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Final year projects – Department of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering

October 12, 2019

So my final year project was to build a sensor sub-system for an ROV. An ROV is a remotely operated vehicle so it’s essentially a mini submarine I built a module that has all the different sensors on it temperature sensor, pressure sensors, PH sensor together with a Raspberry Pi and my laptop I can then use that to go to the sea or anywhere there’s a body of water to collect data, at different depths So my final year project is investigating platooning trains. A platoon is a group of vehicles usually currently road vehicles that follow each other very closely because they are communicate with each other currently it is being implemented with lorries on roads so they can get more trucks going along certain lanes but I thought that could really really help the railway industry with their capacity problems. I was working with a team of four people and our aim was each of us to build an item or module that would be attached to a remotely operated vehicle my aspects of that project was to do with user interface so essentially the controller and the monitor that would display the data. I chose this particular project after chatting with my project supervisor about my interests where I wanted to go. My project supervisor was very supportive he knew what I had an interest in railways and I liked building stuff as well another key motivator so we thought this could be a really good package of work it’d be really interesting and it’s something that is really quite futuristic so certainly the industry through all the industry mags that I’ve read they’re starting to talk about this kind of thing so it was something that is really new and that kind of exciting really changed certainly the railway industry if it was to be implemented A lot of my programming was based off a language that we actually learnt in first year and also a lot of electronical areas was again stuff we’d learnt in first year so we’d learnt about the communication whereby the data could be transferred from one place to another almost instantly and you’d have to be able to learn how to deal with that. My graphical user interface was also based off an art module that I’d done being able to kind of think about what the user wants to see how is the data going to be displayed such that the user can actually understand it like almost immediately Apart from the obvious technical skills that I picked up throughout the duration of course I found that working through WorkLink on campus has really helped me to learn to organise my time I efficiently so I find that that’s helped me to organise myself for the project just knowing how to implement all those different things

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