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DigiSender TV Launcher – Overview Pt. 3 – Broadcasting

December 7, 2019

When DigiSender TV launcher is
supplied on an XDS4K device you’ll notice that there are HDMI broadcast options associated with these products. At the rear connections you’ll see a HDMI IN and HDMI OUT To start broadcasting simply navigate to the top broadcast icon – one click and we’re instantly broadcasting The icons in the top right indicate that we’re currently operating in full screen mode so one
press of the OK button and that takes us to the picture-in-picture. To close the
broadcast simply click the cross in the cross. On the XDS receiver box we now navigate to our receiving app. Studio link receiver – one
click on that – it will now ask for permissions ‘allow’. You log in if
you’re using video over Internet service Enter your username and password. If you haven’t already created an account you need to visit and create an
account – use the same account details here when you log in and this
allows broadcasting across the internet Allow permissions – these are only
required for bi-directional broadcasting where you may want to send audio and
video back to the transmitter. Now you can see what’s broadcasting. Looking back in the settings at broadcasting we have a number of options here. As well as selecting the source that we wish to use for broadcasting USB or HDMI IN, We can
select ‘Broadcast on Boot’, this allows the device to operate as a standard
video sender instantly broadcasting its source that you’ve selected upon
switch on. This is a very important feature. If you use broadcast over LAN you do not need to create an account For LAN broadcast make sure both your broadcasting and receiving boxes have LAN broadcast enabled You have other options here Which relate to the scaling but
more importantly you have the ability to set optimized video for HDMI sources and
the same for the audio. There are a number of audio settings which can be chosen as well echo cancellation, noise suppression and an automatic typing detection which nulls the noise of a standard keyboard. A shortcut to the broadcast sources can be achieved by a long press on the broadcast icon and
here you can select the source that you always choose to broadcast. At the top
right hand corner we have a number of options. The first minimises your broadcast preview, here we can minimise to the task-bar. The next one switches between picture-in-picture and full screen and here for specialist applications we can select a broadcast back to the transmitter. Here we can close our broadcast completely.

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