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How to Get More VIEWS on YouTube 2018 — 3 YouTube Hacks

August 23, 2019

so what’s working on YouTube right now in this video we got three YouTube hacks to grow your channel coming up hey what’s up Sean here Benji here and this is video influencers helping you build your influence income and impact with online video and on this channel we have weekly tips and strategy videos just like this one as well as weekly interviews with some of the most successful youtubers on this platform so consider subscribing so recently we were in LA attending an event called vid summit it’s put on by our friend Derral Eve’s all about how to grow your influence with online video and it was an honor to be able to speak there network with a lot of people connect with a lot of people and sit in sessions and learn so we wanted to share just three quick takeaways from vid summit right now first youtube hack we want to share with you is the cluster strategy now the algorithm is always changing and this is one of the things that is going to be most effective for the current algorithm which is cluster strategy it’s taking different videos that have similar types of content but what’s happening it’s creating traffic within the different videos because it’s similar topics what it’s doing is the algorithm is thinking this video is relevant to be shown after this video and this video is relevant after this video you can also apply this a different channel a great example of this is what my wife does on her Channel she’s got a channel about beauty she got a channel about daily life as a mom as a wife and then she has a channel about being a mommy specifically and because it’s a similar audience we got traffic going from these different channels again the cluster strategy and people are seeing tons more views because of this yeah and so this can apply into creating batches and series of videos that are related or also as Benji said channels that are related so one kind of cluster strategy that is working now we kind of stumbled on it by accident but as my channel think media and this channel video influencers and we realized that these channels are very related so the videos are showing up in each other’s suggested videos so at vid summit they talked a lot about this thinking how can you either partner with somebody to actually feed traffic from multiple different channels or even create a second channel that helps the other channels grow and the kind of important tip here is giving strategic and intentional calls to action at the right times to other videos and to the other channels so it might be the fact that on think media we do a little more camera reviews over there that’s a lot more about the tech side about the gear side of video and so you can check that out we’ll link it up on the YouTube card but additionally start experimenting with giving calls to action to other videos that you have in your actual videos and so that way you can say click to the YouTube card or the description below and the idea is to be constantly creating a circle of promotion within basically your network of videos and even channels that you may have a great example of this a practical example is say you have a cooking channel right and you come up with the best cake recipe and what you’re gonna do is you put that video up but put up a following video maybe a few days later about best tips and tricks for baking cakes what’s gonna happen is people Will watch that best cake recipe video and then naturally that second video is gonna be related to that video so YouTube’s gonna send traffic there that’s where the cluster strategy is happening and that’s just a practical example that anybody can use so think about your channel what are two types of videos that might have similar like interests that you could literally upload right next to each other and make that cluster strategy work for your channel and one final way to think about this is also through collaborations through partnering up with other people and even creating networks of creators that you feed traffic to each other I think that one of the most popular examples about that right now is love them or hate them is the Paul brothers and so besides just Logan Paul and Jake Paul and them growth hacking each other’s audiences and channels you even have the whole team 10 having multiple channels that are being fed by Jake and cross promoting and so be thinking about that that’s obviously on a pretty macro level but this applies to all of us and if you do it right you’re gonna win big on YouTube YouTube hack number 2 is translations why we love this is because obviously it’s been really popular but there’s a lot of functions within YouTube that’s making it even easier for you to utilize translation why this is obviously a good thing to try out is because a global audience you know a lot of people are speaking English so obviously English youtubers are watching your videos but consider all the different countries all the different languages that your same video could be translated to have a new audience be exposed to your content absolutely and so a couple practical things here is we use right now just for our English translations but that’s or closed captioning and so that’s about a dollar a minute and that so if it’s a six minute video it cost six bucks and we’ve got the whole English closed caption but we’re now experimenting because Rev also lets you get your video translated in other languages which you can upload and now begin to reach into Spanish speaking or German or whatever language and there’s a lot of growth happening right now in other countries we’re seeing it blow up right now in Latin America and a huge focus would be considering maybe translating your videos into Spanish but even Benjy just recently got back from a trip from the Philippines and is again seeing firsthand how much momentum and and passion there is and so really start considering we’re thinking big about it here on video influencers on our other channels and then the other cool thing is if you go inside of your YouTube creator studio you can go to your video go to the translations tab and then you can actually just use Google Translate to create a Spanish title and description for your video and you can go through the language after language it’s weird that YouTube makes you do it manually but this is something like it might not be perfect because it’s Google Translate but at least give you a head start and people being able to discover your videos just by going in and doing a little bit of the backend work in your Creator studio YouTube hack number 3 youtube comment hearts now we all know that you can reply to comments you can pin comments you can do a thumbs-up thumbs-down but did you know you can specifically do a youtube heart on the comment why we love this is because this is number one something new to us but there’s so much that you get out of it number one it sends a notification and email to the person who commented and it’s just so easy to do it’s really obvious you can kind of see that you know it really stands out among all the different functions in the comments area and so a power tip that you can apply right now is go to your older videos and start hearting the comments that you like and as Benji said those people get a notification and so think about it somebody may have forgot about you they watch your videos a while ago so you could actually reengage so many people from your past videos that can then come and check out what you’re doing right now and give you a huge boost to your channel you guys we really believe that bid some is one of the best events for creatives to go to to learn all these strategies and that was just scratching the surface those three hacks that we shared with you guys and actually if you want to get access to all the replays from vid summit including lots of today’s top creators lots of people doing really ninja stuff when it comes to YouTube and speakers like Gary Vaynerchuk you can grab all the replays we’ll link to them in the description below and Darral hooked us up with a promo code to share with you guys we’ll post details about that down there as well to get even more of a discount off of really the best YouTube conference when it comes to getting the most strategic information so we can’t recommend this enough we took a ton of notes and we’re going to be rewatching the sessions because we couldn’t even be in all of them and so if you want to check those out all the information is in the YouTube description question of the day what were one of the hacks are multiple hacks that were new to you that we shared today from vid summit put in the comments below thank you so much for watching if you’re new to this channel consider subscribing for more videos just like this yes and if you actually want to check other videos out in our series about how to get more views and subscribers on YouTube just click or tap right there and for another video influencers video just click or tap right there as always here on video influencers we are helping you build your influence income and impact with online videos keep crushing it and we will talk soon

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