GPUs Vs ASICs Vs FPGA – Cost & ROI – 09/11/2018

June 1, 2019

thanks for tuning in this is the left a minor and in this video I'm gonna go over the cost and ROI over a GPU versus a six versus FPGA mining let's check this out okay so before I begin I do want to mention that this video is just a comparison and this is assuming that the price and difficulty stays all the same but let's go ahead and check that out all right so I do have to mention that today is September 11th 2018 and it's about 10:00 a.m. u.s. Eastern Time and these this is the price as of this time in this date the average cost here where I live in the USA is about 10 cents per kilowatt hours okay so first I do want to mention this is assuming that you're purchasing your hardware for the cheapest price possible at the market as it today so I did look at like Craigslist eBay but for the Asics I would actually went to their what main website because we too want to buy these devices new now the FPGAs these are sold out but I got this price from when they were being sold but I did break all this down in a PowerPoint so it's a lot easier to read so let's go ahead and check out the PowerPoint okay so if you didn't want to go ahead and start with GPUs let's start with a 1070 break now these are typically the most popular and if you have six of em I did find them on Craigslist for about 250 each so that did come out to be about two thousand seven hundred dollars and plus all the miscellaneous hardware for example power supply motherboard risers I didn't maybe equal five hundred dollars so it's gonna cost about two thousand dollars to make a 1076 GPU rig okay so just be aware these are all just estimates and this is the cheapest I could find now you may be able to find hardware for a lot cheaper let's go ahead and just use these numbers happy said this is what my typical stats are for it F hash on my 1070 rig so if I go ahead and pull the of what to mine now basically I took all the numbers from what to my and I basically took the best possible payouts so let's go back to my powerpoint for the 1076 GPU let's say it cost about two thousand dollars to build and you're basically roi in about eight point three years if everything stays kind the price and the difficulty now for ten ATT is a six GP Rick it'll cost maybe about three thousand seven hundred dollars and kind of ROI about six years when it go to NP rigs now these are a little more popular because they're cheaper compared to the ten seventies but it'll cost maybe about $1400 four eight six five eighty Rick now your ROI may be about three point one seven years and for bigger rigs if you have vegas exceed forms they full six core rig maybe will cost two thousand six hundred dollars so your ROI may be around one point nine seven years so the ROI is for indie cards are a little bit better just because they are cheaper initial cost alright so now for the a6 basically i just went to this website basic minor value calm and I just used today's prices and like I mentioned I used ten cents on the bottom for my electricity cost that's the average around this area so I do want to mention when it came to the ROI on these Asics basically if you just went ahead and clicked on each minor it will give you the income the profit right here and if you scroll down it will give you the cost and the ROI and the months so basically I just transferred all this to myself and I basically clicked on each one that I used and I use the best ones for each other so if I pulled back up my powerpoint let's just go over the best ones so for equi has my name is e cash pretty much the asic and minor easy on 180k how this costs about nineteen thousand nine hundred dollars but you are away about six point seven months now the you know silicon eighty nine is the master if this cost about $4,000 and you are alright are about five point five months but just be aware this is assuming if you have the devices today and like I mentioned if the difficulty in place stay current if you want to go to F hash Magne theorem now it's silicon it came out with their new minor the tenth master and that cost about five thousand six hundred eighty nine dollars so your ROI may be around thirty four point seven months and 4-bit name the III that cost about one thousand four hundred sixty nine dollars and you are why around forty three point eight months all right now for sha-256 basically mining BTC now go ahead and pause the videos if you want to go ahead and look at these a little bit more details but I'm just gonna go ahead and go over the main ones so the asic minor eight nano pro this will cost about eleven thousand six hundred dollars and your ROI may be around thirty three point six months and of course the ASIC a national compact basically half size of this one cost about $4,500 and that will ROI may be in about twenty four point seven months and if you do have still the bit main and minor s9 that cost about $500 today so you'll baby ROI in thirty nine point one months now for Blake 256 basically the correct there is this one the Pangolin what's minor DCR and most people will have the a of silicon benign and this when it came out you're pretty much are owing pretty quickly but difficulty skyrocketed and it's pretty much gonna happen with the aqua hash mining now for batch money x11 how basically you'll the a no silicon came out with a five – match there which you are maybe ROI and eighteen point eight months but if you still have the bit main and minded III you're losing money so you're basically never gonna roi now for Sai Sai mining it's pretty much not worth it because it looks like you're not gonna roi and if we're quick tonight now these are still the Kryptonite that dinner fork over oh this is like sumo krb ETM now and no silicon came out with a a crypto master and that when your ROI maybe 36.2 months and then if you have still have the bit mein extra you should have our wide maybe in 30 point six months and then last but not least prescript mining so LTC tell silicon came out with the a six LTC master now this one cost about $3,000 the head it looks like ROI is not possible for the script mining unless of course LTC goes up in value and it's funny because I know Silicon came out with the a for it's basically the a6 as you can see right here but they just put two on let's kind of stupid but pretty much is just two of these and they call it a six and then of course if you still have the bit main a mine L 3 plus I you're pretty much losing money every day if you pay for electricity and then of course FPGA mining as of today if you do have an FPGA you will more than likely to have the D links VCU one five two five and this cost basically around four thousand dollars and like I mentioned you get all the other parts maybe five hundred dollars you know ROI basically in about 2.30 three years I'm now new FPGAs are coming out but they've been pension it should come out in quarter four and if you did check out the school website as you can see right here this is basically what's the new FPGA is now they did give you the status right here but I'm not going to go ahead and put in this chart because like I mentioned this has some hot came out and we have no idea if this even works all right so thanks for checking out my comparison video now do you want to mention I'm gonna go ahead and update this video anytime a new minor comes out or if something changes to rascally that being said if you do get into mining for fun or if you're trying to support the meth Network just be aware you may never break even but of course if you're already mining if you already have the equipment and if your electricity is she and if you're still making a profit it doesn't you know still hurt to continue mining that being said thanks for watching and always happy

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  • Reply MarvelExtra June 1, 2019 at 12:58 pm

    I am not from the USA but looking at AMazon USA you cant find a GTX 1070 for less than 400$.

  • Reply Connie Heugh June 1, 2019 at 12:58 pm

    Good Video. Very informative and well thought out. I would like to know the where you getting your prices for the GPU. I think im getting ripped off Big time. ie. RX580 is going for $275

  • Reply ashok k June 1, 2019 at 12:58 pm

    Thanks for the video, where will I get vega 64 and gtx 1070 or 1080ti for
    the price you mentioned ?

  • Reply bogdan black June 1, 2019 at 12:58 pm

    can you please share the power point document ?

  • Reply Just Games For Me June 1, 2019 at 12:58 pm

    Learnt a lot

  • Reply Crypto & Coffee June 1, 2019 at 12:58 pm

    It's not getting easier for a hobbyminer like me. Great video.

  • Reply notyournormalminer June 1, 2019 at 12:58 pm

    what a great breakdown! I cant wait till I can get an FPGA!!

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