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Gore testing for Portable Electronics

September 15, 2019

Gore as a whole is an organization that really tries to
develop technologically differentiated products. That meet a need that others find unobtainable We like challenges. We have this mantra that has to
be right the first time in every time. So we’re going to test a product
not just to what the specification might stay. But we all test it to what we think the consumer might experience. We also try to support the customers,
if they have technical issues. If they have quality issues, we’re always there.
We try to support them do their best. Not only in the design phase but also in other phases in the
development of a device. We go through somewhat of an
iterative process trying to identify where the Vent needs
to be to provide the necessary water protection. Coupled with that, try and identify what
we need to do to the design to provide the best
acoustic performance. We will base our experience on results or our experience to provide a feedback to the costumers, because we want costumers to achieve their best, too. We wanna keep pushing the envelope and
what we’re doing and we’ll test our products we’ll test our customers’ products and we
will take something and modify it to see what can we do to
make it better. We’re more interested in the costumer’s success, than we are in the sale. We’re hoping that
the client will keep thinking of us not just for their acoustic or pressure venting needs
but thinking about us as a technical partner. We have a lab in China, we have a lab
Japan, we have a lab in Germany. We have a very extensive laboratory in the US and we’re collaborating to determine are we aligned with what we’re trying to
solve here for the customer. What can we do as Gore to help the
customer succeed in the marketplace because it’s a competitive world out
there. And help them both in terms of meeting
their specifications but trying to do so at a price that’s
competitive, at a speed that matches their need to
keeping them on a schedule and if it at all possible – give them
something a little bit more.

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