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Did My First Deal After Watching YouTube

November 20, 2019

What’s up? Kris Krohn here. Listen up Mavericks. Can you really watch a video and go out there and do real estate? You
know what? It’s happening all the time. In fact, today, I’m going to be introducing
someone here in studio that flew in from somewhere to share exactly how they
bought the first deal after checking out some videos. So, I’m joined here today by Landon.
What’s up, buddy? How you doing? -Good. How are you?
-Landon, how young are you? -I’m 20 years old. -20 years old.
And some of you are super young wondering, “Can I do real estate what I’m
young?” You who found me on YouTube. How long ago? -About 5 months ago. -5
months ago. And what’s happened in that last little bit of time? -The end of
August I closed in my first house. It was a lot more expensive than anyone thought I
could have gotten for. You told me on one of your videos you said, “No matter what
you got to do to do it, just do it and then work out the rest later.” -Dude… And
I’m gonna tell you right now. I now know some things about Landon
because there’s a lot of people that are going to go out there and and they’re going to
learn things and watch videos. They’re going to get my free book. Those link’s below. And
they’re just gonna aggregate information. But you watch some videos. How many
videos do you think you watched before you said, “You know what? I’m going to go do
this.” -About 14. I was pretty hard-headed. -Okay. 14 videos not
a lot of videos. That’s like couple hours with the videos and boom. And so, you
decided to take action. So, are there any of the videos that you watch that kind
of help what to do? -Yeah. A lot of them have this reoccurring theme of
win, win, win. And I just have a big heart and I don’t want to like screw somebody
over. -Thank you. -So, I know that you… When you really win in depth on lease options
and you said, you helped the person owning the property because you take
stress off of them. You help someone who can have have credit to buy a house. -Yep.
-And you help yourself and your family by making money on between. -Make sense, right?
It’s like let’s help everybody win. -Right. -By the way,
Landon did this entirely on his own. Like, he comes to my event and he’s like, “Hey, I
watch your videos now and doing deals.” And going to do a lot more of them. How did
you actually find the deal? -Well, you said that you leverage a team and I’m
thinking, “Well, I don’t know how to do a legal process.” So, I went and I found a
realtor I was like, “Hey, look. I wanted to buy a house. This is kinda what I want.”
And she found a deal she said, “Hey, let’s go look at it.” We went and looked at it
it seemed really nice. It was everything I wanted it. I wanted the basement
unfinished. -And how did you know was a good deal? -I looked around and all the
other ones and they were about the same size but they were all 10, 12
thousand dollars more expensive than what we were buying. -You’re often looking
for the house that’s the anomaly. It’s behaving different than the rest. You
pull CMAs, you look at the market and all the sudden, if you look at enough of
these, you start realizing, “This one is not like the others.”
And you did that. And then after you found it, then you had the line ups
lending, right? -Right. -And how did that go down as a 20 year old? -Well, I started
one lending with the bank. I just decided to go to the bank I have an
account with. And I got turned down. -That’s how I started. Same thing go happened. -And
then what did you do? -My all of friends said, “Oh, this really good Bank.” So, I
went there and there like a week before we closed, I got turned down again. -Yep.
That’s exactly what happened. It wasn’t until my third bank that finally
something went through. And I was almost ready to give up. I was just so nervous.
My time was crunched. What happened after you got turned down a second time? -So,
I went to my realtor and I was like, “You got to have a lender that you use.” -Yeah.
She said, “Yeah, I do.” It’s like, “Well, can we extend the another 2 weeks to get this
thing closed?” And then we went to the lender she said, “Where’s your information?”
I had it all lined out. I gave it to her. and within 48 hours we had them ready to
go. -So, check it out. This guy persists. He freaking watches 14 videos and says, “Well,
no time like the present. I’m 20 years old.” Goes out freaking finds a house. Finds a deal.
Looks at a number of them. Lines up the lending after being turned down multiple
times. And then you closed it. And now, what do you were you out in process? -So
now, we decided that we’re going to renovate it a little bit but not too much. There
are certain renovations and increase the value more than others.
We’re focusing on those. -Good. -Doing the carpet. -Did you eve get a copy of
my book? -Yes. -Because it’s almost like you’re describing the book in the way
everything was lined out. Right? -Yeah. -So, did you read that? Was that helpful?
-I actually… I’ve only read a little bit. But look, he’s doing it! This is what I love about this. This is
actually showing that… Listen, he has got… Landon’s got some get up and go. He’s
showing up his making happen. And I love that level of tenacity. Those are people
I want to work with. In fact, so much tenacity that we said, “Hey… And I’m going
to come out here I’m going to attend.” what If my voice sounds little hoarse is
because we just finished doing 4 days of intense training, right? Not camp style.
-Right. -By the way, how was the event? -Life-changing. -How so? -Well, I thought you
know, I bought a house without actually meeting the guy.
Then I saw your video, you said, “Come to a live event.” You were stressing that that
is the most important thing to do. And I’m like, “You know what? Whatever. I’m just going to…” He
said buy a house. I bought a house. And I feel really good about it. So, I might as
well come to the event. -Wow. Huge. So, now you’re hoping to get the house renovated,
what are you going to do with it next? -I’m going to sell it and then, I’m going to turn
it into as many other properties as I can.
-Dude, his doing it. You start with one, you take action you get that one on that one give
birth to 2. 2 to 4, 4 to 8 and you’re off to the races. Listen, for those that are
first of all here on YouTube, have you found value in the videos like that that
I’ve created? -100%. It’s changed my life. -So, If they’re watching this but not a
subscriber and it’s gotten you to actually do real estate, would you
recommend they subscribe? -I’d recommend subscribe and come to an event. -Yeah.
You’re going to find all those links below. You’re going to find links for the book.
You’re going to find links to the event. And come have an experience. Come have what
Landon calls a life-changing experience. Landon, I really appreciate you taking
the time to be here, show up and share your experience. You’ve made so much
happen in such a short period of time when other people would have created
excuses. From what you’ve learned here versus what you were doing, what do you
think is the next big move for you to take stay on this trajectory and keep
building wealth? -My mindset coming into this has been totally flip sided. I’m
going to show up 10 out of 10 which means bringing my best effort. -Yep. -And I may
not have the money or credit because I just did a deal. But I know there’s a seller
financing way that you used to describe. And I’m going to do 3 deals in the
next 90 days before the January event when I come back. -Well, dude. When you come
back and January I’m going to tell you we’re going to do an update video and show
everyone how you did those 3 deals, how you made it happen. If he was a
racehorse, I would freaking bet on Landon. Because
he puts his money where his mouth is. He shows up, he executes. So friends, in the
world of real estate you only learned so much before you say execution is
everything. But you have been executing. So, congratulations. -Thank you. -So proud of
you. And for the rest you, make sure you do subscribe. Get a copy of my book for
free. Landon’s going to finish reading it. And
we’re going to see you guys on the next video.

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    GREAT JOB LANDON! Congrats! I wished I started younger! I’ve had tons of success recently in real Estate Investing and am trying share with others how to start too, and definitely the younger you start the further you can go and the sooner you’ll hit financial freedom! NICE WORK!

  • Reply Andy Zentura November 20, 2019 at 6:42 pm

    Hello kris when it's you next event in Utah county I will like to go thanks

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