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Electronics Technician (ET)

September 12, 2019

My name is Petty Officer Joe Mansour and I’m an electronics technician in the U.S. Coast Guard. All of the Coast Guard’s most
sophisticated weapons and radar systems are part of my domain. My duties also include maintaining
complex communications, command, and control systems. And all of the most
detailed electronic systems on board are cutters, including weapons and defense
systems. In addition to maintaining my equipment I am also able to operate all
of the gear that I’m responsible for. When stationed ashore I work on a wide
variety of electronics equipment onboard small boats, patrol boats, and shore
units. And I also assist the larger cutters with electronics projects
serving as the backbone of the technology community. I joined the Coast Guard to protect my
country from technological threats and this job has definitely prepared me for
that. To find out if you’re qualified, visit

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