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How to Create an Electronic Schedule

October 12, 2019

Hi Everyone, now that you have integrated your Canvas Calendar to your Google Calendar, I am going to show you how to create an electronic study scheduled on your Google Calendar. what’s great about creating an
electronic study schedule is that you can download the Google Calendar app on
your phone whether it is an apple or or an Android phone which most people carry
with them at all times this eliminates the excuse of not
remembering to bring your paper agenda along with you Google Calendar allows
you to create separate calendars and then combine them into one in order to
save time I have already created separate calendars for work and study
schedule for most of my assignments and quizzes I’m going to show you how to
create events by adding times to complete some upcoming assignments as
you can see on October 20th I have a discussion board assignment do I want to
go ahead and start planning and allocating time to complete this
assignment I will need time to read the chapters that are related to the
assignment so I’m going to go ahead and do that now starting on Sunday October
13 and ending on Friday October 18 I will allocate an hour a day to reading
the required readings for the discussion board in order to do this I need to
click on the plus and create sign click down to more options the title will be
read for discussion board I’m going to change it to a custom repeat of once a
day ending on October 18th click on done my start date needs to be October 13th
my time will be which do it from two to three everyday and I’m going to
change the color to orange because that’s the color I have allocated for my
study schedule I want to go ahead and set up a reminder notification at least
three hours before via email and also via pop-up and now I’m gonna click on
save and as you can see everything has been added to my calendar I already
added the time to complete the discussion board on Saturday and to
respond to my classmates on Sunday now that we have completed adding these
events I will click on my other calendar for completing study schedules so that
you can see the holistic view of all my calendars together this is the month
view so I’m going to go ahead and click on the weekly view and as you can see I
need to make some adjustments to my schedule because there are some times
that are overlapping so for Sunday I’m gonna do this
individually and I’m gonna do this from 6 to 7 and save for Tuesday I’m gonna do this from four
to five and see and for Thursday the same thing say it and then now my weekly schedule is all
set to go and let me show you how the day view looks as well this is what it
would look like in the day view you are now ready to create your own
electronic schedule

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