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August 13, 2019

what’s that noise well something’s going
on come on let’s check this out let’s go downstairs what’s going on out here
what’s going on oh this thing is huge it sparked up to something what is this
thing Oh as a giant dumpster oh my goodness okay
good morning Sharers welcome to the vlog um I don’t know what’s going on I guess
we’re getting the new dumpster or something this is crazy
this is how it will got woken up today it’s making so much noise they’re just
dumping a huge new dumpster at our house I don’t know what they’re up to they’re
probably getting ready to rip some more things off the house the house is
already like crazy destroyed for the good whoa but the good news is I think
they’re almost done building on the house and yeah we got a new dumpster so
more stuff to tear it down hey mom guess what mom, otter, Carter? great anyone home hello anyone home huh
where is everybody hello sheriff and where you at where is
everybody sharers my the other one home hello anybody home oh you know what race
has been sleeping the basement cuz all a construction let’s go see she’s down
here grace Gracie you up grace oh my gosh grace wake up race come on oh my
god Sherry’s it’s already ten o’clock
Grace’s got to get up great it’s my god she’s been going to sleep so late you
know what I actually just thought a really cool idea check this out
we got the pond right there in grace right there I think spongebob is even
saying Stephen do you think when I’m thinking Sharers I think we drag Grace’s
bed all the way down to the pond put her on the water and just walk away and see
if she ever notices when she wakes up should be on top of the water and she
like but be very quiet about this can I even dragged in bed with grace on it I
don’t know I think it’ll be pretty easy though because what I gotta do is open
the door somehow I have to drag it here what’s like on tile floor could be
pretty easy then it’s got to drag it over there and then it’s all downhill
all the way into the pond will this work I have no idea but there’s nothing I
want me to find out let’s do this okay grace is sound asleep I don’t know
why she sleeps on that I guess it’s quiet asleep down here yeah actually
yeah you don’t hear anything the construction so oh well
grace picked the wrong day to sleep in specially button for good luck and even
if I do move this train okay so far so good okay okay now I just gotta get grace through
it still good she’s still asleep okay a little update on my progress
check this out we got our outside a house now she’s laying smack-dab in the
middle the front yard if she even when she wakes up now even this would be a
pretty good prank because she’s literally like in the middle of the yard
on a hot summer sunny day but um all we have got to do now is just take it down
the hill which is super easy because it basically slides down the hill and then
we’ll be right on top of the grass and grace is still sound asleep she hasn’t
even moved the muscle I’m actually surprised this is awesome sharers this
prank is going exactly to plan let’s keep going
okay okay sharers I’m gonna try to move this is one hand I was actually so easy
to go down the hill here we go hey Hans pictures yep okay we’re good false alarm false
alarm let’s push ready okay false alarm false alarm can still
keep going let’s do this okay oh my goodness this is actually gonna
lot more muscle than I thought look at the grass you can see the clear track
but we’re grace is laying in the bed coming down it’s just getting drugged
across the grass but we’re almost there check it out grace is still sleeping and
the pond is in Clear View okay we got about another couple pools and then
grace will be on top of the water and there’s something in the water oh my gosh come on you see that thing
right there I don’t know what that is hopefully it’s just a fish but it’s not
for me to find out that’s for grace to find out let’s keep going we only got a
couple more pools to go hang on grace historian move along we’d better
start working quickly okay good god we got this come on sharers
share especially but for good luck we’re so close to getting grace in let’s get
her in before she wakes up car yes okay check this out
we got grace all the way from the house down to the pond now it’s time for the
final stretch we just got to push it all into the water and then we should be
good from there um let’s do this shirt we’re so close at this point even for
grace wakes up but it’d still be a pretty good prank but we got to get her
onto the water and just let her float out there and see what happens
she’s I don’t know what I don’t know what woke up on top of the water okay
here we go let’s do this the sharers to prove that I’m not the worst brother
ever check this out the waters actually old the waters actually not that warm
today for some reason does not feel very warm actually no it’s fine water’s fine
water’s plenty fine enough it’s good enough to swim in and actually the pond
looks really clean today I don’t see like any dirt on the water it looks
super fresh super clean so I think we’re gonna be good yeah grace is gonna be in
for a nice awakening this is gonna be the best alarm clock ever she’s still
asleep only one thing to do let’s just put her
on the water and let’s just see what happens can’t have been little troublesome now I
know how to do the rest I got her like half tilted into the water but I’m
having troubles pulling in it pulling it in because I can’t get in the water for
now afraid she might fall right here into the water okay sometimes we got to
pull this thing in without her okay always floating really well this is
perfect here we go there we go oh my gosh that could not have been easier sure this is perfect
the water’s so calm she’s gonna have zero idea like she’s on the water look
at this the I bet you anyone even if you were awake you wouldn’t even know that
you’re floating on the water oh this is so perfect it’s so calm this is so
awesome oh my goodness this is perfect now we
can just grab some popcorn sit back and relax and wait for grace to wake up oh
my goodness this is so cool I can’t believe this actually worked I might
have taken a lot of muscle to get her down to the pond but once she’s on the
water it’s awesome she’s just floating this is so cool oh my goodness okay give
her a little push back out just gonna stay away from the wall so
when she wakes up it’s like flat dab in the middle of the pond oh yeah okay
she’s kind of taking a long time to wake up and all much movement I see movement
let’s give her a little more movement let’s do some water splashes did that
like wakes her up oh here we go anything nothing well she’s a good
sleeper cheers come right now if you’re a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper I’m
gonna guess that grace is a heavy sleeper
we’ve got movement we’ve got movements movement
oh she’s about to wake up this is getting good this is getting good
she’s about to wake up oh yes okay she’s about to wake up I think oh yeah
the sun’s probably cooking it’s probably really hot she’s probably so ready oh
wow that foots about to fall in we’re getting close share as we are getting
close okay she’s about to wake up but like I’ll say
in sharers comment you’re a heavy sleeper or a light sleeper grace is definitely
heavy sleeper because she didn’t know this she might have
woken up for that like split second but she didn’t even know she’s on top of the
water that was so close oh my goodness I literally thought she’s gonna wake
right there okay wake up grace we got my god huh
push your back away from the wall oh my gosh how is she this is sleep this is
crazy okay she’s pushing back out away from
the wall wake up grace let’s just do an alarm clock to get a move in grace I got you I got you I got you good
morning don’t oversleep next time sharers grace you were sleeping and we need to
get you up and you weren’t waking up so I pulled you all the way down to the
pond that’s like you’re on the water I need took you like an hour it literally
took grace like an hour to notice I’m so tired
Oh grace now you’re up you’re ready to go let’s get the day started
oh yeah sure if you have any awesome ideas and what we can do next on how I
should prank grace next comment down below know don’t prank me comment down
below how is your prank see what I mean getting you back oh yeah prank battles
let them begin oh yeah sure we’ll see you tomorrow so until then you know what
to do stay awesome and share the love peace!

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