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GUCCI TRUNK IN $2,400.00 TV EXEC STORAGE UNIT i bought an abandoned storage unit

November 20, 2019

who ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
of all ages got Uncle Michael here today the man the myth the legend we’re about
to do someone light with your hair all right one city one see a little better
you know I bet you spent like 25 minutes trying to get your hair perfect for this
live we’re gonna get right to it we’ve been uh I didn’t have time to edit last
night or make a video yesterday cuz I’ve been super busy swamped and so we’re
gonna live unboxing today and this $2400 TV exact you know look at that
that goes to that we’re starting off right now with the closed box anything
is ooh I like when it says Neiman Marcus come on
brand new Gucci please mmm no it’s Michael Jordan Uncle Mike your
clothes way way my way there was a sign oh why can’t it hi Michael
oh my I thought that was like – Michael Jordan is that – Michael Jordan gotta be
I don’t know who knows get another book Lombardy style that’s a good book MTV
Unplugged first edition I want to look this one out call me because it’s the
first edition yeah unplugged I remember he probably don’t ever watch MTV Uncle
Michael Judy says hello so what time the treasure hunters let you good the
treasure has to let me go to bed last night 1:00 in the morning you guys
missed that I was live with the trader hustlers last night on semi during my
life what the heck do you know I’m live it’s a good MBA of 15 that one’s sealed
this one huh let me see both these these what cuz that leaves a stud these are
not yeah these are going on eBay pile let me put the whole box aside those
ones we’re gonna load those ones we’re gonna go take the flea market these ones
are all right that’s a nice pillow you wanna bring
that home he says H e double hockey sticks ooh
come on old ones can you get him without spilling
come on Mickey Mantle rookie who these are older these look like 70s right here
good one ah nobody’s her 80s 84 look at that Jose
Canseco rookie card he’s been a favorite player right there ha ha
Larry Johnson I love Larry Johnson what do we got here ray guy look they’re
going Mike you want that one you probably only one of the only people in
the world would appreciate that no I mean there’s probably like three three
of you Raider fans there’s you Jack and there’s gotta be at least one other look
at these these are staying at set aside to what you’re these 1981 so we have to
do a little bit of research see what cards we might have these look like
they’re in great shape and it also because if you remember see in the B
Hall painting makes me wonder if there’s gonna be some good sports memorabilia in
one of these boxes here we go is that Phil vilapando
he’s the Raiders player all right let’s set this whole box aside – it’s almost
as old as him well you can keep that one he’s younger than me he’s younger than
you oh I wasn’t say he probably is who another box and some boots what do we
got here some Bushnell there’s one more box of cards and a few more that help keep it going let’s keep it flown speed
a service here we don’t get to edit this out and take out the boring spots in
between each remember though he’s used to have that pager eight four zero six
eight one one are you always gonna give you a number out ooh 1971 now we’re talking
look at this Larry Brown there’s a Larry Brown of us sports announcer on my trip
in the own on the greatest teams of all time right there future Super Bowl team
this year ooh look at that Fred Biletnikoff nice look at that Darrell
Demonica that’s a Raider player I know that I remember Grammy used to like him
she always talked about him all right this is a good box we’ll save all of
these yes we’ll set these aside what a good way to start this off I like it
we’re done with that all right this can all go back in there yeah no I took the
books out there I liked was everybody up to you this morning hello from Wisconsin
hello from Thailand tiling in the house waiting for Makayla to tell me that they
hooked the washer and dryer up and everything’s all good hello from Rhode
Island what’s up Rob yeah I had her stay at home to meet the washer and dryer
people that’s but what is the best buy yeah Best Buy what’s up Veronica what’s
up Irene Irene says hello Uncle Mike wade in the house with that emoji what’s
up well don’t forget way it’s gonna be on my live this Sunday Wade and thrift
trader will be joining Alex Jack and I on my live this Sunday so marketing your
calendars I’ll get that up tonight so we can have a link to share around
hey everybody has are we doing here I think you mean how New York City the man
the myth the legend command well yeah I know but we got it we got to go through
boxes we got to keep this live exciting we need like non-stop action there’s
open box open box I’m trying to teach my uncle my try to
be a youtuber hello storage auction pirate hi from the UK what’s up
Elizabeth that’s a little heavy you want me to get it alright yeah that’s kind of
almost exciting hello from Atwater Uncle Mike get to work seacobra says get to
work I think Cobra is a man but you can call
him Heidi if you want to you ho what’s up snugs it looks like the garage box if
people keep good things in the garage look there’s a frog I can see that going
good one of your plants at home a battery shoots water yeah I think Tina
would like that I was hoping to get wide angle on the iPhone 11 here today but
they wouldn’t I can’t figure how to make the wide angle work your interests at
heart is that a paperweight no it could be a
TV thing license plate a red box we got it looks cool is that money bag it’s a
car thing when you buy a car not exciting hello from Palestine always
wish you good luck thank you toto nice I see a suitcase HBO will set that one as
well this goes in my pile of TV memorabilia
oh it’s broken you’re gonna need that could you cry a lot Uncle Mike hi Mike
from the UK sorry was a bit late I’d rather you be better late than never
Snoopy I like that that’s kind of cool it’s got a messed up arm but that’s
alright we’ll just leave that in there cuz we can already see it and that’s
already there let’s see that red box though come on jewelry box is it heavy shake it
whoo promising are the way around that’s the hinge right there J and H coolers just some good old boys never
missing the thing this is this is worth it
all right that box is done I’ve got some CDs here
Sabrina Atlantic star that one of your bands home for Mike yeah I know Uncle
Michael loves Motown you guys Diana Ross bTW jazz pretty woman loved that movie
shout out to that pretty woman right there had a big crush on her back in the
day everything is peachy in Atlanta Beatles I love the Beatles easy sale
those are good those are actually CDs I asked more than one dollar that’s
probably like a four or five dollar bill easily and we got VHS tapes not excited
pillows two domes to glass in a picture do we want to look in there whoops I
broke it I broke it not too excited to look in this trunk
with let’s go ahead and look in this trunk looks like some we’ve had a
problem with this unit and I think somewhere along the line either somebody
went through it at the at the company or the owner came in and wanted to get
their stuff out but everything had like an open feel you look you see it like
that’s obviously been pried open at some time and boxes were like this like
somebody opened it etc etc uncle my goes pop this could I get a good thumbnail
face from you like you know thumbnail pose like there you go that’s gonna be
the thumbnail after videos over or just like this these trunks don’t sell that’s
15 bucks in a perfect world come on baby stuff and looks like a good
Christmas sweater for you all right this delayed should stay by itself the modern
technology yes strong arm that private our mother’s master says that little
boys are made oh that’s you should put that in your bedroom on your side of bed
oh there we go and there’s a girl one two now I kind of liked it I almost want
to keep that because it’s both let’s rattle let’s keep this instead as a side
I could see this going in my kitchen I didn’t want to get I didn’t I’m trying
to keep the positive aspiration affirmation things going in my house all
right that’s cool that’s better than nothing $8 an old vintage clothes do we
got here I guess we go up this one here well that’s what slow you can low when I
start going through these I’m gonna put these on a tripod oh all right that four
or five or that box this one looks kind of boring by the words on it but let’s
still do it fragile it’s like you it’s like you
fragile look at Uncle Michael brothers connive
sheets Oh sheet please be something extremely valuable and fragile not just
fraud is that potpourri yeah some type of treasures 218 watching your channel
has grown thank you mother mother’s mustache yeah we’ve house that
Waterford I can’t see oh yeah our channel has been doing well we’re just
about to hit 70,000 sub soon Uncle Michael opens his knife like I do boss
that’s kind of cool almost has that princess house look but that’s not
princess house there’s four like crystal no hole yeah it doesn’t feel exciting love watching your videos from England
thank you Mark Jones mother’s mustache as a handsy okay I’m gonna try to
remember don’t get mad at me cuz I am horrible with names
I just I’m still sometimes I forget my children’s names just kidding I don’t
I’m horrible with names it takes me a long time I’ve been wanting to see how
these vaults came out was waiting to see how what’s up Manny one say hello to man
you’ll come back good morning Manny well has a little
close-up on you there we almost saw in your nose
what ooh that’s kind of cool too a porcelain doll looked like she’s sad
with those tears on her eye wow it’s glass her eyes don’t open she’s
close what’s made a play as beans in it or something of that nature is it I
think looks like a pillow underneath their crappy lamp well these are cute look at that they’re
on love they have Steiff do we have a little
thing in the corner here no I wouldn’t leave those but I would like to take a
look at these well we’re gonna sell them tomorrow that’s the whole goal here all
right I’m gonna uh okay there all right I’m gonna go through these boxes here
uncle Michael where you start loading up some stuff I’ve already been doing all
the loading on this morning what you were late can we see this right here yes
there we go all right I think I’ll be keeping that one Christmas ornaments I
like Disney my whole tree is usually done in just Disney some of these look
kind of old like almost like to think of uranium in the column or certain style
of these old Christmas ornaments these can have value believe it or not like
some of them like you get a box of like eight bulbs in a box from the fifties
you end up with so much that one’s all sparkly oh yes look at this oh that one
goes home with me no I only do Disney on my Christmas tree
we got Pluto we got goofy I’ll do this will you keep loading Oh for Mike
because you came work here once you get some of these other boxes down he goes
up to them Snoopy is almost dismissed I might keep that the turtle just so you
guys know the turtle always beats the hare look at these ornaments I’m excited now
because uh I’m trying to get a big tree cuz I have a tall roof of my living room
now Pinocchio Oh Paddington Bear look at
this I get excited over the ridiculous stuff
it’s not even about money to me and some more about what kind of stuff my life
wily coyote oh my this is so going home with me we got was that Lucy she’s Moody
she’s like my least favorite Charlie Brown carotenoids movies everybody oh
yes like alright that was a good box believe it or not I can actually sell
this Christmas ornament off probably for 30 or 40 bucks just like just as it sits
right here Michael need some light stuff come on beat more Disney Disney but we
got the cool little old bulbs now that’s like breaking stuff that looks like a
rad Co right there rad clothes very pricey I’m not seeing I can’t just go to
each one of those what’s that now mother box opened up love to you Ronnie
I love records let’s see what we got here can we see those yes
Hawaiian greatest hits Elvis rat this is probably a $10 record right here on eBay
yes at the Gucci Tire side Queen probably a $10 record Rick Springfield
Rod Stewart Fleetwood Mac Ramsey and Nancy Uncle Mike we’re gonna need some
more boxes and soon some need to get up here and get some of that down I’m gonna
need some more boxes doesn’t go through soon yeah you’re not keeping up yes Billy Joe okay now let’s just here find
a good one Sinatra these other ten dollar record
you want to hear yes I got my Disney ones loosely these things sold this
record about a thousand times Styx Fleetwood Mac what do we got here
Billy Joel who cheats and Chong look at that
yeah Dave ain’t here man the what Uncle Michael the rolling paper
for the big cigarette yeah yeah look at that
there it is that’s money love cheating sorry shape to get rolled a big
cigarette with it yeah that’s a good album right there
Janis Joplin that’s a good one the Woodstock that does about 20 bucks
generally fair market value well we got Barbra Streisand slow seller the Beatles
at the Hollywood Bowl there we go that’s what we want to see is the Beatles the mangos over here rocking out
Three Dog Night John Juan Hernandez Joan can I go see if that’s actually signed
by the person Willie Nelson the very best to share your Superman movie there
we go Michael Jackson Thriller one of the best
musicians of all time in my eyes all right great collection of Records yes Mach one private pilot course so
somebody was training to be a pilot want apples on your tree no I only do
Disney this could be a Hebe Adam I don’t know have to look that up okay here music Sinatra man and his
music okay this is good these right here these reel to reels
these could do good money on eBay this one here is Frank Sinatra hopefully
we find something more Nancy Wilson 15 to 20 bucks I would imagine on these they’re playing our song
al Hart graduate verb Albert that’s jazz this is interesting anybody know these songs right here hopefully won’t call Mike we’ll have us
a box here ready soon these just by themselves can actually sell or
repurpose reusing purposes another one and we’ll set those aside these are all
good actually that is all okay so we’re gonna set those Beatles regal decide you
guys start our eBay box here we already got one what do we got here
Sinatra at the sands Frank Sinatra all the way the best of King Cole net has
some good records but the best stuffs don’t usually do very well
Sinatra lies don’t do very well now yeah right there Willie Nelson this is a
picture disc they call him that’s got to be 20 bucks minimum almost all picture
discs start out at 20 bucks that’s a good fine make money all right even tried to make it easy on
you and I gingerbread house let’s see the comments we got here Marnie just got
she just got love from Mike well you got there at the gingerbread house one each
year at yes we did we’re good we’re good like that
hey there Ansley that’s guard heist or stalkers Alex in the house my buddy Alex
he came on instead of calling me when I went live brat I know he got a
notification good morning where you at Alex we’re over here at my storage unit
me and Uncle Michael rolling paper and yes mother’s mustache Ansley what is
that a nutcracker ooh that’s the name that you guys sold a
bunch of recently remember oh yeah yeah I might keep that from my house where
you think that would go good with Mike I don’t have one of those I have a lot to
decorate inside so let’s keep that one for the house and then we’ll sell when
Christmas is over you know what I like about pinochle Mike let’s not throw him
away we’re gonna we’re gonna make the manager upset Vasudha
all right great collection of Records salutis days chilly yes ma’am at his
IMVU keep up the good work East Coast auction pirate I love the
name wall decor do you say cheese that means heavy if you need me to lift it up
next time I will $40 Fuli that’s from the very first Farm
Aid concert on HBO brother Mike at storage auction Pyatt what is that oh oh
yes look at that what is that Uncle Mike no no what is
that you don’t know let’s take a minute to examine that that is a couple hundred
bucks right there you know why that’s Gucci that’s original vintage Gucci
could we see let’s get we’re not done the matter the purse itself is its
original Gucci look at that made in Italy
now we’re talking what’s that one I can see them
nothing not worthington much come on jewelry no all right party light
that’s party like two we don’t need to look in there and we don’t need to look
at this see some of this art I’ll be your halo that’s looking this ones here
these are this is junk over here that’s Jeff junk junk party like that’s party
like two we don’t need to look in there it’s just a standard party light candle
burning stuff Gucci yes I love Gucci come on million to our painting no
Ziller No Tucker up or what’s up buddy what are
you doing that is a nice Gucci no don’t take a personal we don’t want to show
that hey Mike hey Uncle Mike what’s up Tom H I’m going to my first storage
auction today at 3:00 party light that’s good for eBay but it’s just it’s not
impressive you can go on you can go on party lights website and see all that
stuff I’m burn out of party light personal
nope that is a print Willie and Waylon on the brothers great now I have rocky
theme song I love rocky didn’t know your mouth
and I don’t want that in my bathroom Michael you know I’m very picky what’s
up Alan this is a decent unit so far no on that what’s this we already looking
this one yeah okay all right we’re done at this box personal photo you have given me a
golden treasure of friendship growing through the season that’s how I feel
about all you guys that’s how I feel about every one of you guys I want it
the Gucci I don’t know what the Gucci is worth yet
what’s up Leroy from Spain this is a decent unit so far yeah this one is a
good this person worked a little back history on this unit this person worked
for I think at one point he was the president of Comcast or he was one of
the top people of Comcast back in the 80s I think or late early 90s then he
became somebody in Showtime HBO etc etc so there’s a lot of stuff that is
mind-boggling that he could potentially be very
important in certain things that Gucci is actually really cool hey Tucker
yeah the TV’s we gotta get rid of him just posting stuff online boring day
tune in to see some claims what’s up there yeah I’m hoping we’re gonna find
something good this is what we got going I move this all from the moving company
just set it in this public storage you know we talked about how you get extra
space the other day this unit cost me 56 bucks for the entire month at the dollar
special this is nice I think I just sold a Gucci like this the other yesterday on
eBay that’s got to be a little bit of money I’m not sure I’m gonna speculate
somewhere in the 50 to 200 dollar range he’s got a little where you had a breath
Uncle Mike I already loaded the first half the trailer for you Uncle Michael
we don’t cuss the scrapping palette man says bro you’re the hardest working man
on YouTube he’s talking to me not you Uncle Mike no somebody got it stuck in
uncle Michaels head that he’s the hardest-working man in America and it’s
like a toss-up between Uncle Michael and I you don’t want to go that lampshade no
no we needn’t we need some boxes we need to go through some stuff
let’s go through these ones here like this all this right here dish packs I
guess we can go through those I’ll take that and just pick one and go through
them we got one down time right now I would want Tucker says he wants you on
his crew junk drawer junk doors make me every time I think of a junk drawer I
remember my mom used to have that cabinet up in Guerneville in the
bathroom that we could just go through next to the toilet or a little junk
drawer cabinet that could be what’s it now ooh oh I thought that was silver for
a second that’s still cool look at that bone handle nice stainless Germany so
that makes it good it’s Germany’s always better than like a East Germany West
Germany claw TRO saw nice that’s Tucker’s uppers claim today Uncle
Mike this looks kind of boring doesn’t it yeah that’s like somebody took their
junk drawer threw it in a cabinet Uncle Michael is breaking a sweat you’re
right Suzanne Tucker if you live closer I can leash you Uncle Michael will pull
that out better flea market but I don’t feel like there’s gonna be great stuff
in there Judy how the artwork is closed – just leave that right there a side
that’s gonna go remember we’re saving nice stuff maybe
just a sense just welcome Michael let’s just worry about that afterwards I know
but when you’re doing that we have nothing to film and then it gets boring
everybody’s like you’re on and they want to leave us forget about we got about 28
minutes more and it’s live and then we will just bang through it at that maybe
make a couple videos junk drawers are always fun wow there’s a big junk drawer
yeah we got maps Haga michael still uses a MacBook silver
look at that sterling silver pool nice this this let’s see if there’s more sit
over there look at that that’s not a very appealing set generally I’m lucky
to get I get scrapped on my silver candlesticks are very monotonous sales
you can leave them on eBay for a long time and sell them then it’s all
paperwork alright don’t take a personal we will but we need to get boxes going to empty tote of get the share button on
this video what we’re going right now be nice just kind of swipe down hit the
share button let everybody know we’re live ooh that’s almost cute what is it
can we see the bottom that’s cheap it’ll have one of those washboard bowls
you know not if that’s the washboard bolingbroke is the way they pack they
packed like you Uncle Mike on they broke it you don’t break no sweats only thing
I break is a sweat if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard Uncle Michael say
that and 30 years of moving furniture with him I will leave Uncle Mike what is
the going rate Suzanne wants to know what it cost the least it depends on
what she wants me to do for one and he says a couple hundred dollars a day
I think Mary Harris would lease Uncle Mike first let’s move on well we got a five no more
super chat I didn’t see that where are we here of this super chat I don’t want
to miss it what is that best that is not cool it
could be and it could be not as missing it don’t even have a head there’s two of
them what are these they’re headless looks like a lamp no that’s a neat
looking vase don’t break it Uncle Michael good
morning good morning sorry I’m late not what you want to hear a woman say for
the first thing in the morning Brenda shoutout to you would have $5 super Chad
let’s see what’s on the bottom I know ooh it’s signed can you turn it over
Frank no Steve K Benji if you’re if you’re
watching can you give us some information on there they stand in front of your couch and it
looks like they got their head down being punished I remember what they I
don’t matter what they call him Lee you leaned those dolls against the show Groucho Marx my man depends on what she
wants him to do ooh there we go come on what’s in there let’s open it oh don’t
tease them ooh what do we got here anything like a
Mickey Mouse that looks like possible gold we got a Zodiac automatic this
might be good it’s got a number here at the end which is really good that was a
Rolex we’ll make it real this could be a good watch I don’t know so we have to
have that looked out put it on a good pile mm-hmm here you go binky do you
need that Uncle Michael mmm got a we got a projectile dispenser right there or
projectile for a projectile dispenser we got a belt there’s another one to rate a
color you’d like that what look at that it’s a tooth that
could be gold right there oh yeah I see I know uh they will have
good backs if they are gold fill but that’s still I have to have that looked
at or at least google it when we’re done here look at that letter boy scout you
know thanks all right keep it coming my neighbor has them outside they’re
vintage like Tucker said it’s gold dude has some good stuff though I’m liking
the vase yeah I have to this looks personal those two dolls around my ear
son for around 50 to choo $100 I cannot sell them for that
they call him the pouty babies oh they named them after you uncle Michael yeah
find me something shiny pirate glad to see you’re doing well friend amen to
that let’s see those opal mine whoo come on I
just skip whatever that was I like boxes no not this one right oh that is good
look at that Givenchy Givenchy is a good person right here well I wouldn’t say
it’s a good person but you got to buy a Givenchy shirt nowadays you’re looking
at some money can you model this personal Michael look at this ladies and
gentlemen looky here can you open it up and show us that is nice she let a
little clutch purse what’s the tag say this is real oh yeah nice vintage Gucci
shout-out to Gucci we’re making money now oh boy
I’m excited not bad for a gone through box right what do we got there
vented that is actually a cool look this is the kind of Ralph Lauren vintage
Ralph Lauren right there that’s a few dollar purse there for sure that will
not go to the flea market tomorrow or we will just give it to our purse lady we
have a person dispenser that looks like a purse come on be something amazing be
the first Gucci ever open up I got you I can see it that’s nothing
this one potential you can open it up is that unzip it a meet each others use the
zipper antico Lee made in Italy I want to said this one side will have that
looked at yeah and this one this looks like your standard leather purse from
back in the day Aetna agna watch box wish we got to get into the bottom of
this box we just looked at that we have love letters come on please be a gold
Omega watch I know they’re somewhere in this unit is the what what was a watch
collection we found that Gucci watch box oh it’s alright that box right there
this box is worth 20 bucks on eBay as a set because Omega is it okay you guys
just see that Uncle Michael sweat actually dropped from his forehead we
want to get to the bottom s box a little better so let’s get down there
that is good unzip it GTE championship look at that what is that is that racing
I don’t know either that looks nice just get in here let’s see a little more
it’s not whoo-hoo a celebration turner broadcasting systems quarterly invites
you to affiliates the first year anniversary CNN 1981 Wow what’s that
this box is getting good American League champions okay let’s see what do we got
here we got a look at each one to see what we got it’s not a good brand no not
a good brand here I got him sit aside don’t shrimp i multitask is another one
those at knee Agner I’m gonna have those hooked up made in Italy will have that
look down yeah we found to Gucci though so that’s not bad Andy oh there’s oh I
have a feeling of something gonna be in the bar but we got to keep going on this
one no it’s a global mic we got a a singing French zodiac is a
pretty high-end brand finally something shiny thanks for to our super chat she
said she said scrap and Palamon for 777 pirates of all ages okay the secret of
success is constant constancy to purpose benjamin disraeli a winning team
acquires a winning leader love that this presentation is giving with affection
the to mr. hippo a winner leader and friend Black Hawk cable communications
alright we’re getting somewhere again we’re getting into TV stuff another one your leadership and dedication
teleprompter corporation write more TV Awards I get happy when you read my
message aha I try to read them all Miguel get your is let us stick what’s
in these little wrapper and things it could be something good she’s worth
finding such a good stuff big kiss of Portugal love letters I love love
letters if the shoe fits wear it I’m looking for the one with the glass
slipper baby good you could be my Cinderella ooh
there we go that’s a Vaseline glass or whether I forget the exact name off the
top of my head you put that in a backlight it glows it’s not a special
one this is probably 15 dollars but that’s still pretty nice compared to
what a lot of things and the glass will go for man can’t see on the beach I think it’s
an endurance event I think mmm I’m not impressed with that Uncle Mike
said my name I’m famous Ola pirate waiting for you in Hawaii I don’t have I
wish I can go to Hawaii made in Occupied Japan by Pico that is good occupy Japan
is always better than regular Japan nothing special now uranium there you go
Danny no not special thank you
he said it’s cute are we good on that one mmm flip out what Stan all right I think
we’re good on this one how you have the Internet to stream no why doesn’t open
uncle Mike didn’t open you are still alive where’s the salt princess she’s
waiting for the washer and dryer people to come deliver our washer and dryer we
bought he didn’t say my name and he said hola instead of Aloha Shari grant
Johnson I apologize this all this right here
this this this not these purses that right there these purses here that box
the doll this is a Givenchy yeah city of tuckson public defender all right we’re
good there what does zodiac watch go what there’s a little watch head here
did you put it back in all right it was right here I think you
just swooped it up it was right there yeah you moved it somewhere it’s very
important here this I found it very good this can go in just costume all right
these are all things we need good some good stuff at that box guys we got this
was an all right decent purse this was Givenchy vintage this Zodiac
watch could have some value it said that’s automatic we’ll see if it works
okay it’s not working what is it this No the love letters yes then we got
made in Italy purse we got the ei purse we got another EA
purse vaseline glass 40 bucks Thank You Benji maybe one of those boxes under the
TV there and the other two cool items are this Ralph Lauren purse and look at
this ladies it and we got a second Gucci purse I like this one cause this one’s
traditional the Gucci that’s a few few bucks right there look at Uncle Michael
hard at work guys we got a whole load going halfway on the trailer right here
my claiming my claim watching tired and the Sun can’t beat yes
love it trying to keep up with these comments is just almost impossible you
are still alive yes I am how was how you have the internet to stream cakzi I’m on
my phone iPhone 11 Pro what up storage pyre hiring and Uncle Mike how are you
doing today love your videos I need you be then I need to be buying
your vaseline glass what’s the best storage you have right now the best
storage I have is the one with the art that I’m about to sell we’ll give those
back to the owner that’s personal stuff when I bought for 3,800 I’m close to
making a deal on closing the deal and moving forward my best unit my second
best is the one I sent I sold recently bought for 7,000 I made a little bit of
money not quite what I anticipated but made money it topped my $26,000 safe
which was my individual single best profit margin on a storage unit what is
that I was hoping it was like a gold watch or you fancy huh hello greetings
where where are my future grandchildren Brenda bodwin wants to a boat win baud
when I hope I pronounced your name right two dollars super chaste she wants to
adopt me Uncle Michael she wants she needs grandchildren so she said she’ll
adopt me and then my kids could be your grandchildren that Gucci purse is the
big what is that what’s the front of I won’t see the autographs
John C Fremont junior high class in 1964 were you in this one you were four years
old in 1964 pirate you are so cute my daughter came home the other day from
the bay 198th one way to the high/low Alaska Hilo Alaska Airlines you could do
it I’ll have to check that out Shari Grande Johnson pirate I thought you had
better named handbags and items on the online auction fines did did four verse
what the hell yeah I did have some great purses on there trust me I had sent a
lot of great purses there i massaged a button in small circles bluegrass yo yo
yo what up Alex fat man he was on the line last night too with the treasure
hustlers are no censored live we got three hundred and forty five
people watching off you guys can kindly hit the share button on this video I
would appreciate it appreciate it appreciate it I stole that from Alex and
Liz what was this once a knick knacks
kitchen dining room so this has a chance to be in something decent what do you
think we got a about 10 minutes left in this live maybe a little bit more I
can’t go on forever I will probably film a video today that boos black sesame an apple a day keeps the doctor away sounds broken you must attack this box
up beams like how you sit high low correct it isn’t high low a heart ball I
love hearts this one’s not looking to extend to me you want to uh well yeah we
got we’ll have Tony go through that one want to do that wardrobe maybe and then
after that the Wardrobe maybe we give him a sneak peek in the one we’re also
working on here across the way did you guys put carnival rides together no oh oh yeah that’s one of our haters whitey
and Vermont he’s always on YouTube Hayden
I won’t block him because I don’t let him bother me I like him to be able to
rant everybody give whitey and Vermont a hug he needs it really bad I don’t Mike
let’s do that wardrobe haters are just misguided lovers they
did not get enough love in their life in their childhood and they just need love
to change their ways you’re blocking the whole box Uncle Mike where’s that Rolex
crown be awesome stay awesome do your thing talk to you later all right scrap
and pallet man I gotta have you on one of my lives oh man I got a couple the
next couple weeks booked out but I’m hoping you’ll come on one of my lives on
a Sunday buddy do you think any of those dresses fit you ooh we got to get down
there I see something I see potential as movers we know exactly what we like to
look in a box all jewels these could be good shoes danke Michaels so let’s think
positive they could be Gucci that’s not good
Nine West not good life stride these are really in my area these are hard to sell
everybody’s outs at the flea market selling shoes like that aerosols nope
nothing crack a lacquer you all right now Uncle Mike
mm they say made in Italy on them I think elector made in Italy sub sub can
it Canada loves you I love Canada mmm no once again boring wowzers all right hey
Jax I’m live right now I’m to call you back I’m live on YouTube did she go to
the bank maybe oh I don’t know I haven’t seen her yet this morning all right nothing exciting all right so Uncle Mike I say we give
them a little sneak peek and go through a couple things over here in this unit
cuz it’s about an hour and we want to wrap this live up we don’t want to be on
forever anybody have any questions anybody want to make any comments on
that on that unit no we have look we can’t on
hat we don’t smoke cigarettes on camera Oh Michael we already know that that’s
the beauty of filming he can’t smoke his cigarettes chain-smoke one after another
hi Mike and Uncle Mike look so warm that it’s very cold in the UK moment great
you know love the Gucci bags don’t try to come to a delay that costly okay
check this out guys I bought this yesterday this is a little sneak peek
I’m not gonna give you too much but my friend does dump runs people call him
and this gentleman passed away he has three storage units they paid him to
take this unit but me being the person I am if I was at an auction and somebody
said this person passed away the first thing I’m gonna do is think I want this
unit even though he was paid to move this unit I basically gave him
$300 for this unit this is a very good bag I think it’s this Pony Express I
know Uncle Mike I looked at this yesterday the bag itself is cold
somebody will buy that foot that in the corner of their living room or something
I bought this unit for $300 off of my friend we’re giving that to the boss
lady she wants that who the boss right here the first thing I saw when I looked
in here with this brand new craftsman belt and drill sander it looks like a
person to me who did like some type of fixing of things he was into possibly
had a great garage he has two more units somewhere that he will probably end up
getting I might buy those too but I saw fishing poles it’s a 10 by 30 you see if
you carbon date the dust to me you carbon date that that’s about seven to
ten years right there in just the dust pipes like a five dollar box of pipes
all right get Mike vape you know somebody wants
you to get a vapor Wankel Mike Rik woman we love some Sun sent over it’s freezing
in the UK really if we like maybe see that tool box or something get up in
here somewhere that’s a nice don’t be scared Uncle Mike
I’m here to hold your hand I tell how it’s that all the time
that’s the Canada toolbox actually right there now that I think about it there’s
ain’t gonna fall that’s it what do you do you easy sell those for about eight
to ten bucks all right that’s a ten dollar bill get Uncle Mike
a beer to replenish his fluids Uncle Michael how long has it been since you
quit drinking fourteen years oh no Michael has not
touched a sip of alcohol and I think he plans on keeping it that way so I will
not get him a beer I don’t want to be the one to to throw him off his game Joseph Benassi looks bomb a lot of small
items that will sell fast for the fast money hope this one pays off too I think
it’s gonna be good Savage I for the goods bro thank you thank you very much
what do we got envelopes three bucks and envelopes nice I like envelopes we’re
gonna get into that tool box and then we’re gonna end this live after that I’m
not sure I’ll make I’ll be filming some of this today I got videos coming tons
of videos got to do I got to go meet Jebus for a collab in a little bit
we bought some crazy unit and we also bought another unit I’ve been sober
since 2012 Rob live always says shout out to you man Congrats Uncle Michael
says – ooh this could be money if it’s all in here because it’s final fantasy
now that’s kind of boring that’s five bucks corporation all right
let’s see in this toolbox and then I think that’s gonna be enough we’re gonna
wrap it up I gotta go use the little girl’s room
because I haven’t been able to use the bathroom is entire live there heavy your
grunting come on snap on ooh leatherworking what is this for carpet
or leather working I don’t see carpet it looks look at the condition of this
stuff oh yeah it’s carpet nice so this is this is probably a 60 70 dollar box
like this don’t you think it’s got the heating element there which is nice yeah
that’s a good find all right that’s the wrap on this video I think oka Michael
stop looking for a minute is that Jack I see Jack in here a Brendan says all hi
Uncle Mike like a workhorse $2.00 super chat she said no as this her super chat
to be able to highlight the fact that she wants to hire you she’s just letting
it be known he said he could do just about anything yeah so four years nine
months clean and sober here one day at a time fat man the flipper says shout out
man to you for that too much love been sober almost a year Steve Smith says we
got a what is all in the same boat over here let’s take a good look at that
since I didn’t highlight that I’m thinking that 60 bucks what do you think
in our flea market which is not the perfect world brand new with that being
said this we’re gonna end this live I got to get to filming so I can have a
video out for tomorrow I hope you guys enjoyed it it’s been a while since I did
alive I couldn’t get everything done in my day yesterday to film and get one up
so I figured what better way than to go live so we could just share in all the
joy together appreciate y’all watching you want to
say anything Uncle Mike even gonna make a second video for everybody yeah
on that real soon maybe you do one tomorrow to flea market yeah well I have
time you have time get a lot of work ahead of us
oh boy I love y’all don’t forget to hit the share button on this video check out
the other ones there’s a full playlist on the $2400 TV executive you can watch
it start to finish as well as we got a lot of great things coming up I love
y’all lessons ah

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