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Donor Impact, 2017: Liber Ero Chair in Fisheries Research

August 23, 2019

[Music] My Chair is funded by the Liber Ero Foundation, which is generously funded by the Bradshaws. The Bradshaws are interested in the conservation and marine systems, so this chair brings those
things together in a really interesting way. I supervise about 12 students, a mixture of Master’s and PhD students, but also some undergraduate honours students. They research a variety of topics. Many to do with marine environments. Some of them to do with salmon, others to do with habitat, and others to do with acoustics. Our coastline in particular, is an amazing
place to work in. And UVic is situated perfectly to access it. As part of my research, I went up to the central
coast. And we spent the entire summer observing juvenile rockfish recruiting to near shore habitats and settling into kelp forests and seagrass
meadows. Understanding how these habitats work can
help us improve our conservation. We’ve been able to buy a lot of equipment
with the funds we have in the lab. So there’s acoustic equipments, so hydrophones,
recorders, and video cameras, also a lot of equipment for the laboratory, microscopes and computers. Having this funding has allowed us to become an area strength in the university. It’s an exciting time to be studying ecology and thinking about how it can apply to conservation of marine ecosystems. Working with Francis has really developed
me as a scientist. He gives us a lot of freedom to pursue our
own ideas and our hypothesis, but also at the same time, you know, guides us along the way. [Music]

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