am

    I have no idea what anything you just said means 😅

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