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For All Mankind Ep7 Review (Spoilers) Apple TV+ Joel Kinnaman Apple TV Plus Show

December 3, 2019

hey what’s going on Coin-Op TV
subscribers Robert Welkner here in this video I want to talk about For All
Mankind episode 7 it’s called hi Bob on Apple TV Plus this video will contain
spoilers I’ve been reviewing a bunch of these Apple TV Plus shows on my youtube
channel so hopefully you guys check some of those out and please subscribe at the
Bell like comment favorite all that jazz so let’s get started so the episodes
called hi Bob it’s a reference to the astronauts watching the reruns of the
videotape of the six episodes of the Bob Newhart show that they have brought
along with them apparently bootlegging them out on their beta SP tape which is
I’m dating myself by knowing what that is but that was kind of the competitor
to the VHS back in the day so ed Gorn out Danielle there on Jamestown base
station on the moon this episode was more fun than last week why because hey
we’re on the Moana we were on the moon doing moon things we were struggling
with the moon we were exploring the moon we were scientifically moan we were
doing moon things and heck that’s what I’m for I’m here for for all mankind is
to see what people up to on the moon I mean I care about people back on earth
but once you got some astronauts on the moon I want to see those astronauts
doing some astronaut thingies on the mode and not so much the regular
earthers doing their regular you know stuff on earth so that’s just my
preference you guys you know let me let me know what you think so ed Gordo Danny
they’re kicking it in the station then doing some research they’re watching
some TV Danielle’s checking out some Manson
study in them she actually video skypes with her hubby clay back on earth and he
is struggling to find work and dealing with being alone so you do kind of get a
little bit of earth struggle with the distance there and the disconnect with
the family and how they’re kind of struggling seems like everybody
struggling doesn’t seem I mean I guess Tracey Stephens gorgeous wife seems to
be the only one that’s a little level-headed with things although her
son their son is reckless and getting in trouble with its son so that’s kind of
side plot happening that a little bit of a teaser payoff sort of
at the end there we get a little more of the FBI investigation going on with
Ellen and Larry they’re trying to pinpoint find out what’s going on why
are they going to gay bars is Larry a homosexual is Ellen homosexual a lesbian
they’re trying to investigate that because they don’t want a smear campaign
going out on the news again this is back in the 70s 80s when you know the people
weren’t really you know the news media you know if people came out was kind of
frowned upon or something so that’s what there’s some dressing in the show I mean
serious topics and you know see how they kind of carry out with this but there’s
a lot of pressure on Larry and Ellen they’re kind of building up this fake
relationship that they’ve been having and you know the FBI agent or not the
FBI agent one of the guys in that says like hey well you know if you guys get
married and that sort of proved to the world but you guys are homosexuals so
that’s what they wind up doing at the end that’s a little montage they get
married so good for Larry he got some he got to Mary Ellen’s it was a pretty gal
unfortunately she doesn’t she doesn’t love him she doesn’t love dude sorry a
little bit of side stuff with Tracy Ned’s wife and their sons are getting
into trouble at school and back on the moon Gordo is not enjoying life on the
moon he’s he’s starting to get a little stir-crazy he’s starting to get a little
a little nutty you know it’s kind of getting to him they they normally they
would have been sort of done by now because the last Apollo had the accident
they can’t send up the replacement to swap out the astronauts that are there
for longer than they anticipated and now the the mind is starting to weaken the
senses of Starnet kind of get him a little nutty and Gordy Gordo is the one
that’s really he’s starting to freak out a bit you know the brain the brain is
deteriorating a little bit with with his mind so while we get to sort of see that
I feel like we kinda almost could have saw that even deeper even more tense
intense I mean as I should have been like black from lack of sleep and
sweating and and just like really freaking out but Gordo still look
kind of like a model and handsome and joking around or something like that I
mean it was kind of interesting to see when he’s chased around the ants and
then he funny at the ants and his helmet or maybe he did he was kind of freaking
out like that felt like more I mean I’ve never really been on those shoes but
that felt a little more like somebody going a little paranoid insane or
something so that’s kind of what they’re again that but it’s still it’s a little
it’s like we’re on mankind and it’s kind of like light TV it’s it’s like it’s
very light doesn’t really get too deep too intense it’s kind of a complaint I
have with the show I wish it was more intense anyone I watched for mankind
I sort of compared to like a man and the high castle on Amazon where it’s kind of
this would have show the man in the high castle is sort of what if if the Nazis
won the war and they were cinnamon power and for mankind is what if the Soviets
the Russians landed on the moon first and how would we react as Americans to
that situation and and I feel like things are just going the way they
normally would anyway on the show and and it should be different I mean the
Americans should be hell a more paranoid maybe combatant you know maybe they
should be walking over and spying on the Soviet space station themselves or maybe
the opposite maybe they’re empathetic and they want to reach out and talk to
them maybe they are a little jealous of the Soviets and they want to communicate
with eversince something but now they’re just kind of hanging out in their pod
and they’re just doing regular old scientific stuff and watching reruns of
Bob Newhart and researching ants and it just makes me wonder like why didn’t you
guys just make some sort of like show about space and NASA that doesn’t have
the what if Soviets went to the moon first because it feels like that has
zero to do with the plot and all the characters the momentum the the
exposition or whatever it just doesn’t feel like that means anything anymore
that was like a gimmick and a hook that you tried to use for the first few
episodes Apple to be plus if you listening why didn’t you keep that as a
thorough thread a theme throughout the whole show you know it just seems like
everything back on earth and its base is regular
peas and potatoes or whatever the phrase may be so that’s that’s my little rant
there so anyway uh there is a breaking point where the Bob who had tape breaks
and Gordo really freaks out and he’s like wakes people up in the melon ideas
like let’s act out the scenes that’s when you know that screws are getting a
little loose up there you know it’s it’s kind of just
I wrote my note it’s kind of so boring like they should have gone rogue they
should have just like walked on down to the Soviets Space Station on the moon
knocked on the door and said hey I got this bottle of brandy you want to drink
it we can’t speak the same language but booze you know let’s let’s party let’s
make it happen that I would have been into but just
watching reruns above Newhart on a space station and skyping back row through
family man whoo-hoo-hoo who’s the provenance I mean I know I’m hating on
the show every episode but I want to love it
this is this is disappointing me so anyway there’s the breaking point where
Danny and Ed realized hey you know if we gotta send Gordo home Danny concoct the
scheme to break her arm in the night so that they have to actually do a Medical
evac emergency bag I’ve never broken my arm or leg before but I can’t imagine
that that’s an easy thing to do and it felt very unrealistic like I feel like
if she smashed her head into a wall or sure fell and her chin or nose or
something like that that seems more believable but just just what do you how
do you just break your arm like you just put in like a little thing and snap it
or something like there’s no way there’s no way you have the strength the
endurance the ability the willpower to do that so again another silly thing
they should just had her smash your head into a ledge and had it sort of bleeding
and swelling and that would have been enough to to do a little bit of a
Medical evac there so anyway back on earth we get to kind of I guess this is
kind of the meat of the episode is the the prejudice between the government the
FBI and NASA against Larry and Ellen and their sexual
preferences and all that stuff and and again I’m saying this earlier I wanted
them to dive into this more and they are diving into more but still it just feels
like we’re just having some conversations in a room and we’re not
really seeing kind of the you know how the pressure is building all around them
I did like that the gal the girlfriend and the bar she told Elaine she was like
hey well if you marry Larry that’s got hit for us right and stuff so you can
kind of see a little bit more of how that’s developing or working itself out
and then they wind up getting married so you know they give in to the pressure
you know life life’s pressure weighs too heavily on them what else on the right
down here so yeah we got the little montage at the end Larry to Ellen get
married and stuff in the shane apparently isn’t more trouble and has
some sort of accident at the end that’s the cliffhanger we don’t know what he
did he seems to be very reckless he doesn’t it was father figure Ed’s on the
moon so you know and Gordo’s on the moon so the wives can’t take care of the kids
it’s kind of a weak thing I mean hey let’s get some strong ladies in there to
you know handle the biz I mean that’s that’s kind of like what I would be more
into it just seems like very just seems like everything on the show is very like
light tbh and it’s just kind of following the little bullet points of
every other show that’s happened for like the last 50 years like it doesn’t
really feel like it’s pushing any new new boundary is new new direction or
something like that I mean I can see if maybe one of the wives was like hey I
don’t care but they’re they’re both sort of like alright kids in trouble whatever
you’re punished you know like I mean maybe one of them you know Tracey
Stephens maybe maybe you kind of figured this out you know you got you’re a smart
gal what’s what’s going on get get those get those boys in shape so anyway that’s
what I thought about for all my time we’ve got a few more episodes to go
let’s see what happens hopefully hopefully you guys tune in and let me
know what your thoughts are your comments reactions it’s great
I love reading comments when you say Rob you’re totally wrong I’m loving the show
it’s great the effects of great characters
creating all that I’m giving you my opinion my two cents watching the shows
and trying to dry them and love them talk about I’m communicate and get a
little dialogue going so if there are things that I’m missing let me know in
the comments below I’m all for that I’ll read them and respond and check them out
so thanks so much for watching for coin-op TV we’ll see you guys in the
next video you

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