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Electronics Industry Expert: Bruce Anderson

October 12, 2019

What iBM is doing with the electronics
industry clients now is actually helping them think through their platform
strategy and then helping them enable their products and their people to
really live in a platform world. If you live in a platform world, data is king.
The best thing about electronics companies is they are the ones creating
all those little sensors out there that are collecting all this data and if you
follow the path that the data really travels, the electronics companies to
some degree control not only what is collected but where it goes. As we
look at you know where the world is going right now in terms of a lot of
concern about trust and privacy, the electronics companies are coming
back and saying you know which of these platforms or do we really want to work
with? How should we be working with them? What data should we be collecting? And
these kinds of issues have gone from being engineering design issues to really
boardroom issues within our clients. Every electronics company, in the past at
least, had ordered themselves around product categories and really what
they’re doing now is orienting themselves around end user experiences. So, what is
it that you want the person to be able to do with your product and that’s
really not how they had thought about things in the past. If you really start
to take that kind of outside in view of how your product is used or the
service that it provides or the utility that it gives to the end user, you then
start to realize what do you really need to do to kind of deliver that
end to end experience.

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