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Electronic Calibration (ECal) Modules for Network Analyzers | Keysight

September 13, 2019

Electronic calibration is a precision, single-connection
calibration technique for your vector network analyzer. ECal modules use fully traceable and verifiable
electronic impedance standards. The modules are state-of-the-art, solid-state
devices with programmable and highly repeatable impedance states. ECal modules are controlled directly from
the PNA and ENA Series network analyzers. No external PC is required. ECal replaces the traditional calibration
technique, which uses mechanical standards. With mechanical standards you are required
to make numerous connections to the test ports for a single calibration. These traditional calibrations require intensive
operator interaction, which is prone to error. With ECal, a full one- to four-port calibration
can be accomplished with a single connection to the ECal module and minimal operator interaction. This results in faster and more repeatable
calibrations. Simply connect the ECal module to the USB
port on the network analyzer. You can control your calibration from the
front panel keys of the ENA or automatically by your usr program Agilent Electronic Calibration Modules for
Vector Network Analyzers reduces the number of connections required for a calibration. And you can calibrate faster, so you save
time and make measurements sooner reduce the chance of operator error, for greater
confidence in your calibrations reduce the wear on connectors, for lower repair
costs on both the test port connectors and calibration standards Take advantage of this limited time promotion
between now and June 30, 2012. Purchase an E5071C, E5072A or E5071CEP ENA
series network analyzer and receive the electronic calibration module
at 50% discount!

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