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How to download Movies on PC/Laptop (2020 UPDATE) TAGALOG EXPLAINED

January 16, 2020

Before we start this video I just want to promote my Facebook page this will be shortly I hope you like this and support this I upload memes there and updates to my channel or new upload Do you like MOVIE? Did you love watching movies? Do you love disney movies ? or are you a fan of marvel movies? maybe your father loves action movies? or are you really a fan of a horror movies? But you don’t know how to download movies and you are just depending on your friend to be able to watch movies and sometimes the quality of the movies you already watched was suck well this video will totally help you if you really want to download a movie that completely HD that very simple and FREE so ready your laptop or computer first step search utorrent on your browser find the utorrent download click again the free download for windows then just wait a moment click again the free download for windows then there will be a new tab appear just drag this down then you will see this utoreent classic click it click this basic torrent app Free Downlaod now then after that it will automatically pop up that says the file is already downloading by the way I already downloaded that file so I don’t need to run that file It already on my desktop next step type on your default browser this websitesis almost a english movies so if you find some tagalog movies, this website is nothing also some korean movies or any different language movies except english this website contains a lot of popular new movies that you like then what you saw on the home page is the newest popular upload the movie that I want to search and download is Thor Ragnarok when you already search your movie click the 1080 p blueray for the high quality then automatic it will download then just click it then this will pop up just click ok then the meaning of this the movie that you choosen is already downloading so we will just wait until this download finish so this is done downloading we will just skip the movie I want to teach this process because this is my way on how I download movies on my laptop this is the evidence that I have a lot of movies then if you will asked me about virus for me I have no issues about it then if you want to learn on how to download on mobile phones just let me know comment down below so that’s it I hope you learn something from me and I will shout out this awesome people so if you want to shoutout just comment down below what’s your favorite movie and also comment for any video suggestions and I will try if I can make it so that’s it see you next time on my next upload I’m glad your still there

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  • Reply Avocado Juice January 15, 2020 at 3:52 am

    Ako 1st comment pa shout out naman ROD at pa pin na din.

  • Reply Edbryan Malmis January 15, 2020 at 6:11 am

    Ahhhh ganyan pala mag download ng free. Sanaol may alkansya, salamat sa info kuya

  • Reply Daniel Rey Guiling January 15, 2020 at 6:41 am

    Pa shout po kuya ROD!! 😘

  • Reply Lawrence celiz January 15, 2020 at 4:52 pm

    Paano boss kung android phone ang gamit pwede puba yun ?

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