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December 4, 2019

Champions or losers will be determined by just one game left… Just one loss game… “Arena of Valor” is not a one-player game Those kid idiots can be represented the nation for SEA Games? Can we arrange for a match? “GLORIOUS MISSION” WARNING: The plot in the movie may inadvertently resemble some real-life situations. The film aims to encourage the Mocha ZD Esports team to participate in the SEA Games, without deliberately attacking any individual or organization. Audience held considerations before watching eSports has no longer been considered as an useless game. With just over 10 years of development, it has been the dream job of many people Professional tournament system, hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money, Millions of players and fans across the globe, Every player would want to reach the glorious summit of “Arena of Valor” Everyone is relentless in their efforts to defeat the opponent, Unfortunately, effort is the most worthless thing in this arena Anyone can make an effort, but the championship is for one person “Dragon” is the team that brings together the best players of AOV Vietnam Their mischievous playstyle and weird tactics make opponent crazy Their team captain is PS Man One of the best players of AOV Vietnam He can play well every kinds of heroes “Tactical Master” of AOV Vietnam Aggressive and high speed playstyle, Always win the game quickly, and makes the opponents cannot be able to do anything These things are the strength of Phoenix And “Demon”, the team which has an annoying objective controlling playstyle, they do not let the opponent have any chances, slowly gain advantages and win the game. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the AIC 2017 Grand Finals match to find the world champions of AOV! Yeah and we can see that “Dragon” – Vietnam Representatives Based on what they showed us in their match against the strongest team from Korea A brave victory of “Dragon”! And on the other side, they are SMG – the strongest AOV team of Chinese Taipei region has appeared! With recent meta game, SMG is the #1 And with Hanzo in the team, they are very confident that they are having the best mid laner in the world! and SMG is also having other “monsters” from their region! Chichi is at the bot lane Triplelift and Sirenia are trying to do a single push, Our team has 4, we will start the 4v3 teamfight with them at the mid lane! Okay, easy man, wait a second.. Look! It’s not okay guys, their minions wave is faster than us! SMG is not able to do anything else after previous teamfight, Triplelift is trying to push the top lane to gain back the advantages Oh no man, I see that SMG is changing their mind, Tung! They are focus on attacking the top lane! (CASTER: Triplelift is being caught by opponent, he is putting his teammates into the dangerous situation!) Triplelift, stay back with the team, keep engaging the fight and escape quickly! Dragon is having more people than opponent, they decide to strike back! Genji activates his ultimate, ” Metamorphosis”! TRIPLELIFT-IS-DONE! SMG is too strong at this moment! WOW! PS Man stuns all 4 people, he is making chances for his team to retreat! PS Man: Retreat now! It’s not the time for us to fight back! Just keep fighting, we are having more people than them dude! Catch Liang! Catch him now! Just listen to me, we lost our jungle! Realer has to use his Flicker, Dragon only has one person PS Man, Opponents have five of them! And there is a super minions wave for SMG! We are having a huge giant minions heading toward the nexus! Just only one PS Man and he cannot defense this powerful push! They are attacking PS Man with tons of damage! AND PS MAN has been defeated! And AIC 2017 World Championship title is officially belonged to SMG! And the AIC 2017 champion is SMG. PS Man’s highlight when he stunned 4 people of the opponent team in the final teamfight was extremely wonderful, it reflected his perfect personal skills. Unfortunately, “One swallow doesn’t make a summer” And Triplelift’s mistake was disastrous Well, another international title belongs to the Chinese Taipei team PS Man has missed his own championship, Obviously, Dragon have had signs of lack of solidarity The best AOV team of Vietnam will have to face many difficulties in the future I wonder how the team can stick together in the next season? PATHETIC! DISAPPOINTMENT! LOSERS! I have spent lots of money investing in all of you, and the championship is gone just by a combat? How could it be, huh? There was no way at that time. Our training time was taken away by you to earn money, sir Earn money? EARN MONEY? Are you justifying yourself, aren’t you? Have you ever shot any commercial film before? Or you just find the reasons to be absent? “Magnate” – but earn no money, then you are just an useless person! What can I get from keeping you in the team? Without me, do you think that you can lead the team to the championship trophy? Oh please, of course I can! Okay? From now on, you will practice with the reserve team! If you want to kick me, go ahead. No need to say much. Please find other player for the reserve team. I will leave the team Oh you dare to leave, right? Prepare to think about how to compensate the contract now! Have you heard clearly? You will also have no money at all! Because of money, you dare to kick a brother who has been with us all the time since the first day of the team? Brothers? “Dragon”, huh? Now, this team is a TRASH! I’m planning on create a new empire! “Titan” Any brother who wants to have all the glory and money, Then follow me! If you don’t, so here is the exit door, Welcome! PS Man wanted to leave the team himself, because he was dissatisfied with the team’s failure It led to the consequence that Triplelift and Doina decided to retire, All of the above reasons put Dragon in a very difficult situation So we have to form a new team And this team is Titan As a very best friend and brother of PS Man since the first days of AOV I want to express my deepest sadness with this problem. But all of us had to accept it. Because he is the team captain. At the upcoming SEA Games 30 We are not gonna give up We still have two ex-team members Realer and Lazy Beside, we have a participation of a new rookie She is Lucy, MVP of the previous season With all of the changes on the team, We will never give up and try our best at all cost to bring the glory back to our country Damn it! Such a scammer! “Curse like chickens come home to roost” It has nothing to do with me Why does it have nothing to do with you? He lied about you, defamed your honor with hate speech, made you become a fugutive! With these scandals, How can other teams recruit you? Then, can you continue your professional gamer career? I just care about how to win the game We have played AOV since we were kids I want to go with you! Stay in Titan, you will have a bright future But… You has just signed your contract Moreover, this is not the time of transfer market. You will have to compensate your contract Even when you done cancelling your own contract, you cannot leave immediately It is my fault, this bastard has cheated on me to sign his contract If I did not sign, we could be teammates now. It was also my fault. I trusted him so much. Why do you give up? I do not say that I will give up So now… What are you gonna do? Start from the beginning I will return Wait for me “♪ Behind our back there are thousands of knives
Many criticization around us ♪ ” “♪ My feet go through thousands of pain
Hands are falling in the abyss ♪ ” “♪ Then they still stood there criticizing me ♪” “♪ Hate speeches surround me on the way back home ♪ ” “♪ Their prejudices try to stop our passion so that we stumble, but they cannot ♪ (This year AOV has such attractive and huge events!”) (You know nothing. Every year, AOV has lots of great gifts!) I heard that this upcoming event is very big! It is a 3-year-old celebration event of AOV There will be lots of gifts on July 8th! Here, have a look! 1 free hero and 2 free skins for the whole server! Even new S skin of Arthur – “Arctic Soldier” which has not been released is free for all! You can also choose your free hero and free skins! Too ordinary! I just want to win an iPhone 11 Pro Max and new motorbike! I also heard that this December 8th, Clear Men sponsors a 100 million VND cash jackpot prize! Beside, there will be a hundred of 1-million VND prizes. I just need a 1 million prize so I can eat comfortably for a month! I will don’t have to eat instant noodle for 1 month! Talking about noodle, I am starving! Hey ma’am, I would like to have a bowl of noodle, please! Noodle my ***, I’m about to lose this match! Oh yes sir, I’m doing it right away! Here I come, your noodle is here sir! Oh look over there! Someone is using your phone! Oh my gosh! Hey hey hey! MVP? How? I remember clearly that I was about to lose this match! What a master! How much is the KDA? 11/10 – 1 kill was your death Outstanding! Oh gosh, since I opened this café, I have never seen any AOV master like you before! In your opinion, what is AOV? AOV? Me and my dad are fans of AOV since season 1 Because of his passion for the game, he opened this place Now he is gone. This place became my second house Everyday, I play several games with my friends We fight together. When we win the game, we celebrate together If we lose, we play another game Some time we’re happy, some time we’re sad For us, it’s not simply matches This is where my friends and I got to know each others It is my family Oh, so you come here to sign up for the AOV Fancafe? Er… No I want to apply as a waiter PS Man!? Oh gosh, beautiful dear~ Can you stop for a second please? No, just stay still! How about taking some selfies together so I can post them on the fanpage? I ensure that there will be lots of customers coming to our cafe! Your idea will be useless People do not care about me anymore None of my business. It’s okay that I still care about you I’m unemployed now. There is no place for me to go. Perfect! So I will adopt you! Ergh… But I don’t want to fly a plane… “I want to drive you ~” Get out! Go away! You mean that you admit yourself as a male slut? What I mean is that I accept you to be waiter for my cafe. Accommodation and meals are included So I guess that you are no longer unemployed, aren’t you? I am using my free time to hang the promotion poster for AOV 3-year-old birthday celebration event to attract guests Lots of gifts, free for all on December 8th! Too many guests, how can I be unemployed? When will you return? There is not much time left SEA Games 30 Qualifier is coming I know Because of you, I can break my contract! Till that time, we can be at the same team! It’s fine to be a waiter “The job’s boring but the money’s good!” I pay you high wages to flirt girls, right? Boss, calm down. Let me explain! Explain what? Calm down? I am your boss but I have to serve you from head to toe? You are standing here flirting a girl… LUCY!? Unbelievable! There could be a day that I can meet both PS Man and Lucy! In my cafe! So emotional Lucy, can I have your autograph please? Please sign here for me, sweetie.. I like you so bad! Thank you I going to paste this page at the front door of the cafe There will be more and more people coming here!!! I will print this autograph to thousands of copies and then I will sell them! Oh my…. I will be rich!!! How can I count my money when I am rich? I have to buy a cash register! This is the fifth broken glass! Just deduct from my monthly salary, boss! Beside playing game good, bright and handsome, he is like an idiot! But it doesn’t matter. Thanks to that idiot, I can have chances to know you OMG, I am still touched right now. I cannot believe that an ordinary fan of AOV like me can have opportunity to meet both PS Man and Lucy! There is nothing to admire us. His career went down, he got kicked out of the old team It’s too difficult to form a new team He is just a professional gamer, not everything can be what he wants Do not underestimate me like this So you mean that you found someone? I’ve been in this esports industry for 3 years, I have built a lot of relationships OPPA, his name is the same as him, handsome, lady-killer, rich kid who spend money wastefully, playboy but he is a truly gamer. He has been playing in the Series B for a long time But there was no positive result His advantage is the ability to play support heroes which can create differences with Grakk, Alice. He can also play some weird picks such as Batman or Superman for support position and surprise the opponent. But his weakness is that he is not a very dangerous player. Although he plays support but he likes to 1v3, or even 1v4 and he cannot cooperate with the team Akashi, Mid-laner, OPPA’s best friend, ruffian, has a thug life It’s very difficult to predict what is this guy up to, because he does not have a good mental He can use all heroes for mid lane position and make opponent confused Aggressive and brutal playstyle Due to his weird characteristic, he cannot cooperate with his teammates He constantly causes trouble, fighting, refuses to obey – However, he has a weakness – What weakness? He admires me Khien, my old teammate, he is good at playing jungle. He retired because he had a baby unintentionally. He is now a father He has experiences from many tournaments, awesome tactical thinking, but after retirement, his skills are not as exact as he used to be For him, “Bread and butter” is the most important thing. Win the match, having money to buy milk for his baby. Lose the match, going home and listening to his wife scolds But we still lack one person left You know, it’s not easy to find a professional player Hey, um… I have a younger brother He also knows how to play AOV Can you recruit him as your team member? Know how to play? Hey, do not underestimate my brother He is #1 Conqueror Ranked Player in Chinese Taipei server, idiot! He used to have a lot of invitations from professional teams But he was 17 at that time, so he was unable to play professionally This year he is 18 now, he has old enough to play in professional league! His personal skills are PERFECT! If he plays ADC position, he can be a hypercarry of the team! He never let opponent any chance to escape when he chases them But, his weakness is… He was a little bit shy So our team has just been founded The first thing is that we need to get to know each others We have veterans and rookies here The best way to get to know each others is to form a team to play games Finally I have a chance to be a teammate of my idol Brothers, start the game! We still have to face with financial problem, the account with full heroes, full arcanas and full skins costs hundreds of millions!! This December 8th, AOV is having a birthday event We can train team and hunt gifts of the event at the same time! We can train with the hero we earned! Good idea! Attention please! We will log in and play the game now! I have an idea! I think that to hunt the gifts effectively, we need to learn the information carefully first Damn you! On December 8th, AOV will give us 1 free hero and 2 free skins One of them is a S skin, you just need to complete missions and you will receive it for sure! Your sister hanged the banner days ago, why couldn’t you know about the event? You are not my brother “You are not my brother” Oh so he must be my brother I learn it carefully too. You just need to log in and you will receive free hero immediately! 1 free skins from bingo event and 1 free skin from collecting stamps event! Collecting stamps? I’m so angry now. Here, have a look at this! Look Complete all the missions in the game such as: log in, play normal match, play ranked match to draw the prize card! When you collected 6 cards, you can trade for a free skin! During the prize draw, if you are lucky, you will receive 1 million VND prize from Clear Men brand! A motorbike and an iPhone 11 Pro Max! If you lack of cards, we can sent to each others It’s easy to receive gifts from this event! Too easy to get the gifts! What about a Bingo event? Oh my gosh… Bingo is a bit more special. This event is already installed in the game Just log in and complete the missions and it’s done! And the gifts are very cool! An Arthur “S” Skin – “Arctic Soldier” ! With this money, it’s enough to feed us for a day! A day and a half! Come on! Stop talking! Let’s play! Alright! Hey guys! Attention please! Today I have a very important news and I want to announce it for all of you! From now on, those heroes who are sitting here will officially become a professional AOV team Mocha ZD Esports! Well, “Mocha ZD”? “Esports”? Ridiculous! Except PS Man, the others are such retarded idiots! Look at these retarded people, How long can these jerks bear? I agree with you! PS Man is too handsome! He is truly a magnate! He is not only handsome, but also smart! Retreat now guys! Retreat! Look behind you! Watch out! I will crash you into pieces! You ruined everything! Wow, what a truly legend! He is so smart and outstanding!!! Come on guys! Retreat! – Keep fighting back, I prepare to be reborn He has formed a new team? Interesting, isn’t it? I don’t know what he is thinking now? Those pathetic kids want to compete at SEA Games? Lucy is at MZ again! I cannot understand which team she is playing for! Lucy still joins every training sessions of our team Training? Training my ***! You think that I did not know why you lost recent matches? Because of who? It is my fault! It has nothing to do with Lucy! Shut your mouth! Stop being so mad! It’s enough! Why can this trash team become a professional team? You think that anyone can be able to go to SEA Games? Keep dreaming! I haven’t never thought that there would be a day I can step on the professional stage again You are still young! Compare to the average age of professional gamer, I’m not young anymore I’m nearly 30 At this age, I cannot play like I used to Everyday, I have to train for hours My health condition cannot bear the schedule I cannot be as good as you young people! Well… To me, a rookie like me can join a professional tournament, is already a great dream! Veteran also has experiences Many experiences, right? Talking about veterans, no one here can compare to PS Man He has been with AOV since season 1, the #1 player but he was kicked out of the team and he had to start his career from the beginning with stupid people like us I don’t know how can he bear us? You just keep hanging out with us all the time Are you not afraid of PewPew? However We will be opponent of each other in the future. On the battleground, we are opponents! In real life, we’re friends This is the spirit of professional player! Moreover, with this team You think you can carry the team to meet me in the grand final? Our team has gradually adapted with the game They are talented and gifted people If they can cooperate well with each others, I will definitely win the SEA Games! However, AOV is not one-player game Being cheated by PewPew, you still believe in your teammates? Yes, I do, I still believe in you! What happened? – I won a free SS skin! Wow how lucky you are! On December 8th, draw just one time, I won the skin. I cannot deny that AOV birthday event has lots of gifts for players What a game master! My house is cramped We do not have enough space for you, sir! I would want you to get out of my house, please! I heard that you have just found a new team You are very confident that you can be qualified for SEA Games Cool, man! Why are you here? There is no need to talk too much My dear Lucy, Don’t forget who you are signing for I come here today, to visit my old friend and I also want to take something back from you that belongs to me Well sir, I want you to know that… If you are planning on getting my people Then sorry sir, PS Man is now a member of my team! Mocha ZD Esports! Stop daydreaming! Easy ma’am… I am not here to get your people I come here to… …get this fancafe! Watch your mouth! This fancafe was owned by my father My father chose me as the inheritor of this place He did not share this cafe with anyone! Why can you reclaim this place? So I guess that your dad didn’t tell you that… he borrowed money from me to build this cafe! Before he passed away, He traded this cafe to take care of his loss-making business! Now, your business is quite good then you have to pay me back a little bit, right? If you cannot be able to pay me Oh well then… Sorry that I have to take your trash fancafe away. Non-sense! It cannot be! You are lying! Right. I could totally lie to you But… Your dad’s signature… ….couldn’t lie to you, darling! Is that right? Don’t be too rush What do you want? Oh come on, hit me please! Hit me! When you have done hitting me, you will sit in jail You don’t have to compete at SEA Games anymore I don’t have to worry about you! It’s simple, right? Can we have a negotiation? Negotiate? You get this fancafe for nothing! We will still win Titan and qualified for SEA Games! Oh, you can do it with those retarded group of people? Don’t lie to yourself The first person that worry the most when I come back …is YOU. Moreover There are lots of people in my team that you want to own There are some people reached Top 1 Conqueror Rank in Chinese Taipei server, right? Okay How can we negotiate? Mocha ZD Esports will meet Titan at the finals If we lose, this fancafe will be yours And I will join your team But… Not enough yet If we lose, then I will also join your team! Me too! You also have me! You guys have the guts I like it! So, good luck to all of you! Oh… It’s too hard for you to make it into the finals with those retarded people But it’s okay, you will return to my team by the way. Ergh… Guys? We still have chances of beating Titan, don’t we? You think that I will have to play for this bastard? I’d rather not be a professional player! Are you insane? Well, that **** went wrong. Since we formed the team, we have spent much money We invested our equipments bought more heroes Our team does not have good finance either Now we are having a pile of debt on our shoulders I think that Our possibility of winning this is just one tenth compared to them I am sorry It was all my fault that made you guys get involved in this problem It’s not what I mean What I mean is that… Hello? Hi, Can we arrange for a match? Ladies and gentlement, welcome to the live broadcast of the match between two hottest teams at the moment Phoenix is a the team which has had long-standing reputation in “Arena of Glory” tournaments and their opponent team is Mocha ZD Esports an emerging phenomenon and is led by team leader PS Man! As you have known, Phoenix owns the most talented players of AOV Vietnam Beside, Mocha ZD Esports is just a black horse who just start joining the race and everything will be very difficult with them I totally agree with you but we cannot underestimate this team Because of what they have achieved, Phoenix had to send an invitation for them It proved that they are not a terrible team at all And remember that MZ is led by PS Man He had led Dragon to become the best AOV team in Vietnam at that time, with a collection of champion trophies through years of winning AOG tournaments I cannot think that A person who used to stand on the glorious summit like you, is now having to play games with those childish people? I thought that you had to dissappear in silence when the Dragon disbanded? I’m not a type of person who give up easily Just one “Magnate” like you can be able to carry this ****? Stay calm, kiddo Keep messing things up, okay? I’m really looking forward to seeing what you can do Oh and this retarded brother, remember to wear your diaper before playing I am afraid that you will pee on yourself when you’re playing It will be humiliating! Phoenix has a stable line-up in every position There are many good players like Rambo, He plays Abyssal Dragon Lane has a good tactical thinking He is also the team caller He has a good keeping position ability Roaming and lane swapping are very good! Uyen Pu, she is the only female player in the team, Her position is support She has a very good buffs timing ability Talents timing and opponent skills very accurate! KK, a person who has wide knowledge of meta game Ban-pick expert He always knows to choose the best picks for his team Banana, jungle player, His hand skills are very powerful His favorite heroes are assassins and magical mobility like Quillen, Kriknak Nakroth. Finally is the team captain – Do Mixi He is the oldest He has been through numerous professional tournaments He has both talent and experience Although this is a friendly match, but I see that They are very serious Whatever they win the game or not, it will affect a lot to the position of Mocha ZD Esports at AOG It is true, and so does the Phoenix, Tung We need to remember that Phoenix is the giant and and if they lost against an emerging new-comer This must be unacceptable with them Rambo, pick your strongest hero to play the Dark Slayer Lane Uyen Pu and I are gonna steal their red buff. Three remained people will dive the tower to kill Ara After that, we keep camping him to death Ara does not have a good mentality If he got camped for 1-2 times, then he will choke himself. Exactly. Now we camp Ara Once we finish killing him, we can be able to steal Khien’s jungle This man has not played game for a year, so this pervert idiot is not our concern! Where are you, Khien? Help me! Help you my ***, are you insane? Take care of your own lane I have to finish my jungle round I am weak as **** now! He lost his flicker! Dive the tower and kill him now! Oh gosh! You are putting us in a difficult situation! Now you have to assist the top lane first, If I’m still alive then we push the top lane Yeah yeah, I know! Keep focusing on the match! It’s unbelievable! Ara has died all the time since the beginning of the game, Tung! Banana has already had many clean and powerful ganks! Yes, I have to admit that Phoenix has proved their power against a rookie! If they keep fighting like this when they face Titan, MZ will definitely be DONE! Stop ganking, Khien. Head towards the bot lane Let’s abandon the top lane, I can defense myself! Okay! I’m winning the lane against Mixi, just try to defense at the bot lane and wait for me. PS Man is about to run out of skills! Banana, terminate him! Damn, I missed my skills! It’s okay, he cannot survive when I get him! Three of them ganked me, but I’m still alive! They are heading to the abyssal dragon Let’s hide in the bushes at the mid lane, We see them, we fight them! I will backup you from behind! Okay, okay! Fight, now! Akashi? Why did you push him away? I am having perfect 2nd skill and you ruined everything! MZ is too weak in the teamfights! PS Man! I am your 30-year fan of you babe~ How old are you? I’m 18 Where is PS Man? I’m about to die! Help me please! Try to defense yourself, I’m on my way! Keep running to my position! We are going to win this, guys! Good job! Our coordination in the teamfights was terrible! Well, Khien missed his ultimate so they have to accept this loss Too terrible! But PS Man has tried his best! He couldn’t carry this stupid team by himself! “Form is temporary, but class is permanent” Exactly as we predicted, Mocha ZD Esports was beaten by Phoenix This is the match that they were just good at their personal skills. and about their tactical thinking and their team solidarity was too disastrous! As the team captain, PS Man has done everything he could do for the team “One swallow doesn’t make a summer” And the final winners are still the Phoenix! You still have a good performance, but unfortunately, you lost! Keep fighting, try a little bit more then you can win! Try to fight 10 games against us, you will win 1 game against us for sure! Fighting~~ You are helping us or trying to ruin us? If you still want to play the game, then play kindly. If you don’t want to play, then quit now! We just lose one game, why the **** are you angry at me? Champions or losers will be determined by just one game left… Just one loss game… Or did you have to replace diaper for your baby too much, so you don’t want to play AOV anymore? Damn you… (Easy, just easy man, there is no need to be toxic here) Our friendly match fixture with Phoenix, is to help everybody feel the true pressure of real professional matches I did not think that this match would affect the team fighting spirit. If they cannot bear the mental pressure, how can they think about winning SEA Games championship? New season is coming soon I don’t know if they can they gain their spirit back. After your match against Phoenix, I think your team has stepped a further step You have already known strength and weaknesses of each others, I strongly believe that you have created a reasonable tactic for the team to fit everyone’s ability Instead of letting each of them handle their own problems Am I right? Yeah you’re right. Only you understand me. Although we lost against Phoenix it seems like they did not make their own mistakes anymore They just have not been in a real match before Practice a lot will good for them. What about your match against Demon, have you been preparing for the match? AOV is not a one-player game No matter how good I am, I still cannot carry the whole team If I could, I didn’t need my teammates at all This is not the time to be depressed! How can I not be depressed? We lost the match terribly! If we lose, we will be bought back by him! And I don’t want to be managed by this jerk! I cannot see his face for just a second! With our recent spirit, we have already lost the matches! We lose, but we are not losers What do you mean? I thought they are the same! There is no difference between “lose” and “failure” We lost a game, What have you learnt from that failure? Ara Ara’s mentality is getting more stable Khien is gradually improving his skills OPPA and Akashi have started to cooperate well with the team You guys just need time to get used to the real match Those strong teams, they have good skills Good tactics This was the first time you have fought with such powerful team, It’s fine when you lost them It’s okay when we had problems We lose one game, we learn how to overcome the loss We lose 2 games, we learn how to return We lose 3 games, we learn to strike back! and go forward! Once we still have faith and don’t step back I believe that we can go further in the future! Mocha ZD Esports! Focus, everyone! We need to farm minions first Khien, clear jungle monsters quickly then support me! Okay! Watch out! Step back, mid laner! Akashi, push the mid lane tower! Yes sir! OPPA, control and have sight of the dragon! Everyone stay calm! Ara, retreat! Hunting heroes is also a chance to improve our skills As a professional player, you need to improve yourself all the time! Ara, you need to be more confident! Your prediction ability and speed of your hand skills are better than anyone! However, your most critical weakness is shyness especially if you play aggressive heroes Be aggressive! You don’t have to afraid of everything, I’m by your side! Good job! Khien, your weakness is that the speed of your hand skills cannot catch up with your thinking! However, veteran has his own strength Having experiences and very good at following the match, along with supporting the team They can take care of themselves! You talk too much! Try to keep your life safe! Their jungle player has just eaten the Dragon at 1 minute 20 seconds! He is going to gank the lanes! He is level 4, you are level 3 Two of them will try to gank you, start to think solutions to retreat! Exactly! Their mid player is about to reach 4 anytime soon, Clear your minions wave quickly to help me eat the Spirit Sentinel! I will become a bait Three of you strike back! OK! Beware of being attacked by them! OK! That’s an ace! Everyone, push the tower! Let’s push the mid lane! Catch their bot lane! Finish him now! Akashi, surround their support! Their ADC is escaping! Hurry! Another ace! Keep fighting! – Everybody gather at their nexus! OK! Explode, explode! Hey wait a second, who helped you win the game huh? Of course it’s not you! It’s definitely me! No, we won the match because of me! TOP 1 JUNGLE IN VIETNAM! Yeah yeah yeah, it’s yours! Anyone check if you get the heroes or not Yeah we received it Today is December 8th, We will also get free skins – I also received it! I got it! Have you received it? I received it, too! Okay! Great job! You guys can use this free hero now to train team! Now, the ban pick rule of the game is very strict It requires the heroes pool of each player must be diverse. You guys can spend your free time to practice yourself and complete all the missions! What about the free hero and optional S, SS skins? How can I get them? What? SS free skin? Really??? Simple question, kid! Log in to the game on December 8th, there will be Lucky Spin event! Just log in to the game, and spin one time then you can get free one! Easy cheesy, right? Log in! Log in now! I failed I got it! Look at this! How lucky! Stop it! Let’s continue to train! Focus on the game! You’re always lose concentration, Ara! He always admits himself as the Top 1! Is that OK? Look at this! And this is the first match of SEA Games 30 Team Selection Qualifier! Two teams in this match will be Demon, a team which has had experiences from many tournaments They are having top strategic players such as Lala and Uzi And their opponent will be Mocha ZD Esports! a rising star and they are topping #1 on the league standing recently I hope that your belief in changing the fate will not dirty this tournament Show me what you got when we’re in the match! Attention, everyone! Demon always steals the buff from level 1 To calculate the appearance time of our next buffs to steal the buffs next time and I believe that 99% of chance that they will rob our blue sage buff Who else doesn’t know? So you know how to resist them? Keep guessing! We will pick the strongest line-up to fight them in level 1 OPPA will play Ormarr I will play Maloch Akashi plays Tulen, remember to bring Punish Ara plays Riktor! We will win the teamfight for sure in Level 1 Hey what about me? Which hero will I play? You just pick your best hero do not feed yourself too much, OK? Team will carry you Akashi and Khien all have Punish Both of you go to their blue buff They will send one person to protect their blue buff Khien and Akashi are here, Jungle is in danger! There is no way for him to escape! He is trying to protect his blue buff but this must be his most terrible decision! And the first blood belongs to Khien! Ara, OPPA and I will eat Khien’s blue buff and we can be able to protect our jungle! PS Man is at the frontline and this is a perfect skill from Ara! He blows up opponents in the air twice! All of Demon players are trying to escape No, they decided to fight back! But it might not be a good decision! Maloch is having his Cleave activated! He sweeps the opponent, and PS Man has 2 kills! Finish the buff, Akashi swaps to the bot lane I will be at the mid lane, Ara will be on the top lane Khien, go back to our blue buff to farm! We will have 3 buffs in total, They don’t have the appearance time of our blue buff OPPA supports Akashi to push the lane! Timing their blue buff appearance! Then we steal their buff again I already had my “Shock” ultimate! They choked! They will definitely gather at their blue buff to protect it There are four of them in our jungle! Ara, skip the top lane to combat with team now! We will wait in the bush and catch them! Wait for my order, I will go first then we start fighting them! Fight them! They are lacking of people! Beautiful “Earth Splitter” ultimate stunned 3 people at the same time! But the “Shock” is more beautiful, he blew up 4 people of Demon in the air! “Cleave” has tons of damage! This is an ace for Mocha ZD Esports! They are heading to the core! They tanked the core for each others to destroy the nexus! And this is a victory for Mocha!!!!! Wonderful! An easy win of Mocha ZD Esports against Demon! This is an unexpected result because Mocha ZD Esports is considered to be the less popular team in this year’s AOG! Beside, they had been defeated by Phoenix in their last match But they have shown us an outstanding improvement and with what they performed against Demon, They will be a powerful contenders, and one of the most suitable candidates for the championship Demon couldn’t do anything against their new and unique tactic This could be considered as the most unfortunate defeat of the Demon during the past time And if MZ still has this good performance, When they reunite Phoenix, they can make a huge surprise! or even have a convincing victory! If they still fight like what they did today! Once again, congratulations Mocha ZD Esports on winning the match! We stick close together to go further. Through many storms and thorns! We still have each other on the long journey. We work harder than ever An amazing victory for Mocha ZD Esports! PS Man, he is leading his teammates back into the race Glory awaits us! Victory continues to belongs to Mocha ZD Esports team! It is not too surprise that Mocha ZD Esports is now this season’s black horse They defeated their formidable opponents again and again! And I predict that with this destructive performance Even in the finals, Titan will have to lose to Mocha ZD Esports! Totally agree! Lucky as $%#@ ! On December 8th, I logged in to the game I won a million prize, dude! Today I will pay the meal I have to admit you’re very lucky man! I also played AOV birthday event but I just received some skin tokens! Which event did you play? Lucky Spin or Collecting Stamps? You’re happy to play with these kids? Why do you look for me? Why are you asking that question? I wondered where you were for a year But here you are, playing this childish game You had played enough! It’s time to go home, our boss is looking for you We have already retired! Send my words to the boss: “WE RETIRE”! Talk to the boss yourself! “At this age, I cannot play like I used to” Mocha ZD Esports! Khien! Khien! Are you okay? What happened? The gang came and broke the cafe! They said that they wanted to get their people back! He was hit in the head to keep me safe His hand was crushed Tomorrow is the grand finals match His hands is injured, How can he play? I… I am not…. KHIEN! If Khien cannot return, then we’re done for real! I will replace him! What? You? Can you replace him? Great! Extremely good! Oh well, “black horse of the tournament” Sorry, but what is the name of this team? PS Man and his kids? What do you want? No, I want nothing! Don’t be too stressful! I am here to congratulate you on advancing to the finals of SEA Games 30. By the way, I want to meet my old friend But… There is only one slot for the SEA Games! And it must be ours, Titan! And all of you, Prepare to be managed by me! My old friend is also included! Well then, Congratulations! If we continue like this, it is not gonna be okay! Can we tell Lucy to have mercy on us? We are about to meet each other in the finals, I’m not gonna lose today! Ma’am… What is the date today? December 8th Hey, patient! Cheer up everyone! Mocha ZD Esports! Ladies and gentlement, welcome to the SEA Games 30 Team Selection Qualifier Grand Finals! The war between Titan and Mocha ZD Esports! After a winning streak, finally Mocha ZD Esports has officially made it into the finals! They only have one more match, and this is the most important match, to decide who is gonna represent our nation at SEA Games 30! In my opinion, Titan is considered to have disadvantage in mental Realer’s mistakes has helped Mocha ZD Esports have two winning matches in a row! Realer is now the most affected psychologically person in Titan! In front of us is PS Man and Lucy, There are lots of rumors stated that they are a couple in secret. With those rumors, I think that Lucy is having pressures from the fans and her teammates when facing her childhood friend It’s been 15 minutes already, and at this moment, both team members are fully equipped. Only one mistake can lead you to the failure And your teammates might not be able to defense And this team will fail to win the SEA Games 30 Team Selection Qualifier Lucy is pushing alone now! Khien is thinking that he can kill her easily so he decided to move to the top lane to kill Lucy! They know you’re there, Khien Stop killing Lucy! Why are we running from them? There is not any trap in here! I got her, we eat the Dark Slayer buff and the match is done! Are you mad? Everyone come to Khien’s position Khien is being caught! All the members of Titan are gathering on the top lane quickly! And oh no! They killed Khien! Mocha ZD Esports is coming, can they revenge for Khien or not? Wonderful ultimate from Akashi’s Diaochan! PS Man used the “Shock”! He tried to attack Lucy, but Lucy could still somehow escape! This is such a confident movement from Lucy! Let’s eat the Dark Slayer Buff! Let’s eat the dark slayer, I have Punish here There is only Yorn is the last man standing, I bet that he is going to die because the damage of Alice and Violet! is too much! Four people of Titan have been taken down! And now Mocha ZD Esports is eating the Dark Slayer! There is only Lucy still alive! Lucy is the last hope of Titan to steal the Dark Slayer! If Lucy fails to steal the Dark Slayer… Titan might lose the match! This is a very difficult situation for Lucy when she has to consider between the friendship with PS Man, and her teammates in Titan She is aiming her “Snipe” skill… Lucy’s “Snipe” is coming…. SHE DID IT! Lucy has successfully stolen the Dark Slayer in front of MZ members DAMN IT… What on earth are you doing? Try to defense! All of efforts we have made is gone! And now they have all five of them at the mid lane! This is an unbreakable attack wave from them! I will clear the minions at the middle of the lane Try to eliminate the Drake by all you have! Do not let the drake shoot the tower! I can survive by myself Beware! PS Man is trying to clear the minions wave! KILL HIM! PS Man is trying to escape, but is it a trap? Behind PS Man are the team members of Mocha ZD Esports! And Mocha ZD Esports decided to fight back! “Dimensional Portal” hit 2 people and it’s wonderful! Titan members are lying down! Lucy, you are the last hope of the team! Lucy is trying to deal damage against the opponent! But will it work? Lucy has been taken down!!! And Mocha ZD Esports is very close to the victory! They are pushing towards the mid lane! And Mocha ZD Esports is having minions with them! And this match officially belongs to Mocha ZD Esports! It’s impossible for Titan to defense! Minions have arrived! And we had the representatives of AOV Vietnam at SEA Games 30 Congratulations, MOCHA ZD ESPORTS! This is the glorious peak of Mocha ZD Esports in this year’s season! Mocha ZD Esports has proved to us that they are the best team at SEA Games 30 Team Selection Qualifier! A sweet revenge of PS Man to Realer and Lazy! those who followed the call of money to abandon brothers! Abandon the people who helped them become who they are today My fate with the Titan is officially over! Hey, Lucy! Her contract is finally over, boss! Congratulate our team on being qualified for SEA Games! Let’s drink until we drop! I have never thought that the day AOV celebrates its birthday is also the day we crowned champions! At least we must earn hundreds of million VND money as the champions, then we can be happy! Shut up! 1 free hero and 2 free skins, You have all of them! You won 1 million prize money for many times! And now you still want to win 100-million prize money? You are so greedy, aren’t you? I had my own family, I have to earn more and more money to buy diapers and milk for my baby, okay! Stop it! Drink! How about playing some games later? Anyway, thanks to AOV, we got to know each other Make sense! Log in to the game and I will carry you! Sounds great, but I’m a bit drunk! Once Khien gets drunk, he does not feed himself too much! Don’t drink too much! Remember that you will have to take her home! It’s soft drink. Oh, cheer for our success! Mocha ZD Esports, yooooo~ Hey, I left Titan Can I join your team, Captain? I have my own recruiting standards Not anyone can be able to join my team What are your standards? It’s you. ♪ Because I need you to stay ♪ ♪ Because I need you to be with me for a lifetime ♪ ♪ We can be together in every warm winter night, and only two of us. ♪ ♪ If we are getting old on a sunny day ♪ ♪ There is only me in the peaceful winter ♪ ♪ We will fly with clouds and wind to the far lands ♪ ♪ Would you? ♪ English subtitle: Huy Popper~~

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