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High Bay Lighting Review LED Rexel Asheville

October 9, 2019

hi I just wanted it say hey if
you’re looking for high bay lighting and industrial
applications have LED lights or maybe LED light retrofit programs in you happen to live in North Carolina,
Tennessee, South Carolina with Georgia one of the
really great things about this areas is there’s an absolute
expert for that kind of work and that expert is Rexel Asheville Rexel Asheville North Carolina provides
you not just great customer service but it’s
that personal feel they still have salesmen who call you
and try to figure out how things are going for you they have a local footprint because they
love the local economy and before we get into the manufacture
video here that I that I wanted to introduce down below
this video is awake simply click on that link you go right
to Rexel Asheville’s information you can call
them Antarctic anybody about how they can yet very specifically a solution for the
needs you have in your industrial facility your
warehouse in your parking lot however that works
for you and if you happen to be an electrical
contractor looking for someone to partner with to
be able to getting the supplies you need in order to succeed that’s Rexel as well so click on a link
below and pay attention to this manufacture
video it’s great hi and welcome to the Green Line
Experience Center for another edition review your product upgrade my name is
John cass is up to you know I’m here with Kyle Rogers the product manager newly introduced into our industrial
luminaire creates higher the high bay luminaire is
derived from were successful ejup were series with the added who is on an option for metrics a target
for indoor use com spend a few minutes talking to us
new product shooting John in thanks that the
eurozone public key points which is that this
product space all bar agho lined interior for box that means it has since our hundreds now we’ve also made modifications above its
mounting informatics options which we can talk a little bit about the
Nexus specifically adapted for highness solutions races let’s talk about those two
specific benefits most of them first known option sounds very so you can see first the we’ve added a different kind of
mounting option to this problem workers are flooded area outdoor products aren’t all mounted this course intended for use
in high haitians which means it will provide standard
think or pin indirect options will for both your outdoor use was standard issue fittings sounds like it’s a girl rugby
configuration Leslie one or history let’s do the other
benefit which is moved paramedics the for measures is a very important
part story so was going to look right up so those are you familiar with her out
for solutions probably recognize in an office
technology in one of these allow us to do is not by the Food Matters a each
individually givers over 20 different optic solutions suitable for a variety of applications
with the edge is your problem we’re offering our standard 1525 weary well options as well as specifically
engineered hymie solutions which make this product
id: we shoot for things such as airport hangars warehouse
and distribution centers convention centers and other industrial
applications well that’s a compelling story I’ll
imagine that brings along with some significant energy savings this is really does combining man of the technology long under any LED technology really wanna see you were 15 to 45 percent on energy consumption compared comments solutions
in NASH we start things like more people
switching is your temple any options which are
also available on this product line engine increased savings officer
fighters well imagine that the audience is
looking at this product in season similarities around workers in were you can share
with us characteristics that are shared between these two products Yahoo’s millions who wear use are very obvious to the visual I first
you have are very versatile rugged leave our solutions which are complemented by are don’t
regard finish and its 10 year warranty as well as our
driver solutions which are a turbo indoor and outdoor use free think so that product overview so that wraps up or free product update
yet higher the heidi is now bill please contact
free customer service for assistance and worrying this exciting new addition to the Cree indoor industrial line

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  • Reply Austin Yee February 2, 2015 at 4:00 pm

    Nice product

  • Reply Feiert Jack June 5, 2017 at 2:07 am

    This is jack from Feiert Technology Co.,Ltd.Focus on UL DLC UL approved UFO led high bay light,led floodlight,led high mast lamp etc.Any interest in them,contact me at any time – 昌宇科技 – Power By 173CMS|
    Tel: +86 (0)755 8670 9961-209
    Skype:[email protected]
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  • Reply Zhenhua Chen January 7, 2018 at 8:50 am

    This high bay light looks cool, but with Meanwell HBG driver and Phlips/Osram LED 3030 Chips, the UFO also work excellent. I also tear down a 100 W UFO fixtures. brightness. these are amazing.

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