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FOUND Mystery Pond Monster Creature Hide & Seek Spot with Waterproof Spy Machines!!

August 10, 2019

– [Stephen] Ooh, the
pond monster’s moving, look, look, look. He’s hiding under the boat.
– Oh, yeah. – Oh, he’s tired, do you see that?
– He’s starting to wake up. – Hey, Sharers, what’s going on? You saw in my last vlog, there
was a giant pond monster, and it’s still in the pond. Check it out. Right by that paddle boat over there, you can see the head just creeping out. Do you see it, Grace? – [Grace] Oh, yeah, Stephen, I see it. – And in Grace’s last vlog, if you just came from Grace’s last vlog, you saw that we were trying to capture it, but it keeps going from
shady spot of the pond to shady spot of the
other side of the pond, so we need to figure out a
way to get this pond monster out of the pond because Grace
and I have to hop on a plane, and we have to go to LA because we’re going to a super
awesome Hot Wheels event, so we have a limited amount of time to get this pond monster out. We’ve gotta get him out of the pond, so we can start doing fun
activities in the water. So, Grace, we gotta
really step it up a notch. We gotta stir this creature
up, get it out of the pond, and I’m thinking the best way to do it is with those things up there. – Yeah, with those power things. – You thinking what I’m thinking? – Oh, yeah. – We gotta get those things in the water. How are we gonna get
those things in the water, I have no idea, but, Grace,
if we can get it in the water, we will stir up this entire pond, get that pond monster to swim back out, and be gone for good. – Yeah. – We can capture with the
net, get it out of here, so let’s head up to the top of the hill, and let’s see if we can get
these things in the water. Sharers, smash the like button because these waterproof
spy mobiles are, (groans) they’re gonna be crazy if
we can get ’em in the water. They’re so heavy, they
weigh over 700 pounds each, but I think maybe if we lift
’em and throw ’em in the water, we’ll be able to get it in.
– I don’t know. I can’t lift 700 pounds. – They’re sitting up
there, they’re ready to go. Come on, let’s go, Grace, we gotta go. The sooner we get this– (ominous music) He’s moving, he’s moving. Check it out, check it out, check it out. He’s moving, do you see that? Do you see that, Grace? Grace, do you see that? – [Grace] Yeah. – All right, he’s moving,
but he’s staying in the pond. He’s not leaving the pond. All right, we’ll go up quick, get the machines, and come back down. Come on, let’s go. Quick, quick, quick,
quick, quick, come on. – [Stephen And Grace] Oh, yeah! – Vroom-vroom!
– This is what I’m talking about, Sharers, the waterproof spy
machines, AKA the jet skis. If we can get these into the pond, we’ll be able to stir up the water so much that the pond monster’s gonna swim out. – Yeah, and look, they’re
called the Turbo 4 Stroke. – Yeah, but the question is, Sharers, will these things even fit into the pond? – Yeah, aren’t they
for an ocean or a lake? – Yeah, the last time we used ’em, we used ’em in the river and the ocean. We went exploring on a top-secret island, but if we can get these
things off and into the pond, we’ll be good, so I think let’s
hook ’em up to the trailer, let’s bring ’em down to the water, and let’s get ’em in. – Okay, yeah, that sounds good. – Oh, and, Sharers, looks like my friend Matt is here to help. Come on in, Matt. Oh, yeah. (car engine roars)
(Stephen cheers) All right, Matt, we got
quite the project for you. We need help getting the
jet skis into the pond. – All right, it sounds like a good idea. – All right, come on, let’s go. We need all the help we can get, come on. It’s gonna be crazy. Let’s start this truck up, Grace. Help me back this thing up, and then we can connect the
trailer and all that good stuff. Whew. Let’s do this. (car engine roars) Help me line it up, Grace, okay? – Okay, go straight as far as you can. Whoa. Okay. I guess just back it up. – Coming back, Grace, you ready? – Okay. (beeping) Whoa. Okay. – That good? – Yeah, I think so. – I’ll let this thing down. Aha, perfect fit. We’re gonna get this trailer hooked up, and then we’re gonna
bring it down to the pond. Oh yeah, we’re good to go, Grace. – You think this will work? – Oh, this better work. It’s the only thing that I can think of to get the pond monster out
before we have to leave for LA. – Okay. – Let’s do it. Maybe walk down next to the truck, so you can help me. I’ve never been off-roading
with jet skis before, but that’s what we gotta do.
– Yeah, I’ll make sure they don’t fall off. – All right, let’s do this, Sharers. All right. Let’s go, Grace, come on. Okay, coming down, Grace. Off-roading with the jet skis. – [Grace] Oh boy. – Here we go. – Okay, careful, Stephen. – Woo! Here we go. – Okay. So far the jet skis are still on. – Yeah, I’m gonna go this way. – [Grace] Okay. – Here we go. Slow and steady wins the race. – Yeah. Oh boy, Sharers, now we’re
approaching the big hill that’s super steep. I don’t know if the jet
skis will make it down. Stephen, I’m kinda scared
that they won’t make it! – [Stephen] Which way should we go? – I think just go straight. – [Stephen] What side of the
pond should we put ’em in? – I think we have to put
them in on the right side ’cause that’s where the most space is. But how are we supposed to lift them? I don’t know if this will work. Okay, slow and steady, Stephen! – [Stephen] Going slow. – Okay. I don’t want the truck to tip. Okay, you have to back them in. Okay, come on, Stephen. Back it up. (beeping) You have a long ways to go. – [Stephen] Coming, Grace. – Okay. Keep it coming. – [Stephen] How’s it looking? – Keep coming. Keep coming. Okay, you’re starting to
get close to the water. Keep coming back. Oh boy. The jet skis are above
the water right now. Whew! Okay, you’re getting close. – [Man] Little bit of left. – [Grace] Okay, I think
that might be good. – Whew! We’re so close. Let’s loosen this. This is the only thing holding
the jet ski in right now. – Yeah, that rope right there. – Yeah, so we’ll go like this, pop it out. Whew, now it’s free standing, okay. – [Grace] Okay, I guess
I’ll stay back here. – Oh, I think it’s sliding a little. Disconnecting the only thing
holding the jet ski on. Once this is off, we’ll
be good to push it in. All right, Sharers, here we go. We’re gonna push this
jet ski into the pond. Never been done before. You ready, Grace? – [Grace] I don’t think
so, but let’s just do it. – Okay. – Okay, once we go, there’s no stopping. – Here we go! Three. – [Stephen And Grace] Two, one, go. – [Grace] Go, go, it’s going! Whoa, whoa! (Stephen screams) – We got the jet ski in
the pond, oh my gosh. – Whoa!
– It’s in! – Look at that! – All right, we got that giant
jet ski into the pond, Grace. It worked! Yes!
(Grace cheers) All right, let’s get the other one. This is crazy, I can’t
believe this is gonna work. Hopefully, they start and start
working once we get ’em in. – Yeah, it did fill up
with a lot of water. – Oh, wait, ooh, the
pond monster’s moving. Look, look, look.
(Grace gasps) He’s hiding under the paddleboat.
– Oh, yeah. – [Stephen] Oh, he’s hiding. – He’s starting to wake up.
– Do you see him? All right, this is good,
he’s gonna get nervous, he’s gonna start moving. All right, let’s get this other one in. Let’s do it, come on, Sharers. This is awesome! All right, here we go, jet ski number two. Let’s do this, you ready? – [Grace] Yeah! – This one feels a little
heavier, but we’re gonna try it. All right, here we go. Three, two, one, go. – [Grace] Go, go, go, go, go, go. Whoa, whoa, whoa. (Stephen and Grace cheer) – [Stephen And Grace] Oh yeah! – We got the jet skis in,
this is gonna be awesome! (Stephen and Grace cheer) All right, we got ’em
in the water, Sharers. Major, major shout-out to
Matt for helping us out. Oh yes, smash the like button for Matt. – Oh yeah! – Let’s get these pond things off, so we can get on these jet skis. – Yeah, Stephen, we gotta
capture that monster. – Yeah, now’s the time. He’s about to get outta here. Let’s go, come on, I
hope these things start. Matt, you think they’re gonna start? – [Matt] Oh, I hope so. – Oh dear, let’s go, Grace. Whew, okay. – Whoa, look, it’s filled with water. – It’s filled with water, but I think once we start
driving ’em, they’ll get out. – Wait, I don’t even know
how to drive a jet ski. – What? Are you serious? Grace, well, hop on. Hop on the back. – Whoa, I feel like it’s about to tip. – Gotta put our safety lanyard on first before we can get this thing started, but see computer. Computer’s turning on. – And the good thing is,
this looks like a monster compared to the monster
that’s in the pond. – That’s true, this thing’s huge. All right, you ready, Grace? – Okay. – Hang on, let’s see if this thing works. Here we go, three, two, one. (engine roars) – Whoa, whoa, whoa! – It’s on. – Okay, we’re moving. – We’re moving and cruising. – Oh, watch out for the wall. – All right, hang on, let’s go this way. – Woo! – I think it’s working, I don’t know. – Yeah, it is. – [Stephen] Hang on, hang on. (Stephen and Grace scream)
(engine roars) It’s working, Sharers, it’s working! – Whoa, look at all the waves! – Look at all the waves, oh yeah! This is what I’m talking about! No more pond monster, let’s get him outta here!
(Grace cheers) Okay, so, Sharers, we’re on a hunt, looking for the pond monster. We’re on the jet ski, AKA
the waterproof spy machine. Oh, hang on, Grace, we got something. Look at this.
– What? What do you see? – [Stephen] It’s inking itself. Look at that.
– Whoa. – The water’s blue there.
– Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. – [Stephen] It’s blue. – We’ve seen that before!
– There it is, there it is, there it is, Sharers. – Wait, that means the monster just inked itself right there. – That’s the sign the
monster inked itself. We’re scaring the monster. All right, keep going.
– Oh yeah. – [Stephen] It’s right
in this spot right here. – [Grace] We’re really scaring it. – [Stephen] All right, so
look, it was inking itself. Look at this, look at this. Where’s that? You can’t see ’cause it’s shadowy, but I’m pretty sure it was inking itself. – Yeah, it was right there. Okay, I think we got this
figured out, Stephen. – Keep an eye out, Sharers,
keep your eyes peeled. The monster could be anywhere
in the pond right now. Aha, let’s go to the other
shady spot right over here. Look, there’s ink. – You see ink?
– There’s ink. It was inking, yeah,
check it out, right here. – [Grace] There’s another
spotted of the monster. – Aha! All right, this monster
is definitely coming out. We scared it with all those waves. Look at this, it inked right there. – [Grace] Right there, I see it, Stephen! Whoa, and it’s very concentrated up there. Is it right there? – No, it’s probably close. Keep your eyes peeled. Let’s check this shady spot over here. – [Grace] Yeah. – Come this way. Let’s see, Grace. Keep your eyes peeled over here. – [Grace] Okay. Anything? – I don’t see anything. I’m guessing it’s in this section, though. – [Grace] Yeah. – We’re gonna go real slow. Wait, there’s something right here. What is this?
– What do you see? That? What is that?
– What is that? – [Grace] Looks like a note. – What is this? – [Grace] Get it, get it, get it. What is it? (record scratching)
– Ew, it’s a doggy poop bag, Grace. – [Stephen And Grace] Ew! – [Grace] Ew, ew, ew, ew! – Yuck, get that outta there. That’s disgusting!
– Oh gosh! – Someone was polluting in the pond. (thumping)
(Stephen and Grace exclaim) – We just hit, we just hit.
– Sorry, I hit the wall, I hit the wall, I hit the wall. Careful, Grace. – [Grace] Whoa, oh, the fountain. – All right, keep your eyes peeled, Grace. Stay focused on the monster,
not on the fountain. – [Grace] Okay. – I think maybe we should
get a little more speed and stir it up a little bit. – Okay.
– What do you think? You ready? – [Grace] Yeah, just careful
with the other jet ski. – All right, here we go, hang on. We’re gonna gain a little speed. All right. We’re gonna floor it
from the side of the pond to the other side, okay? – [Grace] Okay. – Keep your eyes peeled
for the monster, Sharers. You ready, Grace? – Kind of. – Here we go. Three, two, one, go. (engine roars) (Stephen and Grace scream) All right, oh, look at
all the waves we made. – [Grace] Whoa, look at all that! Look how the fountain
is moving like crazy! – If that doesn’t get the monster out, I don’t know what will. I see, look at all the ink! – [Grace] There’s more ink, Stephen, there’s more ink over there! – [Stephen] The ink’s
everywhere, look at this. – [Grace] Go over there. – We’re so close to getting
the monster outta here, Grace. Look at all the ink. – [Grace] Yeah, I see it. – [Stephen] And there’s
even more over there. – [Grace] There’s more over there! There’s ink everywhere! This monster’s going crazy. – We really inked it, we really inked it. – We’re scaring it like crazy.
– Now, we just gotta figure out how to get it out of the pond. What are we doing, Grace? Where is it? We gotta figure out where it went. It must’ve gone under. It must be hiding underneath or something. – [Grace] I definitely see ink over there. Sharers, do you see that? – I see it, Grace. It’s loud and clear, I see
it, I see it, I see it. The question is, though,
where is the monster? Where is it? Keep your eyes peeled, I
don’t know where it is. – [Grace] It must be in there, Stephen. It has to be in there. – Okay, Grace, keep your eyes peeled. It’s gotta be here. I feel like it’s ready to come out. There’s no way it can stay in the water. The water’s way too choppy and
rough now with this jet ski. – Yeah, and it needs to breathe. – All right, keep your eyes peeled. Keep them peeled, Sharers,
we’ve gotta find this monster. Look for it anywhere, anywhere. What is, uh-oh. (horn beeping) – Whoa. – Wait, Grace, who is that, who is that? – Stephen, your taxi’s here. – (gasps) Oh, the taxi for LA! – Oh no, we have to go! – Oh no! We gotta hurry! – All right, hold on. We’ll be right out, we’ll be right out. – We’ll be right there. – Okay, Sharers, looks
like we have to go to LA for a super epic Hot Wheels event. Grace, let’s go get Mom real quick, so she can surveillance
the pond while we’re gone. – Yeah, and she can take videos. (horn beeping) They’re honking again! – All right, I’m coming, we’re coming! Quick, Grace, hop off,
we’re gonna miss our taxi. – Oh no, we might miss
our flight, Stephen, we gotta hurry! – All right, thanks, Matt! – No prob!
– Thanks, Matt! – Thank you, Matt,
thanks for all the help, so, Sharers, we’re gonna head to LA for a super epic Hot Wheels event. We’ll have my mom, baby Otter, and Cooper keep an eye on the pond, so if you haven’t already,
hit that subscribe button to stay up to date on the latest. We’ll be back soon, so, Sharers, we’ll see you in LA.
– Whoa, this is getting crazy. – Until then. – [Stephen And Grace] You know what to do. Stay awesome, and share the love. Peace. (Stephen and Grace cheer)

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