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Desk Ergonomics

August 14, 2019

Hi, well, this is Dr. Ryan Behrend with Highpoint Spine and Joint Center, I wanted to do a quick video for you on workplace and desk ergonomics. It’s a question that we get asked a lot in the clinic, so I wanted to do a recording in this format to try and help out as many people as we could with this problem. So let’s start from the foundation I think it’s important to know how to adjust the height on your chair The height of your chair should be such that your feet can be flat on the floor But that your hips are just slightly above the level of your knees if your hips are too low It creates a lot of flexion in your lower back Which creates a lot of strain on the disk and can create back disorders and problems over time. We want the height of your chair such that your hips are just parallel or slightly higher than the level of your knees. The height of your desk is kind of the next thing, when you’re sitting up and the height of your chair is already established and your shoulders are nice and Relaxed the height of your desk should be about your elbow level. This allows you to access the keyboard and the mouse efficiently Without having to shrug your shoulders or without having to compromise your upper back posture. As far as the height of your screen and the distance away of your screen I think a nice easy gauge is if you’re sitting up with nice posture You can reach your keyboard in your mouse if you reach out and your arm level is about the height of your shoulder. You should be able to touch the center of your screen, that means that your screen is about the right distance away. If you’re touching the center of it when your hand is even with your shoulder your screen is just slightly lower than your Eye level when the screen is slightly lower than your eye level at approximately 10 to 20 degrees. That’s an ideal posture, So that allows you to have your neck straight over your shoulders and allows you to visualize the screen And have good posture in the process. So those are just some quick tips on Some simple things that you can do when Setting up your desk and setting up your workplace so that you have the ability to maintain good posture while you’re working. Another simple tool that I that I like is what we call a stability disk, This is just a little disk that is filled with air that creates a little bit of an unstable surface, These are real cheap. You can get them on Amazon for like $10.00. If you set this in your chair and Then you sit on it, it Makes you have good posture when you’re sitting because it’s a little bit of an unstable surface. It establishes motor control in your core muscles and Makes you have good coordination with those core muscles, it can really help you with your posture while you’re sitting. Especially when it’s for extended periods of time 10, you know 8 to 10 hours a day This just allows you to have better posture while you’re sitting and kind of forces you into that habit. So if you have any questions give us a call.

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