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For Fashion Designers Seeking TV Brand Promotion

September 12, 2019

Hey everyone. This is Sophia Lenore from Prestige Artists. I’m always looking for wardrobe sponsors for
RBB’s the Abendshow. So, if you are a fashion designer or brand
rep I have a great marketing opportunity for you. So stay tuned. The Abendshow is a 45 Minutes live-show that
premiers every Thursday evening on RBB TV and reaches a regional audience of 125,000
or more Berliners. The show features 2 hosts and covers fashion,
beauty, politics, pop culture and other topics. In exchange for wardrobe sponsoring your brand(s)
will receive active promotion via social media channels and full formal credits on the show. In addition we also provide you with high
quality professional photos of our hosts wearing your clothing that you can use for your social
media channels and website. So, interested? Great! Simply shoot me an email at [email protected]
with subject headline “Wardrobe Sponsoring RBB Abendshow” and we’ll get right back to

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