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How To Download And Install Drivers For All Laptop PC | Easy Method 2019

October 11, 2019

Hi welcome to this video in this video i will
show you how you can download and install the drivers in windows for any pc you are
using without internet or using the internet connection so first of all open your browser
now visit this link also available in the description below so now ehn this website
open scroll down to the end and you will find these two options so click on other driver
pack versions and here you will find three download buttons the first one is only 5 mb
in size but you must need internet connection to install the driver using this version or
you can download the other one which is driver pack offline network so if you want to install
wifi drivers you can use this software without internet connection you can install wifi drivers
or this is the full pack you can download this which is 17 gb in size so you don’t need
internet connection for this this is 17 gb in size and you can install drivers on any
pc you are using so you can download it using torrent so download anyone you like so in
this video i will show you how to install using driver pack online both are same but
you need internet connetction for this one so i already downloaded that file so double
click on it to run and install this software and after its install you will see this type
of screen on your pc so now wait for it to load it will take some time so now i am skipping
the video here now it has been loaded and now you will see
this option here install automatically so when you click on it it will install the driver
automatically or you can click on here to install the drivers manually so now you will
fin all the missing drivers here and all the drivers which requires update so you can choose
what you want to do so you can install any drivers from here you can check this and then
click on install all button so then it will download and install the drivers automatically
here so you will fin all type of drivers here like network wifi driver graphic driver etc
like this is video card driver just click on it and this is the update so now click
on this 3 dot icon and here click on update whecn you click on update it will automatically
update your driver in windows or here you will the drivers which is not available in
your pc so to install that just click on this 3 dot icon and click on install and now it
will take sometime depend on your internet connection it will automatically download
and install the driver so if you want to do that without internet connection so you can
use this software which is 17 gb in size so using that way you can install any driver
on any pc you are using using driver pack software so in this way you can install driver
on you windows or if you still have any question then you can ask me in the comment section
below thanks for watching

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