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Computer Hardware Accessories : How to Buy a Printer

August 23, 2019

Hello, I’m Chris Bryce from
We’re going to talk today about how to buy a printer. If you’re looking at buying a printer,
the first thing to look at is whether you’re going to be going with black and white or
color. On an InkJet printer, the different speeds that are out there are dependent upon
the colors that you’re using. Whether you’re going with a color or the black and white.
When you go to some of the bigger outlets for retail centers on printers and computer
products, they’ll usually have printers on display that you can actually look at the
output of the printer itself. So you’ll be able to see how fast they’re printing, but
also the quality. Sometimes the quality of the resolution, the DPI settings, are really
not that good compared to other units that may have a lower DPI, but they just tend to
have a crisper, better appearance because of the inks that they use. One of the things
to really keep in mind is what color you’re going to be printing. There are several manufacturers
out there who have had a really hard time reproducing true blue or royal blue or prints.
There’s only a couple different manufacturers out there such as Epsom and Hewlett-Packard
who have really mastered the art of printing in a true blue. The other printers out there
sometimes tend to look as much as a purple instead of a blue. So look at the color output,
look at the speed of the printer, ranging anywhere from three to five pages a minute,
although up to twenty or thirty pages per minute, and make your decision based on those
options. That’s how you buy a printer.

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