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Electronic National Police Certificates

December 9, 2019

Frontline 2020 in WA Police, is a reform agenda
which is about reducing demand to create better policing services. The Electronic National
Police Certificate was about reducing demand on the backend and creating efficiencies both
in the processing of police certificates, but also providing a better community outcome. The National Police Certificate in its most
simplest form is colloquially known as a police check. It lists your criminal offenses, your
traffic offenses, any offence that has been considered by the courts. Effectively, it’s… it’s used by employers
and licensing bodies, mainly to gain a level of assurance that the people that they’re
employing or registering are of a certain integrity. The National Police Certificate was originally
produced out of police stations. In 2007, we first went to Australia Post and we took
the administrative side out of police stations. The process required an individual to attend
a post office, fill out a hard copy form, present ID. You know, it was quite manually
intensive. So in conjunction with Australia Post, we’ve
developed a… an electronic national police certificate process that is faster, safer,
more convenient, and provides more choice for, for the community. With the electronic NPC, we effectively cut
out that administrative process. It’s all done online. It is simply a matter of the applicant filling
in some personal details, verifying their identification online and making an online
secure payment. The electronic NPC took us from 5 days to
our fastest time being under 10 minutes. The great thing about this project was the
collaboration that … existed between Western Australian Police and Australia Post. We had
a team of people who were very excited about working on a… such a ground-breaking, uh,
project and I feel that we’ve developed, um, a partnership that can grow into the future,
and be able to work with other digital solutions. We now have a reusable service that we can
actually apply to other opportunities, to create efficiencies within WA police. We process between 130 and 140 thousand police
certificates a year, with demand increasing on an annual basis. The major benefits to
my team compared to the previous process is around the increase in accuracy of information
received, and therefore a reduction in errors, and that results in far less follow-ups from
applicants. WA Police has now moved to the frontline of
digital technology, and that’s of great benefit not just to the agency, but to the
WA community. This digital initiative has enabled us to
create, what I would see as greater access to policing services. This partnership with
Australia Post provides that opportunity of an established framework, for us to build
on for future opportunities.

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