How To Drag and Drop Files/Folders between Virtual Machine and Host Machine On Virtualbox ?

June 4, 2019

hi guys in this tutorial I'm going to show you how to drag-and-drop files or folders between a virtual machine and host machine on VirtualBox okay so as you can see that I am running in this Windows 10 in VirtualBox and this is my virtual machine and this is my host machine this is my host operating system and I mean I know drag and drop you know the files from you know my virtual machine to host machine and also vice versa so let me drag this and you can see that I am NOT able to you know track you know this file to my host and also I am not able to drag you know the files from my host machine to vultureman's sorry in the virtual machine so how I can make it possible so you just need to open your virtual box and just click on this in just like you're in a virtual machine and then click on settings and then click on advanced and here we have this drag and drop disabled ok so just select it and then click on Phi Direction and then click on OK and let's see if we are able to do that ok so just you know select you know the file or the folder and just drag if we are able to do that and let's do the vice versa from boost machine to virtual machine as you can see man it's not working ok so let's try one for in the folder let me know who dragged this folder to my virtual machine I am able to drag you know drag this as well ok so guys this is really very cool and you can try it out so that's it for this video and this is a quick tip thanks for watching this a video providing you

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